What Size Band Saw Should I Buy?

bandsaw size

Are you contemplating buying a band saw?

What are the factors you should consider?

Among the many options and varieties of band saws, how do you know what size band saw you should buy?

How is the size determined?

These are good and sincere questions worth considering and answering before going out to get one to avoid buying the wrong tool.

If these are questions you are presently considering, then this article is precisely for you.

Understanding Power Tools

Power tools and Power Saws

Power tools exist for different purposes and in a wide range of options.

However, when it comes to tools for cutting materials, power saws are best suited to such tasks.

There are different power saw tools for various purposes, such as the circular saws used for cutting wood and other materials depending on the blade installed.

Jigsaws are mainly used for cutting curves and making detailed cuts in wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic tiles.

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Table saws are used for cutting large sheets of wood and panels.

And miter saws are specialized saw used for making cuts at a variety of angles and many more.


Band saws are super tools for carrying out a variety of DIY activities.

They come in different makes and models and all shapes and sizes.

Among some of the advantages:

  • The saw is not restricted to cutting a particular material
  • It is equipped with extra features such as miter gauge, rip fence, and many more
  • Reduces wastage due to its narrow blade size
  • Uses quality blades, blade tracking adjustment, dual bearing guide rollers to achieve precision cuts

Classifying and Categorizing Band Saws

This article seeks to answer the question, “What Size Band Saw should I buy?”

However, there are some other basic facts and detail you need to understand about band saws to make the answer to that question more meaning and relevant to you. So, here are some factors to consider before making that purchase:

Tabletop, Portable or Cabinet type: The first question is, where do you plan on using your band saw most, if not, all the time? If it is to be used mostly at home in your home workshop, then a tabletop or portable band might be suited.

If you plan on carrying it around, then you should go for a portable one. Commercial jobs require a cabinet type. Even with these three categories, bands saws still come in a variety of options.

The Number of wheels: The two-wheel band saws are more preferred to the three-wheel ones. This is because two-wheel band saws have larger wheels and they give more drive surface area.

They also yield a flywheel effect, and their blade life last longer compared to three-wheel band saws. However, two-wheel band saws have less throat.

Throat Distance and Depth of Cut: The distance in between the vertical frame of the body of the saw and the actual blade is known as the throat.

Band saws are rated according to throat sizes and is equivalent to the width of cut that you can make. Throat distance of tabletop models is about 12 to 14 inches smaller than that of cabinet band saws.

The depth of cut, on the other hand, is the distance from the blade to the table.

Horsepower Rating: Most band saws have a horsepower rating of ¾ to 1. Commercial or cabinet models have higher ratings and may also have variable speed control.

Usually, one horse rating is recommended for most jobs. Slower speeds are needed for finer cuts while higher speeds are required when ripping wood and precision is not an issue.

Blades: Regardless of the saw you have, the blade is the most crucial element of the band saw. There are hundreds of saws available in the market of different materials, teeth, thickness, and more than can be covered in this article.

Make and Model: There are a variety of makes and models on band saws. We recommend you visiting such sites like Amazon or eBay to check out the options listed.


A band saw is a useful tool to have at your disposal.

As you can see, they come in a wide variety. In this article, we have itemized some crucial factors you should consider when asking what size you should buy:

  • The product type: tabletop, portable, or cabinet type
  • Number of wheels (two or three)
  • Throat distance and depth of cut
  • Horsepower rating
  • Blade type
  • Make and model

If you have learned a thing or two from this article, feel free to share it with your friends and contacts.

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