Air Compressor Won’t Start: Common Causes And 5 Ways To Fix It

Air Compressor Won'T Start

Currently, many production places use air compressors. This equipment serves in many different fields such as production, mining, etc. Even many people have used the machine in daily work thanks to its utility.

However, keeping the machine working for a long time is not an easy thing. A lot of people in the process of using it have encountered problems.

So, what are the causes of the air compressor won’t start? Join us to find out the reasons and five ways to fix it to get the device working again in this article.

Causes Of Air Compressor Not Working

When you turn on the switch, the air compressor does not work, but you do not see the machine working. The motors inside the machine are also not working. So why is the device in such a condition?

Here are three main causes of air compressor problems.

Power supply problem

Check the power supply of the air compressor

There are two types of air compressors on the market today. One runs on electricity, and the other runs on fuel. In particular, people often use electric machines more because of their convenience.

But it is also the power source that causes the Air Compressor Not Turning On.

When the power transmitted into the machine shows signs of overload, the fuse inside the device will automatically turn off to keep the user safe.

Therefore, if you do not turn on the fuse in the next use, the machine will not work.

Gas leak

Checking for the gas leak

Air leakage is the next cause of the air compressor not being used. When you’ve filled up with gas and turned off the engine, the gauge mark on the meter will still drop.

If the bar on the meter keeps decreasing like that, the machine may restart automatically to continue the gas injection process.

Therefore, if you do not detect the air leak of the machine and repair it in time, the life of the air compressor will be significantly reduced and difficult to operate for the next time.

You should refer to the video on how the compressor works to understand the principle of this machine. From there, you will have a clear understanding of the causes of the air compressor not working.

The non-working internal motors

The internal motor is the central part that makes the machine work. But if one of those parts has a problem, such as a loose wire, worn out due to a long time of use, the machine will immediately stop working.

The non-working internal motors

5 Ways To Help Air Compressor Work Again

During use, the air compressor encounters some problems that are hard to avoid. Therefore, you need some solutions to help the machine work again.

Here are the five most effective solutions to help the machine work normally.

Check the power supply

Power plays an essential role in transmitting energy to help air compressors work. If the power supply does not share enough with the machine, the machine will not work correctly.

So please try to check if the power of the machine is guaranteed or not. Ensure that the power cord is firmly plugged into the power outlet and that no current leaks out.

In addition, the device is located too far from the electrical outlet, which is also the cause of the air compressor won’t build pressure.

You need to move the machine close to the power outlet just right so that the current can best flow to the device.

Even though the power cord is in, there are some cases where the machine still cannot start. The cause is a broken internal wire of the device or a problem with the electrical outlet.

So please check carefully to make sure that the power supply is safe enough to transmit to the engine.

Check the machine’s on/off switch

Some machines have an automatic on/off a sensor, but some do not. When the machine works with overload capacity, the power-on switch will automatically cut off the power to avoid bad cases.

Even when this switch runs too many times, it will become damaged, and the machine will not operate. To overcome this situation, the simplest way is to replace a new switch for the device to help the machine work again.

Another part that will also affect the machine is the pressure switch. If the button is not on, the tank will not be able to fill up. Therefore, you need to check in case the control is on.

To check if the pressure switch is on, listen to the engine inside when starting the engine. If the machine makes a “click” sound, it means that the pressure switch has turned on and started transmitting power to the entire air compressor.

Alternatively, you can also test using a multimeter. You need to release a little air from the tank, and the meter will check for you to see if the power is going to the pressure switch and turn it on.

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Check the internals

The motor inside the machine is the main part that helps the machine work usually. If the internal components fail, the air compressor will stop working.

2 part capacitor and electrical relay are the most important motors of the machine. If the engine is overworked, they will automatically cut off the power and stop working to ensure the machine’s safety.

Not only that, if the capacitor fails, it will cause other internal components to die, and you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it.

In order for the machine to return to regular operation, replace those motors and check other parts regularly. Routine inspection will save you time and money and avoid unnecessary problems.

Add oil to the machine

Add oil to the machine

In addition to the power to help the machine work, there is also engine oil to help the machine work better.

Like cars or other vehicles, air compressors need to be changed regularly for the machine to work more efficiently.

While engine oil can’t completely stop the machine, it can also help the machine produce improved productivity.

If you do not regularly check, the apparatus may also stop working in the long run and can not be turned on anymore.

Therefore, check and add oil to the machine if you feel that the air compressor is not working correctly.

Empty the gas tank

The gas tank, after a long operation, will lead to water stuck inside or dirt stuck. Regularly having water or dirt trapped inside the air tank will reduce the process quality, and even the machine will not work.

Therefore, you should empty the air tank to ensure the best quality of the machine. To empty the jar, follow these steps:

  • First, turn off the machine and unplug the device from the power source.
  • Then, use a blowtorch or any other device that can blow air to push all the air out. Alternatively, you can also empty the tank by opening the reservoir valve and draining it all out.
  • Finally, carefully check that the trapped air or water and dirt have escaped and close the valve.

Emptying the gas tank needs to be done regularly because objects stuck in the tank will cause the quality of the machine to go down. In the long run, the device will stop working.

Some Notes To Help Air Compressor Work More Durable

If you want your air compressor to operate regularly but do not encounter errors that prevent it from working, please follow some of the following notes:

  • Always disconnect the power and turn off the device’s switch after use. Many people subjectively do not unplug the machine’s power cord after using it. If the engine accidentally leaks gas, it will cause the device to work continuously, and for a long time, it will not be able to work.
  • Regularly check and maintain the machine’s internal parts: Long-term operation will cause the elements to become monstrous. Therefore, periodically review and change details when necessary.
  • Install the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Do not allow the machine to operate at excess capacity: Operating for too long will cause the engine to overheat and even cause an explosion.
  • If you use the air compressor for personal purposes and without the supervision of professionals, it should only be available for a short period. Then turn off the machine to let it air-condition before continuing to use it.
  • It would help if you only chose reputable manufacturers to ensure safety.


The air compressor won’t turn on if you have been using the machine for a long time. So don’t worry too much and try to apply the methods that we have outlined above.

The above article is the on-site fixes to help the machine work again. If the above methods still do not work, we recommend that you seek the intervention of experts.

Hopefully, the above article will help you know more about why the device cannot turn on and five effective ways to fix it.

If you have any questions about the topic “air compressor won’t start”, don’t forget to contact us as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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