Best Knife Grinder For Beginners – Top 5 Review & Buying Guide

The best knife grinder for beginners that we will mention in this post will delight you with its value for the money.

The list contains five options, each superior in a particular function that would be beneficial for you, whether you are a DIY knife-maker hobbyist or a professional knife trader.

Each person who creates knives is an artist. A high-quality knife sharpener will help you improve your skills and nurture the passion for creating art.

But, the question is how to find a "bang for the buck" machine. Let's consider the factors below to gain valuable experiences when choosing a knife sharpener.

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How To Choose a Good Knife Grinder For Beginners?

Accessible Ability

An easy-to-use machine is excellent for practicing and catching up on the process. You don't want to end up asking experts constantly while using it and wasting a lot of time practicing.

Some grinders come with control knobs to adjust the belt’s tension without changing it with another one. The Bucktool BG2600 is the best choice for beginners with the handle that can rotate to control the belt with additional tools.

Power Of The Motor

The engine makes the whole machine go well. Your motor has to keep up to maintain the high-speed belt and the ability to bear the high pressure.

An ideal formula of the best motor for new knife makers is one horsepower per 1'' of belt width for a 72'' long belt. We recommend you a Palmgren 81061 for stability and speed.

This machine has a superior operating system that helps it operate smoothly with low noise. The quiet performance also reduces vibrations, allowing you to finish your jobs with high precision.

Wheel Rotation Speed

A grinder with a different mode helps manage the friction on the surface and the pressure of every step. Beginners tend to control the knife at a low speed first before increasing the speed to the machine’s higher capability.

The Kalamazoo 1SM is not only suited for beginners but also any skill level.

Dimension Of The Belt

Knife grinder belt

It would help if you considered the belt’s dimensions before making a buy decision. There are a variety of sizes, but you need the one that meets your needs.

If you plan to work on a big project, you need a bigger size.The JET J-41002 with a 2x42'' belt is ideal for practicing with various objects. Besides, choosing the precise belt size can help you to stay in the correct position.

Lifespan Of The Materials

You don't want to waste money and time repairing cheap and low-quality material. So, the machine needs to be firm and sturdy to bear the delivery process and long-time use.

Fortunately, DEWALT DW758 can be your favorite. A rugged cast iron base and the motor housing provide durability and prolonged life.

Must-have Features Of The Best Knife Sharpener

The Perfect Combination Of The Grinding Wheel And The Belt Sander

A machine that combines the belt sander and the bench grinder is excellent to flexibly work with most metals, woods, plastics, and other materials.

The belt action can be entirely horizontally or vertically positioned for any product or material. You may look for a machine that comes with a complete belt guard, tabletop tilt, simple belt-tensioning, and a changeable belt.

The Bucktool BG2600 and the Palmgren 81061 are both worth trying out. They are the representatives most familiar to those who prefer this combination.

Heavy-duty Engine For Under-load Operation

A direct-drive powertrain combined with a heavy-duty capacitor motor will enable the unit to operate under load without slowing or bogging down.

It is an excellent addition to any workshop. A long-last machine should have a steel or cast-iron base coming with rubber feet. The rigid cast iron base will help extend the item's life, making it ideal for large-scale grinding operations.

The Jet J-41002 and Bucktool BG2600 are the best belt grinder for knife making. They will surprise you with their powerful engine.

belt grinder for knife making

Well-constructed Feature

The best knife grinder for beginners must be quiet, well-constructed, and easy to use. It needs to come with a small C-clamp for camping it to your work table stably.

You may be assured when working with the DEWALT DW758 because it has bolt holes that allow you to bolt the base plate down. This customer-centric feature makes it an excellent buy for anti-vibration.

Additional Features

Additional features are significant in improving your experience and enhancing your skill. The list below will show you the role of each feature and what you need it for.

  • Adjustable tool rests with precision machining allow the user to place work completely.
  • The wheel protectors with plenty of rear exhaust vents will deliver a smooth operation.
  • Adjustable dust deflector and dust chute have a quick-release tension and tracking mechanism.
  • A 6-inch 60-grit white grinding wheel helps keep the temperatures during operation low for higher safety. You may find this feature in the Bucktool BG2600.
  • A tool-free adjustable eyeshield will protect your eyes.
  • A LED light gives you a better view when grinding.

Top 5 Best Knife Grinder For Beginners Review

Bucktool Belt Sander And Bench Grinder - Best For Low-temperature Grinding

The Bucktool combo comes with a white wheel that features a 60-grit grindstone for low-temperature grinding.

This characteristic prevents potential harmful effects on your hands, making it one of the best knife sharpeners for beginners.

The great thing is it comes with a flexible track and a changeable belt. Besides, this machine will help you save time because it grinds materials so quickly with a powerful motor that works smoothly and quietly.

This Bucktool Combo also allows you to adjust and remove elements without extra tools. While you are not a professional knife-maker, you can still use it with ease to fine-tune your knives.

Moreover, the cast-iron work table can offer more fantastic support when sharpening metal. And the sizeable cast-aluminum work table will function well with wood material.

But the dismantling of the unit for screwing holes takes a lot of time. Thus, you need an SAE screw sorter to place the screw to the correct sizes.

We also find that high-frequency impact may wear out the changeable and tightening mechanism after prolonged use. It will help if you treat the knobs well.

Bucktool Combo 2" x 42" Belt Sander 6" Bench Grinder, Knife Sharpener with Large Work Table BG2600 Upgraded Model
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: This sander meets CSA standards, with heavy-duty construction can extend using life, equipped with an induction motor that supplies the needed power running under load, the motor is 1/3HP, 3.5 Amp, the no load wheel speed is 3450 RPM and belt speed 4480 FPM
  • MULTI-FUNCTION SANDER: This combo 2"x42" belt sander 6" bench grinder includes a 2-Inch x 42-Inch high-quality metal sanding belt that can be used for general purpose sanding and finishing on most metals, wood, plastics, and other materials

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  • 60-grit wheel for low-temperature grinding
  • Safe and beginner-friendly
  • The removable belt for changing with ease
  • Powerful motor for smooth performance
  • Adjustable elements without extra tools


  • The dismantling process takes a long time.
  • Risk of worn-out knob

Palmgren Combo Disc And Belt Sanders - Best For Changing Working Position

Palmgren Combo Disc And Belt Sanders has the operating belt horizontal or vertical, allowing you to change the working position with ease.

You can put the standard miter gauge on the disc trenched table. It also comes with a dust collection port for a tidy workplace.

The motor creates enough power to run the machine without pressure or delay. It allows you to use the bottom wheels for making concave bevels.

This grinder does an incredible job in knife-bevels. But because it is a single-speed operation, you have to be careful while working with finer-grit belts. Otherwise, you'll rapidly burn your blade if you don't concentrate on it.

Besides, it has an incommensurate platten, which is its downside. It leads to a negative effect on the flat beveling. Moreover, you need to cut the bottom piece of the lower wheel if using a lower-grit belt.

Palmgren 2" x 42" Belt, 6" Disc bench finishing machine
  • 1/3 HP, 120/240VAC motor, 3.5/1.75 amp, 3500 RPM
  • 2-Inch x 42-Inch Belt speed 4400 SFPM

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  • Allows access in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • Dust collector for tidy a workplace
  • Powerful engine for stable running


  • Risk of high temperatures when running with a low-grit belt
  • The platten is not flat

Kalamazoo Belt Sander And Contact Wheel - Best For Removable Work Table

Kalamazoo Belt Sander And Contact Wheel have an inclined work table that you can remove as you want. This product also runs a slack belt that accepts most contours, such as circle and oval.

Its platten not only helps change the belt easier but also keeps the machine secure for use. The motor works powerfully, which makes you not feel overloaded no matter what you are sharpening.

The machine is one of the best knife sanders that run without noise. You may find that the belt modifies and changes intuitively and straightforwardly.

But, we have a complaint about the motor that is too close to the belt. It will be challenging to handle your work if you have long parts.

You also can find it difficult to control the bolts even if you make it sloping enough. The adjustable platform does not have enough proper angle for sharpening all kinds of knives.

Furthermore, shipping-related issues can lead to portions being broken. All in all, it is still the best belt sander for knife making if used only for a certain type of knives.

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  • Removable work table for extended accessibility
  • Allow belt change
  • Powerful motor run without overload and pressure
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple design for intuitive and straightforward modifications


  • Close distance between the belt and the motor
  • Hard to control the bolts
  • Risk of damage in transit

Jet Bench Belt And Disc Sander J-41002 - Best For Quiet Operation

JET J-41002 has a powerful motor that offers quiet performance. The most appreciated thing when using it is that it does not burst into flames, spark, or smoke while working.

It also comes with a deluxe miter gauge that allows you to turn and lock the angles as you want. This feature allows you to sand all surfaces and irregular edges of small objects.

The 3-in-1 operation may be another outstanding feature of the JET J-41002. While removing metal dust from your blades, an abrasive belt does the function of a jigsaw, coping saw, or hand file at the same time.

It's been a lifesaver when it comes to sanding unusual edges and surfaces on smaller objects. You can rub any metal extremely smoothly without grasping the belt.

This design forces you to remove the table if you want to change the belt. It might make you feel a little bit frustrated about calibrating the angle after doing that.

JET J-41002, 2" x 42" Belt and 8" Disc Sander, 1Ph 115V (577004)
  • DELUXE MITER GAUGE: Turns and locks for common angles, 45 degrees both left and right
  • HEAVY-DUTY: Has a steel base, rubber feet, and cast iron construction

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  • Powerful motor but quiet performance
  • Low-temperature operation
  • Free of flames, spark, and smoke
  • Adjustable angle for extended accessibility
  • 3-in-1 operation: jigsaw, coping saw, and hand file
  • Disc sander works well with small objects


  • Requires removal of guard frame to change the belt

DEWALT Bench Grinder DW758 - Best For High-speed Engine

DEWALT Bench Grinder DW758 is the best belt grinder for knife making. It comes with a 3/4 HP induction engine that can run at 3,600 RPM for removing materials at high speed.

The powerful motor performs strongly with not even a hint of stalling. It has 36-grit and 60-grit wheels that run smoothly with low noise when sharpening anything.

We are even more impressed to learn that no spark and smoke comes out while grinding. Besides, the LEDs help you monitor the changes of the object during the grinding process. It also comes with a pair of eye shields to protect your eyes.

The shields are made of clear plastic that won't fade over time, allowing you to see all detail with ease and do your job accurately.

This machine has a sturdy construction and is easy to assemble and be fixed to the desk. It will surely last several years to come.

However, you can still notice the vibrations in around 5-10 seconds if you don't try to fix it firmly to the desk. Strictly following the assembly instructions and diagram will help.

DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)
  • 3/4 HP induction motor of the bench grinder provides superior power for industrial grinding applications
  • Rugged cast iron base and motor housing of the 8-inch bench grinder provide durability and prolonged life

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  • 3/4 HP induction engine for removing materials at a high speed
  • 60-grit wheels run smoothly with low noise
  • No spark and smoke generated
  • LED lights help you to monitor the changes of the object during the grinding process


  • Risk of vibration while running the engine

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does A Belt Sander Differ From A Belt Grinder?

There are many differences between a belt sander and a belt grinder, but we can list the main things below:

First, a belt sander removes scuffs from the material. It smoothens the surface and the edges. You may utilize the belt sander for rubbing wooden or non-metallic objects.

On the other hand, the belt grinder is useful for grinding the surface of metals. It is a good choice for sharpening large blades or any metallic surface; thus, it is mainly used for industrial purposes.

Second, the belt sander has a rotating sander belt made from sandpaper. It helps remove non-ferrous elements from wooden objects. Differing from it, the belt grinder has a belt of abrasive metal that helps sharpen metals.

Can You Use Belt Sanders For Knife Making?

Yes, you can use belt sanders for sharpening a knife. The most important thing is to determine the compatibility between the belt’s roughness and the object’s surface. You may start with a 150-grit belt for sharpening your blades.

Run one side of the blade through the belt a few times using light pressure. Then, sand the other side. Here are some suggestions for you if you still wondering what to choose:

  1. Kalamazoo Belt Sander And Contact Wheel 
  2. Jet Bench Belt And Disc Sander J-41002   
  3. Bucktool Belt Sander And Bench Grinder    

What Makes A Good Belt Grinder For Knife Sharpening?

You can not deny that the belt grinder is the best supporter for knife making. Moreover, the right belt grinder can make a significant difference in creating a sleek.

So, how to choose the right belt grinder for knife making? Depending on different purposes, you may choose from a wide variety of grinders with the dimensions varying between 1'' x 30", 1'' x 42'', 2 '' x 42'', 2'' x 48'', 2'' x 72'', and 4'' x 36''.

We recommend you try out Palmgren Combo Disc And Belt Sanders with the 2'' x 42'' belt. These grinders are often helpful for the woodworking market. But, they still work to stabilize knife making and are familiar with those who love making knives.

In the buying guide section, we have mentioned a few factors to consider when buying the best knife grinder. There are some key points that you need to keep in mind.

You definitely have to pay attention to the power of the engine. The best motor will offer a smooth operation with vibration-resistance at high speed.

You want to make sure that the belt grinder has steel housing and a cast-iron base that is heavy enough to firmly stand on the desk. This feature will ensure that the machine is attached securely while working and durable for years.


We've mentioned the five best knife grinder for beginners, which will take your mind off your shopping spree. Each machine promises to bring you unbelievable experiences with outstanding features and durable performance.

Bucktool BG2600 is our first tip for home knife lovers. It gives you safe operation, especially for beginners, thanks to the cooling wheel.

On the other hand, DEWALT DW758 will suit knife sharpeners working in shops or workshops. It offers two wheels that run simultaneously, allowing you to grind large amounts of metal in a shorter amount of time than competitors.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a question if you need more information to make your purchasing decision. Or you can browse our website to get other deals.

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