Chainsaw Won’t Stay Running: Some Common Causes And How To Fix It

Chainsaw Won’T Stay Running

Saws are not widespread, and few families are available because they are rarely used.

However, a saw is an essential tool and should be in everyone’s home. It helps you to manipulate quickly and does not take much time.

Saws are not standard, so you often don’t know who to ask when you have problems using them. If your chainsaw won’t stay running, you should refer to this article to find out how to fix it.

In this article, we will help you improve your problem and help you know the cause to avoid machine failure. Let’s check it out!

Causes Of Chainsaw Not Working

Chainsaw starts but wont run? There are many reasons why the saw is not working. You can divide it into two categories, internal and external.

Inner cause

Your engine is probably having a problem with something inside like the engine or fuel. The saw is a complete and attached unit. As long as one part of the machine fails, the saw will not work.

External agents

Chainsaw Will Not Stay Running

External factors you can control if you pay attention. Many cases of chainsaws fail due to applying too much force or switching on continuously when starting.

When you use too much and constantly, the internal motor will heat up, leading to overload. You can try a few more times before you come to the correct conclusion that there is a crack in the machine.

Another standard error during use is that you press the gas for too long. Usually, large-capacity machines such as saws need to rest after a period of operation.

The breaks will help the machine recover and dissipate heat to avoid overloading the machine.

The last factor that is more difficult to control but you can completely control is the weather. When the weather temperature is too low, it will freeze some parts in the saw.

However, you can arrange an excellent place to store the saw. Not only saws but other machines also need to be kept in a suitable condition.

How To Fix The Errors Of The Saw Not Working

The same problem was not running, but there will be many reasons to affect it. So if your chainsaw is also not working, then try to check one of the following reasons.

Fix switch error

Chainsaw Starts But Wont Run

The switch is the most impactful part. You need to turn off, turn on or increase or decrease the speed using the controller.

Therefore, the operation process may be in routine many times, leading to a switch’s short or fire.

Step 1: Remove the switch and check

Please disassemble the work and use an electric tester to check if it still works.

Step 2: Clean the switch

After the electrical test, you can use a towel or steel brush to clean the part later. Because the switch you have to operate continuously, it is easy to get dirt and reduce transmission.

Step 3: Troubleshooting

Replace the switch and try restarting the saw. If the work is still good, just a little cleaning can be used. Conversely, if you find it doesn’t move, which means it’s time to replace the switch with a new one.

Fix fuel error

Machines with low or low fuel will hardly be able to operate powerfully. So here, you need to check fuel quality and fuel quantity.

During use, dirt and filtration will cause the fuel to be contaminated with impurities and quality to go down. The fuel will not reach its original efficiency, and you need to replace it with new energy.

If you use the saw regularly, the fuel replacement will be about every two months. If you only use it occasionally, the interval between two fuel changes will be longer.

In case you run out of fuel, the only thing you can do is replenish it. It is also the right time for you to take advantage of cleaning the parts to make the machine work better.

If you feel that the fuel is running out faster than expected, check it for leaks or leeks.

Engine Repair

Engine Repair

The motor is an essential factor in determining whether your chainsaw can work or not. Usually, the engine will malfunction after you replace or refill the fuel.

The reason is that if you are not familiar with your hands, you will often overfill the engine.

So if you find the engine has unusual problems, leaks while the tank is still working well, you should be careful.

The solution, in this case, is to remove some fuel from the saw. Please note that it is clean before use.

Another engine failure comes from your starting process. Usually, the parts of the fixed saw are very sturdy. Only a few components, such as pushers or springs, will move for the saw’s operation.

If you start too hard or too fast, it is easy to deflect the spring shaft. Your only solution at this point is to disassemble the parts and put them back in place.

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Notes When Using The Saw

Many people use inertial saws but rarely read the manual carefully. The saw is most likely to be damaged or malfunction during use.

So you need to note a few points after starting to use the saw.

Please place it on a flat surface when starting the machine. This process helps the machine balance and also ensures more safety.

You will also have to pull the starter cord, and leaving the device on the ground will give you solid support.

Checking the movement of the device is also an essential requirement. Oil the chain regularly and make sure the chain is in the correct position so that the saw blade can rotate.

Check the start buttons. Older models will have only one action button. However, with new machines, there will be more features. You should test and try some of them.

The saw also needs a specific warm-up time. When starting up and the machine starts running, let it run for a few seconds before starting it to work.

However, you should also note that it will overheat and burn the engine inside if you let it run for too long.


A saw is a tool that everyone knows, but not everyone has the opportunity to use. And you will be surprised when using the saw for the first time.

Surely there will also be many questions related to this machine. So we have compiled and answered your questions here.

What do you need to pay attention to when troubleshooting saws?

Using a chainsaw is a dangerous act. So to keep yourself safe when using a saw, you should note some of the following points.

Hold your chainsaw firmly. As long as you are tired or neglected, pressing the wrong button can also ruin your work. Not only that, but it can also be dangerous to yourself and those around you.

If your saw has a problem and wants to fix it yourself, remove the battery or disconnect the power during the repair process.

You will never know when it will work again, and if you accidentally put your hand on the saw blade, it will be hazardous.

While using the saw, you should also use gloves. The force of the saw is powerful, and it can cause friction and put a lot of pressure on you. So gloves will help reduce the impact of the saw.

Masks and goggles are also essential items to help you avoid inhaling dust while sawing.

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What are the ways to keep the saw in good working order?

The way to keep your saws in top condition is to have it serviced regularly. If you want to save money, you can also do it yourself at home with a few steps:

  • Check, adjust and tighten the screws.
  • Sharpen the blade.
  • Apply oil, lubricating oil to the parts, especially the chain.

Check and clean the outer parts after use and clean the inner parts regularly.

Why Does the Chainsaw Start But Wont Run?

Many people have a situation where the engine has an active explosion, but the saw blade is still. This phenomenon mostly comes from the reason for chain misalignment.

Chains can easily slip and go out of orbit even if you carelessly store them or misuse them. When you encounter this problem, you need to remove the machine to re-adjust the chain to its right track.


It is good if you have a saw at home and you can use it whenever. A good saw will be a great assistant for you in construction.

However, if you are not a professional and need to use the saw continuously, you rarely use the saw.

If you need to use it one day, bring it out to do its job, but it won’t work. That’s why you need to know how to fix the errors that can make the saw won’t start running.

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