Dewalt DWE6421K vs DWE6423K – Which Is Better?

dwe6421k vs dwe6423k

DWE6421K vs DWE6423K is the battle that has long captured the interests of woodworkers and contractors of different expertises.

Despite sharing many similarities, each of the two palm sanders possesses a set of unique features that sets it apart from its competitor.

In this article, I will guide you through the different strengths and weaknesses of each tool so that you will have a clearer overview of which sander to choose.

DWE6421K vs DWE6423K – The Similarities

These two palm sanders share many similarities. First of all, both tools share the same height at 5.5 inches and weight at 2.9 lbs.

The other measurements, width and depth, are also similar between these two sanders.

Second of all, these two sanders can reach the top sanding speed of 12.000 OPM, which allows for faster and smoother sanded surface.

Aside from the similar operational type (both are palm grip orbital sanders) and the identical power (at 3A), these two machines feature an interchangeable state-of-the-art dust collecting bag, making it easy to hold the dust while working and dispose of the sawdust after you have finished.

Last but not least, the DWE6421K and the DWE6423K use a uniform 5” sanding pad.

This reasonable size lets the worker see clearly the working surface, while still ensuring proper exposure between the sandpaper and the materials.

DWE6423K vs DWE6421K – The Main Differences

Even though these two palm sanders are basically the same in many criteria, there are two stand-out distinctions that I would like to point out.

The first one is the biggest and most prominent difference between the two sanders in question.

dwe6423k vs dwe6421k

The DWE6423K can alter the sanding speed from 8.000 to 12.000 OPM while the DWE6421K can only remain at one motor speed (12.000 OPM).

Additionally, the speed flexibility of the DWE6423K allows it to attract a wider consumer base. The Price tag is the second difference.

To begin, let’s just make it clear that both of these tools are good bangs for your buck. The DWE6423K model with superior speed flexibility is a little bit more expensive.

However, depending on your working purpose, you might not need to spend the extra bucks on this more versatile option.

Dewalt DWE6421K

In order to provide you with a better understanding of this sander, I will analyze the following features:

The Design

According to many experienced woodworkers, the design is one of the top-tier reasons for their decision to purchase the DWE6421K model.

The compact and overmold rubber design makes it extremely effortless to control the device with one hand.

How Effectively Does This Sander Collect Dust?

After a while, most sanders will develop start-up issues due to the cumulation of sawdust around and jammed inside the power plug socket.

However, that problem can hardly be seen in the DWE6421K model as it comes with a fully dust-sealed switch, which not only prevents dust from clogging up the socket but also prolongs the overall lifespan of the sander.

Furthermore, there is a dust collecting channel installed just below the sanding pad, making it possible to vacuum the sawdust simultaneously while the tool is operating.

dewalt dwe6423k vs dewalt dwe6421k

The dust bag removing function is also a highlight.

Removing and locking back the dust bag is nothing less than a piece of cake thanks to the one-hand locking feature.

How Does This Sander Work?

On the very first occasion that you switch on this sander, you can immediately feel the raw power and the vibration that this tool generates at the speed of 12.000 OPM.

That and the random pattern to which the sander moves guarantee a smooth and scratch-free surface.


  • Compact design, one-hand maneuverable
  • The random orbit patterns
  • Efficient sawdust-proof features.
  • Affordability


  • The lack of speed flexibility.
  • Potential working hazard from fabric build-up

Who should Choose the DWE6421K?

With its default speed at 12.000 OPM, this model is suitable for home-based DIY enthusiasts who simply want to work on any surface without the need for complicated settings.

Dewalt DWE6423K

To better illustrate the hidden distinctiveness of these two sanders, we will analyze the DWE6423K model based on a similar set of criteria.

The Design

As mentioned above, the DWE6423K model shares the same measurements with the 6421k model, meaning that they are both very light and compact, with a small pad size, allowing the workers to see the surface they are operating on better.

How Effectively Does This Sander Collect Dust?

Like the Dwe6421 model, this model is equipped with a dust-proof start-up button, which can effectively prevent sawdust from getting stuck inside the crevices of the button socket.

dewalt dwe6421k vs dwe6423k

How Does This Sander Work?

One of the most distinguishing features of the DWE6423K model is the speed flexibility.

This allows the machine to perform optimally under more circumstances, compared to its competitor.

For example, if you are looking forward to scraping the old layer of paint off the wall, the slowest speed level should be more efficient than the higher ones.


  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • No assembly needed
  • Less vibration compared to the DWE6421K


  • Its lack of tolerance to spare parts from different brands

Who should Choose the DWE6423K?

With various speed levels to tinker, this model is at its best in the hands of seasoned contractors, who have to deal with surfaces of different natures such as painted walls, metal, or wood.

DWE6421K vs DWE6423K – Which Is Better?

Choosing the better palm sander between these two depends on a variety of reference points.

From my own position as a novice, home-based worker, I believe the DWE6421K is the more superior choice, thanks to its simplicity, durability and affordable price tag.

Nevertheless, if you are a well-trained, experienced worker, don’t hesitate to go straight for the DWE6423K for more operational flexibility.


Is a random orbital sander the same as a DA sander?

The answer is definitely “no”.

The biggest difference between random orbital sander and dual action (DA) sander is the movement pattern of the sanding pad.

The former has only one mode of movement.

The spinning of the sanding disc creates random epilical motions, keeping the pad from hitting the same place twice.

On the other hand, the latter normally has two modes, which are locked rotation action (used for fast cutting through the material) and orbital motion (used to achieve a smooth surface).

Why does my orbital sander leave marks?

Swirl marks are inevitable when you are working with an orbital sander.

However, if you are referring to a clear, very noticeable swirl mark, it is very likely that something got stuck between the sandpaper and the surface.

Is an orbital sander better than a palm sander?

Yes and no. Again, it is fully up to your expertise and your line of work.

Orbital sanders are usually bigger and more powerful than palm sanders, which means they can finish any sanding jobs much quicker.

Also, the normal shape of most orbital sanders allows them to perform better in tighter spaces.

Therefore, this type of sander is more suitable for industrial jobs.

Palm sanders, on the other hand, works better in home-based DIY projects as they are more gentle and lightweight.

Also, thanks to its calmer power, the palm sanders tend to leave fewer marks than the orbital sanders.

However, this type of sander uses more sandpapers and is more susceptible to sawdust related issues.


DWE6421K vs DWE6423K has brought a lot of headaches to woodworkers and contractors around the world.

It is clear that both devices have their own weaknesses.

Nevertheless, they are extremely reliable and can be your most trusted companion on any construction project.

All in all, I strongly believe that DWE6421K is more universal, user-friendly and can be used regardless of past experience handling power tools.

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