How to Measure a Chainsaw Blade?

measure chainsaw blade

Want to measure your chainsaw’s blade and don’t know how to go about it?

Well, you’re in luck.

This piece was put together to make the task of measuring your blade an easy one.

The blade of the chainsaw is an integral component of the tool.

When I needed to replace the chain of the saw, measuring the dimensions of the blade was non-negotiable.

Unfortunately, the charts provided by the saw manufacturing firm didn’t help, so I ended up with the wrong measurements and a rather bogus chain.

To ensure you don’t fall for the same mistake if you need to replace the chain of your chainsaw, we created this guide to make things easy for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What You Need For This Task

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Wrench

There are two ways to measure the blade of your chainsaw.

The first method calculates the effective length of the chainsaw blade without assessing the part behind the side panel based on the assumption that manufacturers produce chainsaws with length in even numbers.

The second method provides the length of the blade, taking into consideration the portion underneath the side panel.

Your choice of method will depend on your mathematical affiliation as either of these methods shouldn’t pose any problems.

How to Measure a Chainsaw Blade – Step by Step Instructions

It is important there are no errors while measuring the blade of your chainsaw and these step by step instructions were put together to prevent such from happening.

Adhere to these instructions, and you would have the correct measurement of your chainsaw blade sooner than you can imagine.

Method 1

Step 1: Switch off the chainsaw

Turning off the power switch of the chainsaw is not enough. To prevent the mishap of the saw working when not in use, you might have to take extra precautionary measures depending on the nature of the machine.

You could either disengage the spark plug or remove the battery for the electric type.

Step 2: Measure the blade

With the chainsaw in its resting position, use a measuring tape to measure the length of the blade – only the cutting segment.

Here, the cutting segment is the part of the blade not hidden behind the side casing.

Usually, the measurement obtained would be in the form of a fraction such as 9½, 19¾, and others.

Recall we said the manufacturers produce chainsaw blades with even number lengths.

So if the measurement obtained was 9½ inches, it is assumed the actual length of the chainsaw blade is 10 inches.

Method 2

This method might be considered more meticulous, especially since you have to open the side casing of the saw, but it is worth the effort.

Step 1: Open the side casing of the chainsaw

Use the wrench that comes with the chainsaw to remove the nuts holding the side casing in place. This will reveal the part of the blade hidden from sight.

Step 2: Set the saw on its side

To ensure you accurately measure the part of the blade previously behind the side casing, place the chainsaw to rest on its side.

Step 3: Measure the blade

With the entire length of the saw blade exposed, begin measuring using the tape to cover the whole expanse of the blade.

Unlike the previous method, you don’t have to round-up the measured length to an assumed figure.


Was this instructional guide helpful?

The measurement of the chainsaw blade is not difficult, but you might still have to decide what method to use in arriving at the correct measurement.

Hopefully, the wrench, screwdriver or both come in handy.

Remember to couple it after measuring the blade (if you used the second method).

If anything is unclear about the guide or perhaps you have some tips on how to improve on it, don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will take the necessary action immediately.

Also, if you found the guide helpful, please share.

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