Can You Run Hot Water Through A Pressure Washer?

Can you run hot water through a pressure washer

As we all know, hot water may make your cleaning job easier, especially if you’re using detergent and soap.

It can help scrape off the debris or dirt from whatever surface you want to clean.

When you notice that your pressure washer is not working as expected, you might wonder, “Can you run hot water through a pressure washer?”

What is the truth? Let’s get the correct answer through the following article!

Can You Run Hot Water Through A Pressure Washer?

The short answer is No. It is dangerous to put hot water into a pressure washer that isn’t made to withstand high temperatures.

Pressure washers come in two kinds: Cold and water pressure washers. Among them, cold water pressure models are more popular.

If you have a standard cold water pressure washer, never put hot water into the machine as it is not made to withstand temperatures higher than 140℉, so anything higher than 140℉ will destroy your machine.

Water hotter than 140℉ will damage your cold water machine. So what about warm water? Cold water pressure washers are fine with warm water, as long as its temperature does not exceed 140℉.

We recommend checking your owner’s manual to see what exact temperature your machine can withstand. Follow the water temperature recommendations from the manufacturer, and you should be fine.

What Is A Hot Water Pressure Washer?

Hot water machines are designed to get cold water, heat it fast, and finally, eject the hot water like cold water ones.

The hot water pressure washer comes in two main types: The gas-based model and the electricity-powered one.

Yet, these machines are often available at significantly higher prices than their cold-water counterparts, making them less than ideal for many homeowners.

The most affordable hot water pressure washer we found is close to $2000. It is a price that not everyone is willing to pay.

These machines have to produce and handle higher temperature water. So they are typically made of higher quality materials and are also bulkier.

If you are not a commercial user who is regularly cleaning very soiled items as soon as possible, a hot water pressure washer is not a wise investment.

Cold water ones work well for household tasks. Although slower than hot water pressure washers, they will get your cleaning job done.

Hiring a hot water machine is best if you need to handle a heavy-duty but infrequent cleaning task.

Cold and Hot Water Pressure Washers:  Main Differences

Cold Water Pressure Washer

If you want to clean surfaces coated with mud and dirt, cold-water pressure washers will be the perfect way to eliminate the filth.

Cold water can cover tough dirt over a large place efficiently and quickly, and the powerful force of the water can replace the need for any tiresome scrubbing.

You can also use a detergent to get extra assistance in removing grime and stains, which results in one flawless finish.

Furthermore, cold water is ideal for many surfaces, such as plastic and wood, which may deteriorate and distort under high temperatures.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Have a wide price range
  • Best for general cleaning purposes


  • It cannot dissolve grease
  • Not typically suitable for commercial use

Best for

  • People on a budget
  • People who intend to use their machines around their house
  • Personal uses

Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot water machines are very useful for automotive cleaning

Hot water machines work the same way as cold-water ones, but with one additional benefit: heat. Like washing dishes in the kitchen sink, hot water can cut through the grime and grease easily and quickly.

So if you want to clean surfaces covered in oil and grease, hot water will be your best bet since it effectively penetrates grime at a molecular level.

This effectively means that often less detergent and pressure are required.


  • Highly powerful
  • Has a wide price range
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Strong enough to dissolve oil and grease


  • Not as versatile
  • More expensive

Best for

  • All cleaning purposes and commercial use
  • Useful for dislodging debris and dissolving any oil, grease, or grime

When Should You Use Hot Water Pressure Washers?


You will need hot water to clean engines or other automotive components to remove oil. Homeowners usually rent hot water pressure washers, while most trucking companies that use heavy equipment purchase them.

Food Services

If you own a food services business, you may need to equip hot water pressure washers to sanitize your equipment.

Waste Management

It would be very inconvenient to clean dumpsters regularly without a hot water machine. But if all you need is to clean it once, you will be alright with a cold-water model.


Creating products might be messy. That is why many manufacturers often invest in industrial-grade pressure washers which utilize hot water to clean their property.


Heavy equipment often requires to be cleaned with hot water. That is also where a hot water machine comes in handy.

Things to Consider When Buying Water Pressure Washer

Things to consider before buying a water pressure washer

Gas power Or electric?

If you want to own one of the very high-pressure machines, gas will be more affordable. But they are less convenient.

Portability And size

A hot water pressure washer is usually large in size since it needs to store the water for heating before using the water.

Not all machines will be simple to move around or be manageable indoors.

Detergent Needs

If you want to add detergent to the water stream, you will want to pick a machine that can do this built-in.

Unlike the household pressure washer, it is so inconvenient to scrub up what you clean ahead of pressure washing.


A hot water pressure washer is a significant investment. So you should aim for a model that comes with a good warranty.


Why Do Water Pumps Only Use Cold Water?

Pressure washers use cold water to keep its pump cool.

So if the water supply’s temperature is higher than 60C (140℉), the pump and other components inside your machine are at risk of severe damage, which could require total replacement.

Sometimes it can unintentionally happen because you run your pressure washer in the hot sun. The sun’s heat can cause the water inside your machine to be higher than the safe limit.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent One Hot Water Pressure Washer?

The cost might vary depending on the region. But, on average, you can expect to pay $200 per day or offer $500 per week to rent a hot water pressure washer.

Also, you may need to buy the fuel for a gas-powered machine, adding high cost as these washers use a lot of fuel.

Of course, it is significantly more expensive than renting a typical cold-water machine with the same GPU and PSI.

Hot and Cold Water Pressure Washers: What Is Best?

It will depend on the purpose you use your pressure washer. A hot water machine is your best bet if you need to clean grease and oil.

It is easy to clean grease and oil with hot water. Things would be even easier when you use a detergent.

If you want to perform general cleaning jobs, a cold water pressure washer will do the job.

Coldwater machines are typically powerful enough to remove stains in most cases. They even allow you to easily remove grease and oil stains with the correct detergent and degreaser.

Hot water machines are usually larger and use more power than cold water ones. You will need to spend more money to buy or rent hot water machines.

Why Are Hot Water Pressure Washers Worth the Investment?

Two types of pressure washers serve different purposes. So never put hot water in a cold machine as that is why the hot one exists.

Spending a little more money on a hot washer is much better than risking putting hot water into a cold washer machine.

Repairing or replacing a pressure washer is significantly more costly.

The Bottom Line

Can you run hot water through a pressure washer?

Never use hot water in a cold water pressure washer. If you want to use hot water, consider models that are specially designed for use with hot water only.

The pressure washer uses cold water to keep its water pump cool when operating. So you can damage its pump when putting hot water into the system.

Not just its pump, many internal parts can get damaged if the water temperature is too high. In addition, any damage to your device caused by hot water is not covered by the warranty. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for your time!

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