Dewalt DWS779 VS DWS716 – Which One Is Better?

dws779 vs dws716

Do you have an interest in machines that can cut woods into pieces accurately? If you do, DWS779 vs DWS716 are what you should not miss.

Both Dewalt DWS779 and DWS716 promise to serve you with satisfaction, so you may find it a little challenging to opt for one.

That is the reason why we are right here with our comprehensive comparison of the two products and a quick rundown on each’s pros and cons.

So it can be easier for you to decide. Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS716? Which one is worthier? Let’s start an adventure to uncover the mystery.

DWS779 vs DWS716 – The Similarities

In general, the two miter saws share some similarities in terms of power, precision, and versatility.

First of all, both DWS779 and DWS716 have a powerful 15 amp, 3.800 rpm motor, which can provide accurate cuts with great power.

Moreover, with this strong motor, the durability of the machines is hard to question.

Secondly, both machines can cut stuff with high precision because the blades and the machine bases are designed from high-end materials, making the cuts impossible to opt-out.

The next similarity between the two is the different cutting angles making versatility a feature that DWS716 and DWS779 present.

Finally, if provided by trustworthy organizations, the two miter saws can have a 3-year limited warranty plus one year for free service.

Sounds a good deal, right?

dws716 vs dws779

Dewalt DWS716 vs DWS779 – The Differences

We have just run quickly through the similarities that DWS779 and DWS716 have in common. Now, let’s move the arrow to the main differences between the two machines.

The first difference is about the price between the two miter saws. Specifically, Dewalt DWS716 has a slightly higher price than his brother depending on the demand and supply.

The next difference has to mention the design and the machine’s dimensions. DWS716 has smaller sizes compared to DWS779.

That might be the reason explaining why DWS716 is lighter than DWS779. Honestly, there are many light differences between the two products.

To find out more about what they are, stay tuned, and keep reading.

Dewalt DWS716

This machine’s engine is powerful with a 15 amp, 3.800 rpm motor- giving it an edge to cut any planks of wood.

Moreover, the stainless-steel blade, together with an adjustable 14-positive-stop miter detent plate, can perform high accuracy cuts.

Talking about the miter detent plate of DWS716, users can flexibly change the settings with ease owing to the miter detent override.

This machine supports tall sliding fences in terms of bevel cuts, which can provide versatility for base molding with 6.5 inches and crown molding with 6.625 inches.

DWS716 also has a double bevel design, which allows the machine to give the piece of wood a sloping edge left and right from 0 degrees to 45 degrees with four positive stops ( 0, 33.9, 45, and 48 degrees).

Especially at 48 degrees, DWS716 can bevel both right and left, making it more convenient for users to cut sloping edges without flipping the material.

dewalt dws716 vs dws779

The machine is considered one of the most modest miter cutting saw on the market because its dimensions are not massive, just 27.17 inches long, 22.5 inches wide, and 16.5 inches high.

And because of these dimensions, the product’s weight is just approximately 41 pounds – making it have a special feature compared to other miter saws – the portability.

So, why is portability so important to a miter saw?

The reason lies in the nature of the cutting job, which always moves around to complete orders.

Besides the lightweight feature, DWS716 also comprises a built-in handle, which increases the portability even more.


  • Performs accurate cuts with high productivity
  • Highly versatile with different tasks at different angles
  • Small dimensions and built-in handle for high portability
  • 3-year warranty for any errors


  • High Price
  • No laser for 100% accuracy

Who Should Use DWS716?

Based on the following characteristics we have listed above, this machine is most suitable for those who need a device that can cut various materials at different angles. Moreover, anyone who has to travel frequently can benefit from its portability.

Dewalt DWS779

With a 15 amp and 3.800 rpm motor, this machine is a powerful tool to cut almost a piece of wood.

In terms of design, the blade can flexibly switch to the opposite sides, allowing you to cut materials with accuracy and effectiveness without adjusting anything.

Another plus point for DWS779 is the back fence design, enabling users to cut 2×10 dimensional lumber at 45 degrees and 2×14 at 90 degrees.

The only thing you need to do is to set the blade to a suitable position before slicing anything.

dewalt dws779 vs dws716

Besides having a 10-positive-stop miter detent plate, the stainless steel material makes DWS779’s blade durable even for a long time of use and creates exactness out of every cut.

However, a drawback of this machine comes from its dimensions.

With a length of 32.7 inches, a width of 19.05 inches, and a height of 20 inches, the device weighs up to 56 pounds- making it hard to move around.

Another disadvantage that many users find is the performance and the dust bag’s capacity as it can not collect dust effectively.

However, it does not mean that this machine can not collect dust at all, just not well enough.


  • Reasonable price
  • Perform accurate cuts
  • Powerful motor system
  • Easy to use
  • 3-year warranty


  • Quite sluggish to move around
  • Mid-level performance of dust collection system

Who Should Use DWS779?

This model is suitable for those who seek a durable cutting miter saw, which can fulfill the cutting tasks with precision and productivity. The acceptable price also matches with those who have limited financial resources.

DWS779 vs DWS716 – Which Is Better?

The answer to this question is easy and not difficult to guess. Of course, it is as clear as day that DWS716 shows more advantages than DWS779.

So, when putting the two miter saws in real application, DWS716 will give more perfect cuts at many difficult angles than DWS779 can. DWS716 is also easy to carry along – making it so popular among those who frequently travel.

The only thing DWS716 loses in the “battle” against DWS779 is the price. The latter seems to target customers with lower financial status and lower requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DEWALT DWS779 Have A Laser?

Unfortunately, lasers are not available in the DWS779 model.

However, with a DEWALT DW7187 Adjustable Laser System, users can add a laser to the following models, such as DW715 version 1 and 2, DWS716 from types 1 to 4, DW717 and DW718 for all versions.

Should I Get A 10 Or 12 inch Miter Saw?

While 12-inch miter saws are stronger and have a better cutting capacity, 10-inch saws match greater blades available on the market and come up with faster, smoother results.

12-inch miter saws also cost more than the 10-inch one.

Does DWS779 Have A Light?

Yes, users can purchase the XPS work light kit and place the LED light directly above the blade to cast the light on the cut materials.

Do I Really Need A Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

It depends because if you have a huge load of work and work with crown molding, base molding, and other cutting jobs, a dual bevel miter saw is a perfect choice.

Moreover, a dual bevel miter saw can perform repeated cuts and deal with longer work without rotating materials.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a clear comparison between DWS716 vs DWS779.

Actually, each has its advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered carefully before purchasing. Anyway, hope you can make a smart decision.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

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