11 Amazing Chainsaw Safety Tips For You!!

chainsaw safety

The chainsaw is considered one of the most dangerous hand tools in existence, and this is primarily due to the number of accidents revolving around its use.

Many feel the chainsaw is just about pulling a string and start cutting, but this is an awful misconception.

Regardless of the risk involved in the use of the chainsaw, you can use this woodwork tool without suffering any grave injuries.

Here are a few chainsaw safety tips to help you towards safe and efficient use of the hand tool

Put on protective gears

Before using a chainsaw to cut anything, you have to don appropriate safety gears. Gloves, earmuffs, and goggles are the basic stuff.

Depending on what you’re cutting, other safety accessories like boots and a hard hat could be necessary.

Small beginnings are important

One of the mistakes a lot of people make on getting a chainsaw is attempting to cut down big trees, especially when you lack experience. The chainsaw is no toy that you try out for fun.

Start using the chainsaw by cutting shrubs and smaller trees, so you get the hang of it. Garner enough experience through small cuts before proceeding to anything significant later.

Depending on the nature of the tree, you might want to get a professional involved.

Know your chainsaw

Familiarize yourself with your chainsaw. Different chainsaws have distinct attributes, and that will mean different safety fixtures. Study the available manual, and master the use of your chainsaw.

Two hands are better than one

We can’t be sure where the one-handed operation of a chainsaw comes from, but it’s as dangerous as feeding a crocodile with your bare hands.

Your chainsaw should be operated with two hands. If you intend doing something using the other hand, turn off the machine.

Confirm the status of your chainsaw

The chainsaw has several safety fixtures which are meant to guarantee the safe use of the hand tool. Before you take the chainsaw for a cut, check to confirm the safety settings are in place.

Find out if the chain brake is in position – this would prevent the dangerous kickback that happens when the blade hits an object, awkwardly.

Use the chainsaw the right way

There’s the right way to cut with the chainsaw, and many are unaware of this. We have seen a few people use the apex of the blade in cutting.

While some have gotten away with such an abnormally, others have not been as lucky – they end up dealing with a kickback reaction from the chainsaw, and injuries are the typical outcome.

When cutting, use the part of the chainsaw close to the handle to reduce the possibility of a kickback.

use chainsaw right way

Climbing and cutting is not advisable

While you must have seen people climbing trees and using their chainsaw, this isn’t everyone’s forte. Such persons must have experience in these things or don’t care much about their wellbeing.

If you are serious about cutting branches high up on a tree, tools like the pool saw are ideal for such tasks.

Turn off the chainsaw as frequently as you need to

Though it might initially appear stressful, turning off your chainsaw is the right thing to do in many circumstances.

For instance, if you are confused about the next line of approach or intend cutting down another tree.

Don’t carry an operational chainsaw around to avoid having to go through the process of turning it on (which can be stressful in the gas models) – it’s dangerous.

Refuel when cool

For a chainsaw of the gas variety, fueling the hand tool can be challenging, especially as you have trees to cut. It’s recommended that you allow the chainsaw cool off before attempting to refuel the unit.

This will enable the hand tool to restart quickly else you’d be struggling with a chainsaw that’s a refuses to start when you need it the most.

Transport the chainsaw properly

Many woodworkers are known to transport their chainsaw without appropriate covering. This poses a grave danger as you can get injured should the hand tool gets turned on accidentally.

Ideally, you want to use a sheath to cover the bar of the chainsaw as this prevents any form of injury should it turn on randomly while also protecting the blade from damage.

transport properly

With the use of the chainsaw, you can’t be an island

You can’t afford to use the chainsaw in isolation, especially if you have little experience with this hand tool. Having people around is essential should in case an accident happen.

This doesn’t mean you should have someone hold the stock while cutting, that’s a no-no.

Have you learned anything new? The chainsaw is a tremendous and versatile hand tool, but it should be done safely, which have tried to highlight with these safety tips.

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