What Size Garden Hose For Pressure Washer?

what size garden hose for a pressure washer

​Garden hoses for pressure washers come in three main sizes, including 3/4 inches, 1 inch, and 1 1/4 inches. The most common garden hose for pressure washers, also known as the standard garden hose, is 3/4 inches in diameter. As we all know, a pressure washer is helpful for many jobs, most of which are … Read more

How To Clean Gutters With Pressure Washer?

How to clean gutters with a pressure washer

The gutters are indispensable to any household as they circulate and protect your roof from heavy rainfall.However, it’s inadvisable to leave the clogs, and dust builds up in the drains. The gutters will get clogged and slowly wear down, posing many threats to the homeowner when they suddenly collapse. Therefore, cleaning the gutters is not a … Read more

Can You Start A Pressure Washer Without Water?

Can you start a pressure washer without water

Pressure washers are powerful machines you can use to clean grime off surfaces. The surface could be the bodies of automobiles, drive, outdoor furniture, and barbecue grills.You will need to connect this machine to a water source to run it and start striking off stubborn stains from any surface.But many beginners, even experienced ones, make … Read more

Can You Run Hot Water Through A Pressure Washer?

Can you run hot water through a pressure washer

As we all know, hot water may make your cleaning job easier, especially if you’re using detergent and soap. It can help scrape off the debris or dirt from whatever surface you want to clean.When you notice that your pressure washer is not working as expected, you might wonder, “Can you run hot water through a … Read more

Can You Use Dish Soap In A Pressure Washer?

can you use dish soap in a pressure washer

Pressure washers are fantastic cleaning machines that help you quickly and easily tear through spills, discoloration, and stains that other machines couldn’t.Yet, its possibilities are not limitless. One day, you will encounter something too tough to deal with your pressure washer.Some people may recommend dish soap in your machine. So can you use dish soap … Read more