Pressure Washer Loses Pressure: Main Reason And Tips To Fix It

Pressure Washer Loses Pressure

Are you using or have you ever used a pressure washer? Indeed the loss of pressure during your use is inevitable.

So have you ever asked the question, “Why Does My Pressure Washer Have No Pressure?” or ‘what is the reason for pressure washer loses pressure?’

If you are still wondering and have not answered this question, then this article is for you.

Pressure Washers Overview

Before looking into the cause of any problem, we believe that you should first understand the product you are using. So we will give you some information about this pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer used when it is necessary to remove dirt or mold on surfaces or objects such as buildings, roofs, sidewalks, vehicles, etc.

Thanks to its ability to clean many surfaces, this product seems popular in today’s market.

In addition, we would like to introduce you to some basic parameters that you should know. As we have learned, the volume indicator of a washer is usually in gallons or liters per minute.

And this indicator doesn’t seem to change.

Contrary to volume, the machine pressure is also designed in the pump but can be changed using the feeder valve. The machine can generate pressure from 750 to 30000psi.

How Does A Pressure Washer Work?

Pressure Washer Wont Build Pressure

After knowing a few parameters of the machine, we think it is essential to understand how the pressure washer you own is necessary.

An electric or gas-powered motor powers a pressure washer. Each machine will typically have two to four nozzles on a rotating rod.

Can you guess the role of these nozzles? Of course, the water will flow, and the rods will rotate.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, it is thanks to the high-pressure rotation feature that a pressure washer can clean many surfaces.

However, pressure is also significant. So you need to adjust the high or low pressure to suit each character to be cleaned.

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Why Does My Pressure Washer Have No Pressure

We think the pressure washer is perfect for your cleaning job. However, you will often have difficulties because the machine may reduce or even lose pressure.

But you do not need to worry too much, and soon we will explain why the device fails under pressure and offer solutions in each specific case. Let’s explore together.

Soft hose wear

First, let’s talk about the problem of flexible pipes. You need to understand that the pressure drop is understandable when a pressure washer has a worn hose.

The reason that hoses are prone to wear is that the nozzle is difficult to clean and scrub.

The only solution you need to do is to check the ends of the hose regularly for leaks. If you intend to replace a different pump hose, please assure us that your hose is the right size.

The nozzle is not clean

Along with the hose, the nozzle has an essential job of changing the direction and velocity of the water.

Therefore, when the nozzle is not clean, the amount of water needed for you to clean a specific surface will not be enough to meet.

At times, your pressure washer may lose pressure, and it will be difficult for you to continue your work.

However, we believe that the best solution for you is to replace the nozzle with a new one. However, if you don’t want to replace it, you can completely wipe and wash it but be sure it will have to be cleaned regularly.

Pressure washer pump malfunction

What Causes A Pressure Washer To Lose Pressure

One of the reasons that directly affect the loss or decrease of machine pressure is pump failure. You know, when you use the machine for a long time, dust will inevitably accumulate in the machine.

Of course, this dirt may not be a problem at first, but if it collects for too long, the story will be completely different.

Can you guess? Exactly, that amount of dirt will stop the water flow and cause your machine to lose pressure.

But we have found a solution to this problem. Usually, the sprayer will come with an inline filter, so your job is to clean this filter by blowing air.

However, if your machine doesn’t have an inline filter, we recommend you buy it now as it will help you.

The engine is not stable

As you know, machine engines can run on electricity or gas. However, in some cases, due to the unstable engine, the engine cannot generate electricity, and your injector loses pressure.

So what is the solution to this problem? Simply put, you need to create high and low pressure by pressing the gas a few times to know if your engine is still good or not.

Occurrence of air in the engine system

The presence of air in the system is also why your machine’s pressure is low or lost. When the machine system appears, gas, gas, and water will mix, causing the risk of damage and danger to the machine.

What you need to do is check the fittings and pipes more often.

Water temperature problem

Last but not least is the water temperature. As we know, most sprayers have a label on the outside about the temperature of the water supplied to the machine: hot or cold water.

Therefore, you should make sure you don’t use cold for a pressure washer that needs to provide hot water.

The solution to this problem, we think, is the simplest. You need to pay attention to the temperature of the water supplied to the machine only.

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How long should a pressure washer last?

We get many questions like this or similar ones. According to our research, most brands of pressure washers claim that their machines use more than 500 hours.

On average, each year, you will use the machine for about 50 hours or maybe less. So if you can take good care of your machine, your machine will last for at least ten years.

Why is my pressure washer surging?

pressure washer surging

Extremely understandable, you can see when the machine pressure is in a stable state but then weakens, it will cause your machine to malfunction and increase suddenly.

Many users encounter this problem, so you need to handle this situation as soon as possible.

Can I leave soap in a pressure washer?

If your pressure washer has an electric motor, this is a good choice.

You can completely use soap or detergent that you have to remove dirt from your machine. Especially if possible, you should use a spray bottle when cleaning for optimal results.

What causes a pressure washer not to start?

The answer lies in the carburetor. This carburetor is easy to clog due to the dust accumulated for a long time in the machine. So it would help if you cleaned this carburetor regularly and continuously.

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How can I make my pressure washer stronger?

As we mentioned earlier, your pressure washer will perform darker with a suitable nozzle. So you can improve the spray power of the machine by replacing a new nozzle.

If you want the device to reach the maximum capacity, we suggest you use the red 0 degree nozzle, which is popular in the market.

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We hope this article will answer your questions. Moreover, we hope that the solutions we offer will help your pressure washer use with great efficiency and for as long as possible. Thank you for reading!

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