Why Are Chainsaws So Hard To Start?

Why Are Chainsaws So Hard To Start

Even if you want to handle DIY tasks or professional woodwork, a chainsaw is always one of the most prominent tools.

However, like other mechanical tools, a chainsaw’s component will become deteriorated after a long time of being utilized.

As a result, starting them may be a challenge, and some users wonder, “Why are chainsaws so hard to start?”. We won’t waste your time. Check out this post for the answer.

Why Are Chainsaws So Hard To Start?

There are many reasons for the obstruction to a chainsaw’s activation. Some of them may come from internal factors, and some may originate from external elements.

Below, we will give you the most common causes.

The Fuel Is Inappropriate Or Insufficient

This is the foremost factor troubling you when starting a chainsaw. Yet, people often overlook it because they assume that the cause for difficult activation is not that easy to find out.

Therefore, before using a chainsaw, you have to ensure that the fuel is adequate to operate the tool.

There are two requirements for a chainsaw’s fuel. The first one is its sufficiency, and the other is the appropriate fuel type.

Nowadays, almost every manufacturer applies an indicator on their chainsaws, so you can straightforwardly meet the first requirement by just noticing the fuel indicator before using it.

If your problem lies in the second reason, you should try to mix the oil gas following the guidelines from the chainsaw brands.

Adding the unsuitable fuel not only obstructs your starting chainsaws but also does harm to the machines.

In case your chainsaw is a battery-powered or a corded electric one, what should you do? For a battery-powered chainsaw, you have to fully charge it before operating.

On the other hand, if you have a problem when starting a corded electric chainsaw, you should check whether the cord is intact or cut.

You should apply suitable fuel for your chainsaws

The Fuel Inside Is Not Fresh Enough

Sometimes, you check the fuel tank and realize there is still enough fuel, but the tool can’t start. What’s the problem? It is the old fuel.

Since you have neglected the chainsaw for a long time with fuel inside, the chemical components will dissolve.

Consequently, the fuel can no longer provide the chainsaw with enough energy to start.

In this case, refilling the tool with fresh fuel is a highly recommended solution. Honestly, you should frequently replace the chainsaw’s fuel, if possible, carrying out this process before any use.

By adding new and fresh fuel to your chainsaw, you can boost the tool’s working efficiency.

Besides, with ideal working conditions, the machines’ durability can be enhanced along with smoother and more reliable functions.

What’s more, if a chainsaw is operated with the correct fuel, it won’t let out an unpleasant smell while working.

The Carburetor Is Covered With Dust

The carburetor is a crucial part of a chainsaw, so keeping this component in a proper condition also affects the chainsaw’s activation.

Usually, after a long time of utilization, some dirty particles or dust may clog the carburetor. Hence, you have to wipe out all the obstacles to assist this part in regulating air for the decent functioning of the chainsaw.

The Spark Plug’s Malfunction

The spark plug is another factor that provides sufficient energy for the activation of a chainsaw. If your chainsaw doesn’t start properly and quickly, the reason may be related to the spark plug.

In this case, you should check whether this component is damaged or not. Or else, a time-worn spark plug is also the cause for the tough start of chainsaws.

To find out what’s wrong with your spark plug, do the following check-ups. First, you should take a look at the porcelain insulator to ensure that it’s still intact.

Next, you have to notice the terminal to see whether the terminal gets burned because the temperature generated from the spark plug becomes too hot.

If the terminal is not burned, but the spark plug doesn’t work, the reason can be the carbon deposits are interfering with the terminal.

You can find spark plugs anywhere at a low price

So what are the solutions to these problems? Very simple, you just have to replace the old and damaged spark plug with a new one.

This process only costs you a very little amount of money, so you can buy a new spark plug whenever you want.

The Air Filter Is Clogged

If you use the chainsaw too frequently or neglect it for a long time, the air filter can be congested with dust or dirt particles.

As a result, gas can’t receive enough air proportion through the air filter to activate the chainsaw.

Therefore, during your maintaining chainsaws process, you should concentrate more on the air filter to keep it airy and spotless.

Yet, if the dust is too stubborn to remove, you should throw away the filter and insert a new one.

The Temperature Is Not Beneficial For The Operation.

This problem doesn’t arise from the internal components of the chainsaw, but it’s also a crucial element in deciding if your chainsaw is hard to start or not.

For instance, when your living area is under freezing weather, the engine can’t reach the standard temperature to activate the chainsaw.

Hence, we suggest that you keep the chainsaw in a place with proper room temperature and don’t leave it outside suffering from many risks caused by insects, dust, or the freezing temperature.

The Ignition Recoil Assembly Is Inappropriately Assembled

We have come through six different reasons why chainsaws are hard to start, and if you haven’t found out the problems, you should take a look at the ignition recoil spring.

This chainsaw’s part is responsible for transmitting electricity to the spark and making it spark. Therefore, if you have trouble activating the chainsaw, the improper ignition recoil assembly can be the cause.

An ignition recoil assembly for chainsaws

In this case, you have to take advantage of an analyzer to check whether the start loop is broken or not. On the off chance that the start loop can’t function anymore, you have to opt for a new assembly.

Bottom Lines

We have listed some most common reasons for the difficult activation of a chainsaw. All of these causes are effortless to spot and fix, and they just require a little of your concentration and mechanical skills.

However, if you have checked the seven causes above but still not manage to find out “Why are chainsaws so hard to start”, we suggest that you take them to an expert for repair.

To save your time and expense, we recommend keeping your chainsaws in the ideal working condition by storing them in a room-temperature environment and regularly doing maintenance.

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