DeWalt DWE7480 Review – Is This The Table Saw For You?

DeWalt DWE7480 Review

For a long time, DeWalt is famous for its drilling tools and equipment of all ranges. The DWE7480 we’re going to talk about today is a compact table saw.Though it might look small, its power and cutting features are pretty impressive! Let’s take a closer look at this DWE7480 reviewThe first thing you will notice … Read more

Dewalt DW745 Review – The Leading Product Of Table Saw Market

Dewalt DW745 Review

Do you need a powerful and trustable table saw for your works? How about purchasing the Dewalt DW745 model? Why should you buy it?In this Dewalt DW745 review, we will explain to you all benefits you would get from this lovely machine and the reason why it is different from the other saws.Are you ready … Read more

DEWALT DW745 Vs DWE7480: Which Is Better?


DEWALT is among the biggest companies in the power tools’ world with a wide variety of table saws. However, deciding between two DEWALT table saws is never easy. This article today is about the DW745 vs DWE7480 showdown, their difference, and sameness. Read on for more information about the two models.>>> See The Latest Pricing for Good … Read more

11 Super Table Saw Safety Tips You Are Ignoring

table saw safety tips

The use of the table saw involves more than just a ‘setup and go’ approach! Considering how useful this woodworking tool is, it’s ironic that more injuries are arising from the use of the table saw compared to several other tools in your average woodshop. Allay your fears as the table saw can be used safely, albeit … Read more

How to Set up a Table Saw?

setting up table saw

If you are new to woodwork, the chances are that you use a table saw to make accurate cuts. But once you get that brand new table saw, how do you put it together? Setting up a table saw is as easy as assembling the traditional cabinet saw. The only difference is that some parts will be stored … Read more