How To Pick A ToolBox Lock? (Step by Step)

How To Pick A Tool Box Lock

Have you ever lost your key? We predict that most of you have lost it. At those times, you can choose a key box unlocking tool to handle this problem.

However, not everyone knows how to pick a toolbox lock for themselves. So the following article, we will immediately solve this problem.

Let’s give it a read!

How Does The ToolBox Lock Work?

We will show you how a very popular key works today, the pin tumbler lock. This type of lock is straightforward. According to our research, it has existed since the first Egyptian times.

The lockbox operating mechanism is generally similar to over 90% of the popular locks on the market today. Here are six essential parts that make up a tumbler lock:

  • Case: is where the primary function of the located lock.
  • Plug: cylindrical shape, where you insert the key and turn the key if it’s plugged incorrectly
  • Cutline: you understand this is the distance between the case and the plug. Moreover, the cut line holds essential duty while selecting the lock.
  • Spring: responsible for pushing the pin down towards the plug.
  • Driver pin: It is responsible for ensuring that you have the correct key inserted. It is located right between the housing and the plug. Thanks to the lock driver pin, it creates a latch point when you insert the wrong key.
  • Key lock: When you insert exactly one key into its plug, the locking pin will push across the cut line. That’s when the lock opens.

We think most of you have a better understanding of the components that make up a lock and how they work.

Choosing a lock is how most people have applied to unlock with some other tool instead of using its key.

Of course, with just one to five seconds, you can probably find many concepts about choosing a lock. However, not all definitions can be accurately verified.

Therefore, you need to select the primary information with high authenticity.

Some Necessary Tools To Prepare

Of course, to pick a lock correctly, we think you should know more about the tools to select the key.

First of all, you need to prepare a wrench, and of course, it is indispensable.

You need to know that the locking pin needs to be pushed level with the cut line for the lock to open. We have more than one way to do this, but we will focus the tutorial on beginners.

  • The first tool you need to use is a long tip capable of performing simultaneous operations with multiple pins. You can use many different scratching methods, but the easiest is probably “snake scratch.”
  • Another tool you need to use is an L-shaped wrench that rotates the plug. You can understand it as a key. Not only that, the wrench prevents pins and plugs from being set to a locked state.

How To Pick A ToolBox Lock

A tool box lock

First, you will use the two tools we introduced earlier, and here are four steps to choosing the correct key box tool:

Step 1: Adjust the appropriate wrench

Turn the wrench clockwise while using your strength to create a strong enough force.

Step 2: Adjust the latch at the keyhole position

You continue to put tension on this wrench then use the rake to insert the locking pin under the keyhole.

However, make sure you’re moving hard enough that all the pins can touch each other.

Step 3: Move the locking pin

All you need to do is push the locking pin upwards while twisting the latch very smoothly because you may blow the latches in the event of a collision.

Step 4: Turn the wrench and unlock

Once you’ve finally found enough tension for your plugs and latches, you can confidently turn the wrench and open your lock.

How Do You Pick A Lock With A ToolBox With A Paperclip?

Pick A Lock With A Tool Box With A Paperclip

Sometimes instead of the locking toolbox, you can use a paperclip to select the lock. Not too different from choosing a lockbox, you also need four steps to do it:

Step 1: Hold the paper clip straight

Very simply, use your hands and bend the ends of a paper clip so that it forms a 90-degree angle.

Then continue to take another clamp and turn one end at a 90-degree angle. This clamp will have the same role as an L wrench, and the other is a locking bar.

Step 2: Use a tension clamp to apply pressure to the keyhole

Please think of the clamp as a real wrench and push enough force into the keyhole, and don’t forget to turn it clockwise.

Step 3: Rotate the padlock with another pin

Insert the other pin into the top of the padlock and slowly rotate it upwards. At this step, don’t forget it’s essential to scratch continuously and make sure the pin reaches the end of the hole.

Step 4: Shake the pin until the sound appears

After doing enough raking, you’ll notice that the pins seem to be able to move. So shake the stapler, and you will get what you want by hearing the “crack.” That’s it, and your lock is open.


We’ve rounded up and answered a few of these frequently asked questions to make it easy for you to gain more knowledge about this type of lock.

How do you drill out a box lock?

Drilling a padlock is a possible last resort if you can’t unlock it with other tools.

If you absolutely must use this method, the first thing you need to do is check the lock. Some locks have a ball bearing in the middle instead of steel pin-like regular locks.

Next, you need to choose a suitable drilling device and attach a drill about 3mm to that drill. Finally, we suggest getting an experienced person to help you drill your lock if possible.

Can you unlock it with a credit card?

unlock it with a credit card

Of course, it’s easy to unlock with a credit card if it’s a locker or drawer lock. But unfortunately, you may not be able to open the lock if your safety has a slanted latch.

It will take you a lot of time with this unlocking because your card is thin plastic. So you should consider when choosing this way of opening if your time does not allow it.

What household items can you pick a box lock with?

Of course, you will have many options to open a padlock using paper staples, as we mentioned earlier.

However, we think that using any item in the house to unlock the lock does not seem to be too effective.

Is it legal to own a bump key?

This question is one of the most popular questions. We mean that whether it’s legal or illegal varies significantly from country to country.

If you unlock it right at your home, of course, you are not guilty of anything.

But if you used this unlocking to open a lock that wasn’t yours, the story would be completely different, and you are committing a crime, and this unlocking is illegal.


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