Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails: Some Popular Reason!

Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails

Nail guns are familiar devices to those who work in the construction industry and design wood products. However, this device does not always work correctly, and it may cause some problems.

Have you ever encountered a situation where nail guns could not shoot a nail? At that time, do you know what you need to do to fix that situation?

If you are looking for a solution to this case, do not ignore this article of ours.

Below, we will clarify why nail guns won’t shoot nails and how to deal with this problem.

Not Shooting Nails of nail guns is a reasonably common incident in wood materials’ design and construction process.

When that happens, your work will be interrupted, and if not fixed properly, it can create dangers for you.

First of all, to help you understand better, we will give you information about this problem’s expression and integers.

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Sign of Not Shooting Nails

Not Shooting Nails of nail guns is a condition where your gun cannot shoot nails outside.

Although you can still check that the firearm is connected to the power source and usually works, the nail does not fire when you press the button.

What’s more, your nail might get stuck but then suddenly shoot out, putting you in danger.

Therefore, nail guns that do not shoot a nail is a problem you need to fix immediately to ensure job maintenance and user safety.

Why Is It Not Shooting Nails?

Before learning how to fix this problem, you need to determine the exact cause. There are a lot of reasons why your nail gun won’t fire the nails.

Below, you can refer to some of the causes of this problem as follows:

Wrong Nails

First, the wrong type of nail is also a cause of your nail gun not firing the nail. Especially for beginners, if you don’t understand your equipment well, you may buy the wrong type of nail or the wrong size for the gun.

At that time, even though you can put the nail in the gun, you will not be able to shoot the nail out.

Wrong Fuel

Just like buying the wrong type of nail, if you use fuel that is not suitable for your nail gun, it will not work correctly.

Improper fuel will prevent the gun from firing the nail out. It is the cause that few people care about and often ignore.

Needs Cleaning

In addition to me, your gun can get dirty after a long time of use and cause the nail to get stuck and unable to shoot out. Therefore, you need to clean the gun regularly to limit this problem.

Gas-fuel Cell

You need to know that gas fuel cells power your nail gun. Therefore, if the device runs out of fuel cells or it is outdated, there is a high chance that your gun will not work.

Therefore, the gas fuel cell is also a factor that affects your gun and does not shoot nails out.

Nail Jam

Another common cause of this problem is that your gun has stuck inside. Specifically, an old nail was clamped when you pressed a button.

Then it won’t let the new nail out no matter how many times you try to press the button.

What Should You Do When nail guns Can’t Shoot Your Nails?

Nail Gun Won'T Shoot Nails

Then, how to fix this problem? We want to remind you to keep yourself safe by wearing goggles and gloves to avoid unexpected incidents.

To fix nail guns not shooting problem most safely, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Turn off the power

First, for your safety, you need to disconnect nail guns from source by unplugging them from the electrical outlet. Thanks to this, you can safely check the jam inside the gun quickly.

Step 2: Remove all nails from the gun

After disconnecting the power and opening the gun for inspection, you should remove all nails from the gun.

Because if you leave these nails intact, when the gun stops jamming, it can automatically shoot out, endangering you.

Step 3: Remove the stuck nail

If your gun doesn’t fire because of a stuck nail inside, you need to remove the stuck nail. To keep your buddy safe, you need first to secure the release lever to push the barrel of nail guns.

In addition, with guns with a flip nail design, you can push the barrel and remove a jammed nail easily. Your task is to take pliers and clamp the nail, then get it stuck out.

Besides, if your gun is a boltless type like I mentioned above, you need to use a screwdriver to turn the screw point on the top of the gun to remove a jammed nail.

Step 4: Set new nails and increase the power of the gun

After removing jammed nail from the gun, you need to install a new nail and use it as usual. Please note, you need to use the right nail size and suitable for your gun.

Step 5: Connect the power supply and check

Finally, you need to connect the gun to the power source and test it before using it to continue doing the job.

Other Popular Nail Guns Problems

Nail Gun Just Blows Air

Besides, in the process of working with nail guns, you may encounter many other problems. To help you better understand this device, we have compiled some common nail gun problems, including:


Your battery is too old, or you charge it the wrong way, making it unable to power the gun to work. Be sure to check the battery and replace it when necessary because using an old battery is ineffective and dangerous to you.

Improper pressure regulation

Nail gun pressure is typically between 70 and 120 psi. If you adjust the pressure higher or lower than this rating, your device may have problems.

Please read the instruction manual carefully in advance to adjust the correct pressure.

The nail is stuck

The nail is stuck in guns

The stuck nail is also a reason why nail guns cannot shoot the nail out.

Using the wrong type of nail

There are many different types that you should consider, and each class will have a set of nails of the correct size. However, if you buy the wrong nail, your weapon will not work when you install it.

Other maintenance and repair problems

In addition, you should know more about some other maintenance and repair related issues such as:

  • The loader is too weak
  • The nailing pin does not retract after firing
  • Air leaks out of triggers when firing
  • Ambient dirt treatment unit


In addition, you can also refer to other information related to nail guns to understand this device. Here are some frequently asked questions; we are sure they are accommodating for you.

How do I unclog nail guns?

First, to open nail guns, you find the point right in the center of the device, and you will see the nail stuck in the front door of the gun. Once there, get an appropriately sized screwdriver and pry them out.

That way, you can open your nail gun while taking out all the nails and removing the stuck nail.

What do I have to do to get the nail from nail guns?

We are sure that you already know how to get nails out of your gun with the above information. Your task is to open the steering shaft pin in the center then remove all the nails from the gun.

However, you need to note, and you must disconnect the device from the power source before opening it to remove the nail.

Please pay attention to ensure your safety when working with electrical equipment to minimize incidents.

Why can’t I take two nails?

Nail Gun Not Firing

When working with nail guns, you may encounter a case where the gun shoots two nails at once. This action not only surprises you but also significantly affects the operation of the device.

Because, in this case, when shooting two nails at the same time, the rear nail will most likely hit the previously fired nail head.


Not Shooting Nails of nail guns is a common problem while working with wood products. We hope that you have understood the cause and manifestation of this problem with the above information.

When your nail gun doesn’t shoot nails, stop and safely inspect them. It would help if you did not use the device when the nail is stuck because it will be hazardous.

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to leave your questions below so we can promptly answer them.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article with your friends or colleagues so they have more valuable insights about nail guns.

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