What To Do When Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off

What To Do When Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off

You may not do anything with your garden when the weed eater head won’t come off.

This tool is of importance to farmers or gardeners as it helps cut down undesired weeds or grass on a steep surface which other tools can’t work on.

Many users encounter the situation when the tool head does not come off, making it unable to do the job.

There are many reasons why it happens. However, you don’t need to spend money on buying a new product.

The article below will discuss this issue and inform you of several solutions to solve it.

The Reasons Why Weed Eater Head Stuck

There are many reasons why the weed eater head gets stuck. We will discuss some common causes below and you should read them carefully to fix your machine.

Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off

Having The Wrong Head Replacement Type

Many people think that all weed eaters are similar. However, it is the wrong assumption. Each head has a specific design for a particular weed eater body.

If you have difficulties getting weed eater heads back on, the head may not be compatible with the machine.

Wrong Tools

Ultilizing wrong screwdrivers to take out the screw can also be another contributor to the problem. The screw may have been damaged and chipped.

Having an Older Model

Some designs of older versions are not to come off. Another possible reason could be because you have not cleaned the machine for a long time.

If it is the case, you can attempt to clean the equipment off by following the steps below.

What To Do When Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off

Removing the weed eater head is not easy, and sometimes it can put you at fatal risks if you do the job improperly.

To remove the head, you have to possess a special set of tools. It is because each piece of equipment has different kinds of attachments.

It is advisable that you read the label of the user’s manual to know what types of tools you need.

Some of the important tools include wrenches of varying sizes, towel or cloth, screwdrivers of varying sizes, a spool of nylon string, weed eater replacement head, oil, and gas.

You can try removing the eater head by doing the following steps to inspect and fix your machine.

Step 1: Identifying The Attachment Type

One of the first steps you need to do to identify the issue is assessing the weed eater connection type. If you are using an older weed eater, the attachments can be built-in.

In this case, it is unable to come off and you have no choice but to replace the entire equipment. When you possess a recent machine, there are two head types, including knob head and screw head.

Step 2: Turn Off The Power

Either you use the knob head or screw head, you have to turn off the power first. Usually, the weed eater that comes with a gas or electric-based design features a knob head.

After powering off, you can push down on the head, and it will pop off.

In case you have a machine with a screw head, you rotate the item in a counterclockwise direction and it comes off.

Step 3: Clean The Device

If you have used the equipment for a long time, it is advisable to take off the grim and clean it. Dirt, mud built-ups, leaves can make the head jammed.

One of the effective ways to do the job is to use a durable towel. It would be best if you first dipped the towel in water and then wipe down the grim. Repeat doing it until the trimmer head is free from dirt.

Clean the dirt and mud built-ups on the machine

Step 4: Removing Spool

Many devices have a spool of line that goes around the head. Thus, to remove it, start taking off the spool in the first place.

You should push the line in and then twist it. The spool now is becoming loose and you just need to slowly pull it out.

However, different weed eaters from various brand names on the market have their own shapes.

If the above step does not work for you, you may need to read the user’s manual or contact the manufacturers.

It is because if you do the task improperly, you can permanently damage the device, and the spool will be clogged.

Removing spool on the weed eater

Step 5: When There Is No Spool, Seeking The Remaining Bolts And Nuts

Some standard eaters nowadays do not go with a spool, so you need to identify the remaining bolts and nuts.

These items help attach the head of the equipment to the body. If you want to remove them, you should unscrew them by using wreches.

However, you have to spent time locating the nuts and bolts because they are pretty small.

Removing bolts and nuts

Step 6: Removing The Head

When you finish getting the spool or nuts and bolts out, you find it easy to pull off the head. It is recommended to start the task by positioning your hands at the head and base of the weed eater.

Gently pull the head until it pops off.

If the head jams, you can try loosening the ends by using a cordless screwdriver.

Removing the head

Step 7: Clean The Inside

Once you have taken off the head, it is better to clean the head attachment first. If it has any rust, crack, and damaged parts, throw it away.

In case you need to replace the head, we highly recommend purchasing the new one with a corresponding brand to ensure you have a suitable model.

For the interior of the body, use a towel and carefully wipe out the dirt. It is advisable that you use gloves to avoid any injuries caused by the sharp edges.

Place it back when you finish the job.

Step 8: Replace the Spool And String

Installing the two ends should go first. The holes on the head must secure it in place. It is more convenient if users place it 3 inches out of each end, and then you tighten the bump knob and screw on the head.

Step 9: Replace The Weed Eater Head

For reattaching the head, follow the opposite steps. You insert the weed eater head and screw it back to its position. It is better to shake the device a bit to see whether the head stays in its place.


The article is about different causes and solutions when the weed eater head won’t come off.

There are three possible reasons, including using the wrong head replacement type, older model and wrong tools.

If you want to get rid of the issue, you can try some steps above. And we hope that they are helpful to you.

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