How To Set A Torque Wrench In Inch Pounds? The Guide For Beginners

How To Set A Torque Wrench In Inch Pounds

The torque wrench is the super tool that has graced our toolboxes with its functions. If some of you have a car, a set of torque wrenches is a must.

Even experts also use this item regularly. A torque wrench is an accuracy tool. But its accomplishment relies heavily on the user who wields it.

If you know how to use the torque wrench, then congrats. You could replace the old tire that is causing destruction during your drive when there is no car running in the surrounding area.

However, you also pay attention to how to set a torque wrench in inch-pounds.

Accuracy is drastically important in this task. If you turn it even one inch more or less, that could give rise to a horrible accident.

Scientific Principles

Before going into setting a torque wrench in inch-pounds, it is essential to know its working principles. Generally, you will need a twisting force to bring it into an item to spin it.

In this situation, this item is nuts or screws. The torque wrench is a tool to measure this twisting force.

The level of torque that is used will depend on the level of force on the user’s hand and the length of the torque wrench. To calculate the torque, you should apply the formula of force x distance = torque.

The tool’s handle carries a mechanical indicator inside the torque wrench. It will connect to a scale calibration.

The torque typically comes with three units. The first one is newton-meters. The other units are foot-pound and inch-pound, which are the most popular among the torque wrenches.

When you fasten a small bolt, it will require more carefulness and accuracy. Then, users generally like an inch-pound torque wrench. Maybe you have one at the bottom of the toolbox.

The foot-pound torque wrenches with small drive tips will make the task accomplished. Still, take notice of the conversion factors if the specifications work with an inch-pound unit.

The Conversion Of Inch-pound Unit

Calculations of a torque wrench

We will pay more attention to the beam torque wrench and the click torque wrench that demand a manual adjustment.

If you have problems with the foot-pound wrench, all you need to do is undertake the mathematics yourself.

One foot is equivalent to 12 inches. In turn, one inch is one-twelfth of one foot. Thus, what happens if you want to change the foot-pound torque wrench to 144 inch-pound?

It means that you need to program the number to 12 foot-pounds. The reason is that you will have 12 when you divide 144 with 12.

Among several types of torque wrenches, the most popular one is the click type. It consists of two calibrated scales – one scale on the body and one scale on the handle. On the body scale, there are 10 pounds between those marks.

Setting A Torque Wrench In Inch Pounds

Setting a torque wrench in inch-pounds

Now, let’s move to the method of setting a click torque wrench in inch-pound.

To do it, you have to open the tool’s handle. There is a bolt at the tip of the handle; take it out and spin it in the counterclockwise direction.

The action will help unscrew the handle. First and foremost, you need to undo the handle to the number ‘0’.

All these arrangements and combinations apply to an internal spring in the handle, which always suffers from immense pressure.

It would help to preserve the durability of the torque wrench you like so much. If the spring gets broken down, it will be an end for this magic tool.

After you undo the handle, make it go back to 10. Keep in mind that you have to achieve the target: 12 units of a foot-pound. To gain two more, you have to readjust the calibrated scale on the tool’s handle.

Look at the ‘2’ number and adjust it with the bigger scale. After all, you get 12 units of foot-pound or 144 units of inch-pound. Finally, close the bolt in the handle.

When you do that, pay attention to the handle so that it will not shake when you lock it back in. If not, this flaw will alter the calibration number.

Then, install the torque wrench with a suited head drive. Lock the wrench in position and rotate it. You will know that you have achieved the mark when hearing or feeling the click.

Other Types Of Torch Wrenches

In the previous section, we have discussed how to set a torque wrench in inch-pound with the click type. Now, we will move to other types, including beam torque wrenches and digital torque wrenches.

Beam type of torque wrenches

Beam type of torque wrenches

It is rather difficult when you use a beam torque wrench. You cannot calibrate the beam type.

The torque wrench dial will present you with how much torque you have used when you begin rotating it. Therefore, you need to always take notice of the beam torque wrench.

Still, you could make everything much easier for your tasks. After you calculate the inch-pound number, you could put a marker on the beam type.

Some people have laid one thin tape on the calibrated scale. It lets them know when they could stop to gain the desired value.

Digital type of torque wrenches

Digital type of torque wrenches

If you do not like doing the math and you also dislike doing the elementary calculation before working on the hard job, choose a digital type of torque wrenches.

After reaching the desired value, you will hear a signal or buzzer. It means that you should stop rotating.

Final Words

A torque wrench is a power tool. Therefore, you have to set the value accurately before acting on the torque wrench.

If you know how to set a torque wrench in inch-pounds, it could save your life tons of hassle, typically if you do not carry an inch-pound torque wrench.

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