Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS393 Review – Which Is Better?

DCS391 vs DCS393

This post was updated on: The circular saw is undoubtedly one of the indispensable tools for any carpenter or craftsman, as it provides them with great accuracy, comfort, and power to make perfect cuts.However, it is not a piece of cake to choose the most suitable saw, as each product shows unique and beautiful features.That is … Read more

Rockwell RK3440K Vs RK3441K Comparison – Which Saw Is Better?

rockwell rk3440k vs rk3441k

Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K are the two compact and powerful saws from Rockwell. The company introduces them to the public as another course of choice to the standard-sized saws.However, they can’t completely replace conventional saws. In fact, Rockwell RK3441K vs RK3440K should be used in case the bulky saws are not appropriate options.Now, we will … Read more

Makita 5007MG Vs 5007MGA: Which Circular Saw Will Win The Battle?

makita 5007mg vs 5007mga

Makita is a company that repairs and sells electric motors since 1915.Makita has now grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of power tools in Japan and throughout the world.To meet the need of consumers, Makita offers fixed woodworking machines, air tools for gardening, and home appliances.In this article, we will focus mostly on … Read more

Best Compact & Mini Circular Saw – Review & Buying Guide

best compact circular saw

One of the most critical factors that make a significant contribution to the success of a woodworking project is proper power tools.As a professional woodworker, I know that finding the right gear to get your job done is not an easy task.Especially, we are living in a world of a wide variety of machines with … Read more

Best Worm Drive Saws – Review & Buying Guide

best worm drive saw

There are more and more pro and DIY users searching for the best worm drive saw – For good reason!Compared to regular saw, the worm drive saw features a higher load-carrying capacity and larger gear teeth using a powerful motor at the rear.You can expect that the drive saw can handle narrow profile in even … Read more