How Much Water Does A Pressure Washer Use?

how much water does a pressure washer use

As their name suggests, pressure washers use high-pressure levels to clean the grimiest and dirtiest hard-to-remove substances.A pressure washer is perfect for cleaning construction equipment, tools, homes, patios, and other hard surfaces from debris and dirt. This machine will increase your cleaning capabilities and get your job done faster.So, these machines, no doubt, are favored … Read more

How To Convert A Pressure Washer Into A Sewer Jetter?

How to convert a pressure washer into a sewer Jetter

Whoever comes up with the idea of converting the pressure washer into a sewer Jetter is just so brilliant. This little trick can save you a tremendous amount of money from the maintenance costs.Getting a professional to Jetter the sewer may cost up to hundreds, or more of dollars. This post will show you how … Read more

3 Good Candidates for the Air Compressor Oil Substitute

air compressor oil substitute

Like vehicles and many other machines, air compressors must be oiled to operate efficiently and reach their peak capacity.Of course, you can’t use the oil that you use in your car for your compressors. Air compressor oils are the ideal choice as they are designed for this purpose.However, you can’t always find those products. There … Read more

Can I Use 10w30 in My Air Compressor? We’ve Got the Answer for You!

Can I use 10w30 in my air compressor

Air compressors are increasingly becoming common household chines. Like most machines, you will need to change their oil periodically to function correctly and last a long time.In the automotive world, 10w30 is considered one of the “high-performance” oils. You might wonder, “Can I use 10w30 in my air compressor?”This article will help you answer that … Read more

What Kind Of Oil Does An Air Compressor Take? The Exact Answer Is Here!

What kind of oil does an air compressor take

As we all know, all cars require a specific grade and type of oil for optimal performance. The same thing happens with compressors.Using the proper oils for your machine benefits it in various ways. The oils are utilized as lubrication, helping decrease the friction between the components.That way, it will deliver less heat from the … Read more