How To Saw Lumber With A Bandsaw Mill? The Perfect 7-step Routine

How To Saw Lumber With A Bandsaw Mill

Everyone knows that sawing wood depends on certain factors in the process of processing wood with a saw.

However, sawing wood with a saw is never easy if you don’t know how to saw lumber with a bandsaw mill.

The problem of sawing wood is simple with the steps in the following sequence:

  • Step 1: Mark the location of the Miter line
  • Step 2: Choose the right wood for your cutting need
  • Step 3: Carry out the first cutting step
  • Step 4: Make a second and continuous cut
  • Step 5: Cut the board
  • Step 6: Dry the board
  • Step 7: Run through the plane

Or even if you are a professional carpenter, when dealing with blocks of logs of different shapes, you should follow the following seven-step rule to make your lawn mowing as easy as possible.

Let’s just get started!

Step 1: Mark The Location Of The Miter Line

First is a preparatory step for you to create a skateboard, which will help you move the log during the cutting process more easily.

You can easily do this by attaching a wooden plank 2 feet long and 10 inches wide. Then you secure a small piece of wood under the rails by gluing them together.

Now you have a skateboard called MDF.

After you have the skateboard, you will place an 18-inch Mitre bar on the MDF line and mark the position from that Miter bar.

Determining the position and distance from the Miter bar before cutting is an effective technique for cutting logs with a bandsaw mill accurately and easily.

Is it easy to saw lumber with a bandsaw mill

Step 2: Choose The Right Wood For Your Cutting Needs

In this step, you need to select a surface of the log to make a permanent face. To do this, you need to install screws and logs and nail them to rest firmly on the MDF surface.

However, not simply fixing the surface of the log is enough. You need a drawer liner and use spray glue to prevent the log from moving during the sawing process.

A good tip for you is to both fix the screws and use glue to save time. Then you can use the partition and can firmly reinforce the log.

Now you have a piece of wood lying still on the MDF surface and just waiting for you to adjust the Miter and start the saw to cut it.

Step 3: Carry Out The First Cutting Step

After finishing all the tests, you just need to start the saw and proceed to cut the first cut.

You need to pay attention to adjust the appropriate cutting speed during this process, neither too fast nor too slow.

You should just cut and see if your cut is accurate or if the log is solidly reinforced?

Have you ever sawed lumber with a bandsaw mill

If your piece of wood does not sit neatly on the skateboard, you should use small wooden shims to compact the surface that comes into contact with the board.

This compaction will save you time if something goes wrong during the cutting process, and the sawing of wood also becomes easy and efficient.

And if in case you have already reinforced the log, but it is difficult to adjust the saw blade, you should review the Miter position and the appropriate amount of wood.

From here, you’ll be able to track which surface of the wood your cut follows to get the job done faster.

Step 4: Make A Second And Continuous Cut

The first saw is successful. The second saw will become easier. The reason is that a wood surface has become flat. You can use this as a reinforcing surface for the second cut.

However, if you choose this surface, you can also smooth the surface a bit by removing the sawdust. But, you should not waste a lot of sawdust which will lead to waste.

Just keep reinforcing the plane, locate the Miter and carry out the saw like that, your second cut finish.

Step 5: Cut The Board

Cutting the board onto your log will save your wood as much as possible, as well as your effort.

Accordingly, the best way to process raw wood and save it is also to cut them into such boards.

However, you must determine the thickness of this board. A good rule of thumb is that this thickness should not exceed 1 inch.

After each cut of a plank, you continue to erect the log along with the fence to prepare for the second cut.

Of course, you have to constantly adjust and consider in each such cut so that your board is not thicker or thinner.

You just keep on the cast like that until you cut all the logs.

Step 6: Dry The Board

After you have finished sawing your log into small pieces with a circular saw, you need to clean the surface of the pieces.

This treatment works to dry the gauge surface as well as prevent mold and mildew that can damage the wood.

You can let them dry naturally by exposing them to the shade.

Note that lays pieces of wood are exposed to the sun because they quickly dry out and crack on the surface.

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What do you know about how to saw lumber with a bandsaw mill

Step 7: Run Through The Planer

This final step has the effect of smoothing and smoothing the surface of the wooden door.

Accordingly, after the wood pieces have dried, you will continue to clean them by running them through the planer to smooth the surface.

You need to make sure that the moisture is just right and the surface is smooth enough to keep the wood in its best condition in future storage.

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Final Thoughts

The article is all 7 basic and simple steps for you: how to saw lumber with a bandsaw mill.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you can solve all your questions as well as find the most efficient and save effort way to saw a log!

Of course, there will be times when you don’t have to go through so many steps because there are so many good ways.

However, in general, these are the most basic ways for the average person to do.

Wishing you success in sawing wood from the first time.

Thank you for following the article!

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