How to Cut Angles On A Table Saw In One Minute?

table saw cut angles

Ever found it difficult cutting angles on a table saw? You’re not alone. Transforming your boring regular wood to something sleek isn’t a piece of cake – for those new to the game. I once belonged in that category – those dazzled by the precision of the guy cutting angles on a table saw. It’s pleasing to watch but … Read more

How to Square A Board Effectively With A Table Saw?

table saw square a board

Confused on how to square a board smoothly? You’re in luck! Squaring a stock is integral to many woodworking activities. I can recall vividly how I underestimated the importance of squaring the stock and paid dearly for that oversight. The surface of the unprepared stock began to split within a few months. While squaring a board might appear basic, … Read more

How to Sharpen A Table Saw Blade Quickly And Easily?

sharpen table saw blade

What do you do when the blade of your table saw becomes blunt? Throw it out and get a new one? Or keep using it and ruin your wood? Certainly not the latter considering the massive impact it has on your stock. If you resort to replacing the blunt blade, you must have a lot of spare cash. Having wasted … Read more