Dewalt DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS – Which Is Better?

dwe7491x vs dwe7491rs

Wood making is a demanding process that requires not only accomplished skills but also high-tech equipment.

Besides hammer, saw, chisels, jack plane, etc, table saw is another essential tool on the must-have list of a professional wood maker.

DEWALT – the top reputable wood making tools manufacturer in the market – released two table saw models: DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS, both of which received positive feedback from the workers.

In this post, let’s dive deep into each product to find out whether you should buy it or not.

DEWALT DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS – The Similarities

Judging from the first impression, these two table saws are remarkably similar.

It seems that the DWE7491RS is an updated, innovative version of the DWE7490X because the newer one has almost every feature of its previous model but has been added some more features, which will be discussed below.

Furthermore, these two products share the same vibration speed – 4800 RPM and the 15Amp motor strength.

Given that fact, DWE7491X and DWE7491RS can create about 4800 rounds per hour on average, making it faster to cut off wood.

The final similarity to point out is its blade type.

DEWALT decides to install most of their wood cutting tools with the disc blade as their structure offers extreme sharpness and durability, allowing you to chop wood into smaller pieces as you wanted with little effort.

DEWALT DWE7491RS vs DWE7491X – the Differences

dwe7491rs vs dwe7491x

Firstly, in terms of dimensions, the DWE7491X is slightly smaller than 7491RS. The official record of the DWE7491X is 30.25 x 20.375 x 30.75 inches.

Meanwhile, the DWE7491RS is larger, with 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches. We can see that the newer DWE7491RS is designed as a bigger version.

Secondly, the DWE7491RS is 90 pounds, quite weighty as a table saw.

On the contrary, the older DWE7491X only weighs 58 pounds, making it significantly lighter than the competitor.

For most customers interviewed, weight is the huge drawback of the DWE7491RS. Thirdly, stands are designed differently for each model.

On the DWE7491X, the frame is a “scissor” type, while the DWE7491RS stand is changed into the “rolling” kind.

Dewalt DWE7491X

Since its release, the DWE7491X has always been in the top-rated table saw of wood makers.

Equipped with a 15 AMp and 120V motor, this machine is powerful enough to trim and chop the hardest wood you need.

But that is not even close to the end.

There are still a ton of remarkable elements packed within this model, and the first is the compact folding “scissor” stand.

It’s durable and tolerable while setting the saw in the “scissor” posture, and this item can do that.

dwe7491x vs dwe7491rs

Also, you are going to marvel at its Blade Guard Assembly.

It’s possible that the default setup of the table can be inappropriate for your need, right?

In that case, just switch on/off the Assembly, and you can easily adjust the tool as you want to.

Finally, we are so satisfied with DWE7491X’s dust collection system. After trimming and cutting the wood, it will be exhausting to clean up the dust and debris yourself.

With the 2-1/2″ Dust Collection Port, the cleaning is at ease now.


  • Multiple uses
  • Pretty quiet while using
  • Ideal for professional ripping, mitering, crosscutting, and beveling
  • Attached with a Riving knife


  • Hard to adjust the blade
  • Not included a stand

Who should Choose the DEWALT DWE7491X?

To be honest, the DWE7491X is good enough for cutting mostly any kind of wood required in wood making.

The motor is powerful, the table can standstill, and the blade is significantly sharp so that every wood cutting and trimming feels at ease with the DWE7491X.

Therefore, if your demand is higher than this limit, you should look for other models.

Moreover, all components attached to the DWE7491X aren’t built-in with it but were separately installed, so it will take time to find each detail and set up the table saw.

If you can handle some problems with the DWE7491X mentioned above, this product is a perfect wood-making tool for you.


DWE7491RS impresses the wood makers community soon after the release because it is the better – updated, innovative version – of the famous DWE7491X.

Inheriting all special DEWALT’s wood making tools’ features, the DWE7491RS has a rack and pinion telescoping fence mechanism which allows the user to adjust the cut quickly, smoothly, and accurately.

Plus, it has the specific On Board Blade Guard Assembly, so that all elements like gage, knife, wrenches are built-in on the saw, and you don’t have to worry about finding every single component whenever in need of cutting anymore.

What distinguishes this table saw from other competitors is its rip capacity and stand design.

dewalt dwe7491x vs dwe7491rs

DEWALT has equipped the machine with a 32-1/2″ ripping distance in terms of rip capacity, allowing users to trim and chop bigger and harder kinds of wood.

Regarding the stand design, the DWE7491RS comes up with a “rolling” type, not the “scissor” kind as DWE7491X.

We can see that this innovation is so excellent because the rolling stand is incredibly more durable than the previous one.


  • Both portable and flexible
  • Accurate
  • Awesome fence
  • Excellent rip capacity
  • Powerful


  • Non-good miter gauge comes with this saw
  • A little hard to adjust the blade parallel

Who should Choose the DEWALT DWE7491RS?

All the great features of DWE7491X are kept in the DWE7491RS, so, if you love the DWE7491X, this product is also suitable for you!

This table saw has the comfortable onboard Assembly, keeping all components built-in on the table, so, no need to waste time finding every single item anymore!

On the contrary, this DWE7491RS is significantly heavier than its competitor, and the dimensions are also bigger.

Besides, for more great features, the price is relatively higher than the DWE7491X.

In a nutshell, if you like all the features of DWE7491X, but demand more compact design, and don’t feel irritated with the table saw’s bulky size, then this DWE7491RS is what you should choose.

DEWALT DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS – Which is better?

After scrolling through the post, it’s obvious to see that the DWE7491RS definitely overshadowed its “senior” for outstanding features and appropriate update from the 7491X.

Regarding durability, the newer DWE7491RS can handle stronger with rolling stands for a long time.

The DWE7491X were complained to have clogged while using, but the DWE7491RS didn’t receive any similar comment.

The final, but most important element that makes DWE74911RS wins over its competitor is the convenient storing design.

All essential details like guard, push, guide are all built-in to the saw, so there is no chance of losing them.

In contrast, the DWE7491X doesn’t have this amazing feature.

Final verdict

We have gained more insights of the two famous DEWALT products: DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS, and then compare to find which one is better for you.

Every product has its own strengths and weaknesses, and, depending on your favor, you know that you have already had a choice.

Wish this article provides you with helpful insights for your shopping experience!

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