How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires/Lug Nuts Effectively?

How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires/Lug Nuts

Anybody who has battled with the expulsion of haul nuts and jolts knows how difficult the method is. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to use an impact wrench to change tires/lug nuts effectively.

You can save much time and energy when using this significant wrench to care for your car.

To understand this great tool clearly, we offer you step-by-step guidelines and deep knowledge of it in the following article.

What Is An Impact Wrench Precisely?

An impact wrench is a great, convenient, and powerful tool. It is characterized by its capacity to support a high torque yield.

The leading thing is that it permits you to convey tires or lug nuts without expending much pressure.

It comes with the assistance of an engine, which encourages a quick and sudden bending movement to a resolved nut.

Moreover, the power this tool uses is measured in ft. lbs (foot-pounds). And they truly pack a tremendous sum of control.

Therefore, you can release or fix a bolt and lug nut, no matter how sturdy it can be. Let’s take a look at some essential steps to use this significant tool successfully.

How To Use An Impact Wrench To Change Tires/Lug Nuts

Here are some important steps to take if you’re attempting to remove tires or lug nuts with your compact wrench. Don’t forget to park your vehicle on a flat surface before doing any step below.

Step 1: Use Brakes

This way is to bolt or halt your car from rolling when you evacuate haul nuts.

Step 2: Collect The Parts Of The Impact Wrench

If it is your first time using this great wrench, you need to assemble all parts such as the lodging, the iron block, the hammer, or raise plate.

You need a rubber hose that is long sufficient to associate it with the air compressor. And it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s manual.

Step 3: Eliminate the Hubcap

Acutely look at the carry nuts. Check whether they are either solidified, frozen, or rusted.

Remove The Hubcap

Step 4: Elevate Your Air Compressor

If your powerful wrench is pneumatically fueled, you need to use an air compressor to operate your wrench. Doing so requires you to alter the air charger controller.

And in case you are utilizing an electrically motorized impact wrench, make sure the batteries are in working arrangement effectively.

Step 5: Check The Air Hose Properly

Next, you will need to snare up the air hose to the constrictor. While doing so, you have to guarantee that there are no turns or bumpy crimps within the hose.

Consequently, the air can stream easily and uninterrupted.

Step 6: Enforce Tool Oil

Greasing is key when it comes to utilizing any inflatable power tool. Take your powerful wrench and find the air intake on it.

Apply some drops of oil to your tool. Depending on the length of the assignment at hand, you may need to re-apply oil more than once.

By smearing with oil, you guarantee that the orientation interior is in good condition.

Tool Oil

Step 7: Link The Impact Wrench And Impact Socket

Check the correct size of the lugs or nuts that you will use on your power tool. And these sizes need to fit with your sockets.

Now, adjust the drive attachment with the wrench’s drive square. Bring the two together. If the attachment and square match together, you can listen to a click sound.

Step 8: Interface The Air Hose

Link your air hose to your wrench. Thanks to that connection, your process with the inclusion point occurs easily.

Link The Air Hose

Step 9: Discover The Spin Direction

This is the method of deciding the direction in which you need to make your tool rotate. The anti-clockwise revolution will have the effect of releasing the nut, fastener, or bolt.

If you drag on your great wrench’s trigger, you can see which way the attachment is turning. If it is going within the off-base course, utilize the alteration lever. Next, switch this lever to the inverse heading.

Step 10: Start Working

Now it’s time to change your old nuts. Line up your impact wrench’s socket with the lug or nut you are working on. Thrust the attachment down. Keep pressing the trigger until you have succeeded in nut removal.

Step 11: Detach The Air Hose

Expel the air hose from your tool. by using a quick-release instrument that fits the ends of most air hoses.

Step 12: Pull Out The Socket

Once you have detached the air provision, you need to eject the affect attachment connected to your tool. You can do this by removing the holding stick. At that point, drag out the jack from the drive square.

Step 13: Put The Tires Or Lug Nuts Back

When you finish the process, utilize an impact driver to install the tires back. Moreover, you can use a torque wrench to fasten the nuts with the appropriate quantity of torque.

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How To Choose A High-Quality Impact Wrench?

Knowing how to use an impact wrench to change tires/lug nuts effectively is important. Besides, it is vital to look at some features that help you to purchase a great tool to make your process easier.


A good-quality brand is more likely to create incredible apparatuses, have various benefits, and offer a reliable guarantee. You may invest a huge budget, but it is worth buying a trustworthy brand.

There are some well-known brands that you can consider. They are DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Bosch.


What adornment does your device have? Make sure your tool goes with an extra battery, a pack, or a case to keep everything together.

Security Features

Some models can provide more safety highlights than others. For example, they have a programmed cut-off if your tool gets too hot while you use it.

They install an automated shut-down of the battery charger when the battery is full.


Some labels make innovations when it comes to sketching modern devices. For case, numerous tools come with an LED lighting framework that permits you to see where you are working.

Others have built-in security highlights. A great number use Bluetooth networks or apps that allow you to track their execution.


If you go for a cordless show, verify how long the batteries can take to charge. Moreover, make sure that there is an extra battery within the box to save time and prevent some damage to your tool.


This point is essential to check before purchasing this powerful wrench. We recommend going for a lightweight choice to make your process to change tires or lug nuts easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

After buying a good impact wrench, here are some popular questions that you can examine to preserve your product carefully for a long time.

What Is The Purpose To Use An Impact Wrench?

Impact wrenches are utilized to expel or fix latches, jolts, and screws. Within the automobile industry, they are the foremost common tools.

What Are The Differences Between An Impact Driver And An Impact Wrench?

You are working on a surface that is metallic or wooden and your screws are long. Then, an impact driver is an ideal option.

On the other hand, an impact wrench works to either fix or release bolts and nuts.

Impact drivers are generally used for redesigns and DIY, while the wrenches are utilized for car reparations.

Moreover, the former is easy to use, whereas the latter is heavier and more capable.

For impact drivers, the speed is measured in RPM, whereas the wrench’s power is evaluated in foot-pounds.

How Much A Lug Nut Is Tightened?

Torque is the length of the lever arm increased by the application of constrain. When taking into consideration how much torque you should use, consider the jolt measure.

It is advisable to torque the nuts of a car wheel about 90-100 foot-pounds. This sum is tight enough to keep those steady, but not too tight to be incapable to evacuate them again.

If you consider DIY and use the impact driver, you should fasten the lug nuts until the driver stops. After that, offer it a small additional turn to secure it pleasantly.

What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using An Impact Wrench?

With this powerful tool, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Here are some benefits:

  • Creates a colossal sum of constraints, empowering them to extricate the most stubborn bolts and nuts.
  • Sketched to decrease wrist strain amid use.
  • Four distinctive sorts, so you can choose one that meets your needs.
  • Works exceptionally fast.

However, there are few drawbacks to this instrument:

  • Not suitable for home use.
  • Loud noise.
  • Not proper for beginners.

Does An Impact Wrench Require Extraordinary Sockets?

You can get impact sockets that are often made from chrome-molybdenum steel to bargain with the power of the wrench. These sockets are coated with dark oxide to secure them from erosion.

Impact Socket


The impact wrench is a great, powerful, and convenient tool for removing the bolts for your vehicle safely. However, it is critical to know how to use an impact wrench to change tires/lug nuts accurately.

We hope that this post helps you to get a correct overview to apply this significant device for your specific usage.

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