Weed Eater Line Keeps Coming Out – Best Solutions!

Weed Eater Line Keeps Coming Out

If you’re an enthusiastic gardener, a string trimmer (weed eater) is an indispensable tool. However, sometimes it brings you some hard-to-solve problems.

The most common problems come from the line, such as the weed eater line keeps coming out or being tangled.

There is the fact that not all users know how to troubleshoot, and this can cause your tool to break. So this article will give you the key points to prevent the line from slipping out.

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

What Is The Weed Eater Line?

Weed eater is a garden tool that we usually use for cutting small weeds, grass, and ground cover.

In different countries, the weed eater is called by different names such as string trimmer, weed whacker, weed whip, lawn trimmer, etc.

The biggest difference between a weed eater and the lawn mower or brush cutter is the cutting part.

While the lawn mowers usually have a sharp steel blade, the weed eater’s head is designed with a line.

When operating at ultra high speed, this line will rotate and can cut like a knife.

Compared to cutting by blade results, weed eater’s results are usually more even, smooth and well-manicured.

This line is also easy to install and replace like a blade. You can also choose the line size and type depending on the result you want to have after gardening.

Weed Eater Lines

What Makes The Weed Eater Line Keeps Coming Out?

If the line comes out too much, its length will prevent your tool from trimming. Or worse, it can be tangled, stuck, which can cause the motor to overload and break.

Below are some common reasons you should know to check your tool and find the most suitable solution.

Wounding The Line Backwards (check the twin spool first)

For those who are amateurs or careless gardeners, this is common. At the first time replacing the line, many users may not know which direction is right to wound it.

Backward wounding will loosen up the line, and vice versa, the forward direction will tighten it up.

Fortunately, this problem isn’t hard to solve, even if you haven’t had any experience before.

To make sure, you should open the trimmer head and check the twin spools first. And all you have to do after that is wound the line in the correct direction.

Using Many Trimmer Attachments

Many gardeners have the habit of replacing the trimmer head with different attachments to gain their expected results.

For example, they can convert the string trimmer to the lawn mower or brush cutter by using these heads (You can search for some trimmer attachments).

However, overuse can cause the trimmer head to be loose and can’t grasp the line well as usual.

In this case, it is advisable to replace the trimmer head with a new one and reduce the frequency of using attachments.

Trimmer Attachments

Trimmer Head Lost The Spring

Spring is one of the most important parts of the weed eater head. It maintains the line’s operation as well as keeps the line from coming out.

After using the trimmer for a long time, the spring can be out of position. Another reason is unreliable fixation leads it to be stuck or isn’t able to work properly.

Your responsibility is to make sure that there is a spring inside the trimmer head and it’s assembled correctly.

In case there isn’t, find another one to replace. Remember to check the spring size to choose the right one.

Trimmer Head Spring

Using The Wrong Trimmer Head

Certainly, each weed eater has a different head size, so buying the wrong one is possible. This problem rarely happens with the new products but when we replace a new head.

That’s why you should check the tool’s information carefully to choose the right one. People usually base on the job levels to choose the head diameter. For example:

  • Light jobs: 0.065 inches to 0.085 inches
  • Medium jobs: 0.085 inches to 0.105 inches
  • Heavy-duty jobs: Bigger than 0.105 inches

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How To Keep The Line From Coming Out And Make Your Tool Last Longer?

To stabilize the weed eater operation and maintain your garden tool, you have to use and preserve it in the right way. Below are some useful tips and methods that you can consider and apply.

Choose The Right Line

The line will determine your trimming results and significantly affect the weed eater’s operation, so you have to deliberate about finding the most suitable among many types on the market.

As mentioned below, its diameter is divided into 3 main types.

Based on our experience, we found that the line diameter at about 0.095 inches is the best choice as it will be flexible for cutting both tall short types of grass.

Besides, there are many shapes that you can choose, such as round, diamond, multi-sided, twisted, etc.

The round line is the most common, but its cutting effectiveness isn’t really good.

Multi-sided or twisted can be, the better choices as they are sharper to cut.

The Line Shapes

Wrap The Line Correctly

This is the prerequisite you have to do before starting to trim the lawn. Carelessness wrapping can make it tangled, come out or even break the line inside the head.

Keep it straight first and wrap it evenly from the lowest level to the highest one. Keep in mind that the wire shouldn’t be too stretchy or too loose.

If you don’t know how to, check the user manual or search it on the Internet to find the guide.

Pay Attention To The Techniques

Doing the techniques correctly not only protects your tool, but also brings you a better result. Some notes you should pay attention to use more effectively:

  • Keep the string parallel to the ground: it will limit the risk of hitting the ground and rocks.
  • Leave the tool for a while: you shouldn’t use it for many hours. Give it time to rest after every 10 or 15 minutes is necessary.
  • Trim in fixed direction: your process will be faster, and you’ll receive more uniform lawn simultaneously.

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Maintain And Preserve Properly

Some useful and applicable tips for storing and maintaining your tools:

  • Clean the trimmer head carefully after use to remove dirt.
  • Replace the parts when needed.
  • Pay attention to the direction when assembling the string, line, or trimming head.
  • Don’t use too many attachments.


Overall, we’ve provided you all the reasons why the weed eater line keeps coming out and the effective ways to solve it. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful and understandable to apply.

Check the tool carefully and use it properly are the main points to utilize and maintain your tool last longer. In case you’re still not clear about this, don’t hesitate to check our post again.

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