Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Problems? Here Is The Solution!

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Problems

Suppose you want to clean things faster, so you buy a pressure washing machine. A pressure washer has different accessories.

Many people pick out turbo nozzles due to some great features. However, you have run into some pressure washer turbo nozzle problems.

To solve them, let’s look at the definition and function of them. Moreover, this article will help you find some usual issues and successful solutions for your product.

What Is A Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Precisely?

The pressure washer turbo nozzle is the same as the normal nozzle. However, the function surpasses other kinds of pressure washers.

A nozzle can motivate your pressure washer 50% more effectively and quicker in sprinkling.

Specifically, it works identical to two normal nozzles simultaneously.

Consequently, this equipment is an ideal option if you need to clean hard dirt, gunk, and grime on a difficult surface within the fastest conceivable time.

Moreover, if you are a greenskeeper, this product can assist you in wiping out different kinds of strong dust in just a few minutes without much effort.

After understanding your item, it is indispensable to master various types of turbo nozzle for specific manipulation.

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

Turbo Nozzles Colors And Their Meanings

It is inevitable to understand the color coding of them to select the suitable ones for your specific usage in cleaning.

Red-0 Degree

This type conveys a little, exceptionally concentrated stream of water. You can apply this nozzle to evacuate intense stains and jetsam from concrete.

Don’t use it on wood or siding because this stream is solid and strong, which can harm a delicate surface.

Red-0 degree nozzle

The Yellow-Colored, 15-Degree

You can use this nozzle to clean dirt, mold, or paint because it impacts water at high pressure, making it superior in cleaning persistent stains.

Yellow-colored 15-degree nozzle

The Green-Colored, 25-Degree

This sort is ideal for clearing tough and multi surfaces, including decks, boats, sidewalks, or cars.

Green-colored 25-degree nozzle

The White-Colored, 40-Degree

It is exceptional in cleaning most surfaces securely, such as siding, windows, or different kinds of vehicles.

White-colored 40-degree nozzle

Black Soap Nozzle

This style is a low-pressure cleaner nozzle, possessing huge orifices. You can use it when applying cleansers for your cleaning ventures.

Based on different kinds of nozzles, you want to acknowledge how your pressure washer operates to steer clear of some damage later.

Black soap nozzle

How Does It Work?

It accelerates the water stream by revolving it greatly.

Therefore, it increments the weight capability of your washer. It naturally turns a 0-degree shower into a 4-7 inch circle at about 4,000 spinnings every minute.

A turbo nozzle pivots the water that emerges from the pressure gun.

This turning water fly hits the surface range from numerous points, rapidly breaking down tough dirt and grime on your cars, terraces, gardens, or different vehicles.

Though this strong product can offer you many benefits, several common problems may occur occasionally.

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Problems And Solutions

There are some ordinary issues with the turbo nozzle. We offer you step-by-step guidelines to solve your particular problem easily.

Reduced Pressure From The Pressure Washer

Low pressure from the turbo nozzle is the most common issue. This matter may happen for a few reasons. Additionally, you can notice some signs to understand this problem easily.

Firstly, if your water channel gets clogged, the turbo nozzle won’t get sufficient water to splash. Therefore, make sure to clean your valve daily to prevent small pressure from your water supply.

Secondly, you can suffer this problem from the wrong size turbo nozzle. Thus, you want to choose the correct size for your pressure washer.

Finally, check to guarantee that the supply of your cleanser and water in the tanks is adequate. If you don’t have enough water supply, you can’t get strong pressure to rinse the filth productively.

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle Ceases Spinning

Another ordinary issue of turbo nozzles is that it stops rotating. When the turbo nozzle gets a deterrent interior, it gets clogged.

To eliminate any potential clogging, you need to clean the turbo nozzle regularly by the four steps below.

  • Evacuate the nozzle.
  • Poke the gaps. Use a rectified paper clip or wire, jab the gaps within the nozzle in a back and forward movement.
  • Scour the nozzle. Blaze water back and forward to remove the debris.
  • Re-install your nozzle.

Additionally, the turbo nozzle may break the interior if you drop it into the floor. It is usually made up of plastic, metal, or ceramic.

If the inside fracture of your ceramic ball happens, you want to purchase a new turbo nozzle for your pressure washer.

High-Temperature Problem

While a few pressure washers are sketched to utilize hot water, you want to consider how high temperature influences the nozzle. Thanks to regular and careful scrutiny, you can save money and ensure safety.

The damage can happen if your nozzle fabric is not safe for hot temperatures. Therefore, you want to check the material and function of your turbo nozzle deliberately before beginning a cleaning schedule.

Wear And Tear(Abrasion)

Erosion can influence nearby parts of a machine. You may buy the best nozzles for a couple of months, but nozzles do erode after the particular opening comes into contact with water.

There are some signs that signal these pressure washer turbo nozzle problems, such as a drop-in shower pressure, a switch in spray ornament, or run-down nozzles.

To solve this issue, the best way is to buy a new turbo nozzle and to check your pressure washer again.


An intact pressure washer is something we seek to form our cleaning the best.

If you want to have a sturdy performance from the pressure washer, you need to guarantee the well-built structure of all attachments of your power washer.

The turbo nozzle comes within the list of vital parts of a pressure washer. Make sure that you buy strong and standard turbo nozzles that give you amazing outturn without much effort.

Additionally, always check the warranty of your product carefully before buying it.

We hope that this post helps you to handle common pressure washer turbo nozzle problems easily and effectively.

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