Skilsaw SPT99-11 Vs SPT99-12 Review: Which Table Saw Is Better For You?

skilsaw spt99-11 vs spt99-12

This post was updated on: Skilsaw SPT99-11 Vs SPT99-12 is often placed in the comparative relation, which causes confusion for buyers when making a decision.Why are Skilsaw SPT99-11 vs Skilsaw SPT99-12 so much compared to each other? Because they share a lot of similarities in features and design.Due to many resemblances between them, buyers will be … Read more

Dewalt DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS – Which Is Better?

dwe7491x vs dwe7491rs

Wood making is a demanding process that requires not only accomplished skills but also high-tech equipment.Besides hammer, saw, chisels, jack plane, etc, table saw is another essential tool on the must-have list of a professional wood maker.DEWALT – the top reputable wood making tools manufacturer in the market – released two table saw models: DWE7491X … Read more

11 Super Table Saw Safety Tips You Are Ignoring

table saw safety tips

The use of the table saw involves more than just a ‘setup and go’ approach! Considering how useful this woodworking tool is, it’s ironic that more injuries are arising from the use of the table saw compared to several other tools in your average woodshop. Allay your fears as the table saw can be used safely, albeit … Read more

How to Set up a Table Saw?

setting up table saw

If you are new to woodwork, the chances are that you use a table saw to make accurate cuts. But once you get that brand new table saw, how do you put it together? Setting up a table saw is as easy as assembling the traditional cabinet saw. The only difference is that some parts will be stored … Read more

How To Use a Table Saw?

how to use table saw

For anyone who is serious about woodworking, a table saw is one of the most important and must-have equipment. The main aim of the table is to support the material that you need to cut.  A table saw can come in handy if you want quick and precise cutting tasks. But what is the best way to use … Read more