Dewalt DWS779 VS DWS780: The Battle Between Two Super Saws

It doesn’t matter that you are a professional or amateur carpenter; having sharp and nice cuts make a significant contribution to the success of your project.

That’s why a miter saw with excellent performance is a must-have item of all woodworking lovers.

Dewalt is among the most reliable brands in the power tools’ world with nearly a century of experience. The DWS779 and DWS780 are two of the best-selling miter saws of Dewalt.

In this article, we will consider the sameness and difference of DWS779 vs DWS780 and help you have an objective view of these two miter saws.

First, we will go down into details of similarity and difference between DWS779 and DWS780.

Dewalt DWS779 Vs DWS780 - The Similarities

As the Dewalt DWS779 and DWS780 are two of three varieties of the 12-inch dual bevel sliding miter saw series, they share several mutual features.

We will go down each similarity and also point out the benefit of each feature.


The engine is the most critical factor that determines the performance of a miter saw.

As it is the soul of a power tool, it is essential to consider the engine’s size and power when evaluating the performance of a miter saw.

Both the DEWALT 779 and the DEWALT 780 have a 15 amp motor.

This type of motor possesses a considerable power that makes the miter saw a beast when dealing with different material.

Mounted on a shaft that connects directly to the disk, this engine with produce more than enough torque to rotate the blade at the speed of 3800 RPM without any loading time.

This speed allows you to cut through almost every material from plastic, wood to metal such as steel, brass, bronze, etc.

With a strong impulse, both DWS779 and DWS780 will produce sharp and nice edges in a single slice.

Thus, they will eliminate the problem of cutting several times through thick materials. Moreover, they will minimize faults and impreciseness in cutting.

However, the only downside of this kind of engine is violent pulsation and bouncing.

The motors are too powerful that when you drop the blade down, they might jump down before you get ready to cut.

You should pay great attention and pull the trigger before cutting to stay safe. 


The next sameness that you can see in the battle of DWS780 vs DWS779 is the blade.

Both machines feature a stainless steel plate that fit a 12-inch blade, which is among the most commonly used blades in the market.

Thus, you can easily find replacement blades for both two model of DEWALT.

Dws780 Vs Dws779


When going further to the material of the original blade that comes with two devices, they both use carbide blades.

This is a type of blade that is basically a steel blade with teeth constructed from tungsten carbide, one of the hardest materials in the world.

Carbide has been famous for the density, durability, and versatility that are superior to steel. This material is not susceptible to abrasion and high temperature.

Thus, it will have a far longer lifespan than steel and other material used for cutting teeth. The most noticeable feature of a carbide blade is the smooth and clean cut.

Many carpenters praise carbide blades as they work effectively and produce no scratch or lump for perfect edges in any cut.

Also, carbide blades do not require maintenance like resharpening because they can stay sharp through an adequate amount of time.

The high cutting speed and high temperature during operating do not affect the structure of this material.

In this sense, you will be pleased as a carbide blade is unable to bend and has an extended life of use.

Cutting thickness

Apart from the blade, cutting thickness is a critical factor of a miter saw that every buyer should pay attention to.

While the engine shows how powerful the machine is, this figure determines the maximum thickness of the material that the saw can cut through.

Dewalt dws779 Vs dws780


DWS779 and DWS780 can cut up to 2 x 16 dimension lumber at 90 degrees. They can slice through 2 x 12 lumber at 45 degrees.

In terms of average cutting depth, both machines can cut up to 6.75 inches thick.

Two devices feature tall sliding fences that enable the crown and the base to mold up to 7½ inches nested and 6¾ inches vertically respectively.

With that great capacity, you can produce not only straight cuts but also bevel cuts without any problems.

Both DWS779 and DWS780 are from the DEWALT 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Saw. They allow you to bevel up to 50 degrees to both left and right directions.

Thus, you can adjust the saw for professional cuts at any angles with just a single twist.

Moreover, they also feature a handy adjustment at the neck of the saw for easy customizing the cutting angle.

You just need to loosen the knob and twist the saw head to the right angle, then lock it up by fastening the adjustment knob.

An angle scale will save a lot of your time to keep you precisely aligned for every cut.

Dust-port collector

The next similarity of DWS779 and DWS780 is the exclusive dust collector technology from DEWALT.

As a professional carpenter, I really praise this feature. It works well in reducing dust while cutting, captures dust after the cut for more accuracy.

Although some buyers complained about the quality of the integrated dust collection, I still think that this system is on-par or even better than some other brands.

Also, DEWALT offers the best convenience for their customers with a dust bag for using on a job site.

If you use these devices in your workshop, you can plug the dust collector into a vacuum system to collect dust.

Warranty & Attachments

Both DWS779 and DWS780 are backed with a 3-year warranty from DEWALT. You will be equipped with powerful machines that never come short of power and precision.

They are constructed of heavy-duty material that can last for several years of use. Besides, both miter saws include a set of full attachments.

In the receiving box, you will find the saw, one original carbide blade, one blade wrench to replace the blade when needed, one dust bag for off-site work, and one vertical material clamp to keep the cutting material stay in the right position.

Moreover, they come with a detailed instruction book that guides you through every step of using this beast cutting machine.

Dewalt DWS780 Vs dewalt DWS779 - The Differences

Although the DWS779 and DWS780 are the same series of 12-inch Bevel Sliding miter saw, they have quite many differences.

Here are the two main differences that you need to consider before purchasing these two cutting machines.

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Cutline system

The most significant difference between DWS779 and DWS780 is the cutline system.

As the DWS780 was released later, it features the advanced XPS cutting system that integrates an ultra-bright LED light.

The XPS cutline system will cast a laser-like shadow on the working surface and show you precisely the place where the blade will come in contact with the cutting material.

The bright LED light creates a right level of shadow on the cutting material for a clear-cut guide.

It also crosses cut the positioning and alignment, which minimize the impreciseness with the least adjustment.

With the XPS cutline system, you will save a lot of time in adjusting the material for an accurate cut.

Dewalt Dws780 Vs Dws779


It works even more effectively to enhance productivity for everyday tasks, especially when you hire staff.

Moreover, the integrated cutting system gives less-experienced carpenters the confidence to perform at a high level.

Meanwhile, the DWS779 uses the traditional laser guide system, which usually moves out of alignment during cutting.

The dim laser guide makes no sense under the electric light and might lead to imprecise cuts.

Price: DWS779 Is Cheaper than DWS780

The next difference between DWS779 and DWS780 is the price. As I have proposed above, DWS779 and DWS780 are nearly the same.

So the change lies in the XPS cutting system and the laser guide system.

Is it worth investing for a sophisticated machine with advanced technology or you are fine with a traditional option?

Dewalt 780 Vs 779


Your decision strongly depends on your purpose of purchasing a miter saw.

If you are a DIY lover with the passion for woodworking and carpentry and your primary tasks are small and home-use stuff, you would be happy to save money with the DWS779 miter saw.

However, if you are a professional carpenter or an amateur carpenter who strictly does not allow mistakes in cutting, the DWS780 with the high-precision XPS cutting system will be the best choice.

But what if you want to upgrade the DWS779? Will the cost be lower?

Indeed, you will need to pay no less than $200 for XPS work lights, power supply and the DWS780 handle kit. 

Not to mention the shortage of skill and knowledge to disassemble the machine, rewire the internal system, add some needed parts, and reassemble the device, you also open the door to the likelihood of losing the 3-year warranty.

It might be a huge risk if you make some mistakes in the installing process that cause the machine unable to operate.

DWS779 Vs Dewalt DWS780: Which Miter Saw is Better?

This question is a hard-to-answer one. But from the perspective of a professional carpenter, I prefer the Dewalt DWS780.

When considering the performance, two stainless steel miter saw meets all the criteria of a powerful saw with an efficient 15-amp engine that rotates the disk at 3800 RPM.

They allow 50 degrees of beveling in both directions, which is more than enough to deal with cutting tasks.

Besides, the bevel angle scale with 10 stop positions offers the handiness and precision in adjustment.

But the feature that makes the DWS780 the winner in the DEWALT 779 VS 780 competition is the XPS technology.

If you have enough experience in woodworking, you should know that precision in cutting is never an old problem even with the most skillful carpenter.

As a result, woodworkers spend a lot of the time to fine-tune the cutting angles and the material position to minimize faults.

And then when DEWALT introduced their XPS cutline system, I was very pleased as this additional feature is a unique innovation that you can find nowhere else.

By using a shadow line created by shining on both sides of the blade, the XPS system offers a much more reliable aligning system under all lighting conditions.

While the laser system shows its weakness even under the dark environment, the XPS system with LED lights works well under the brightness of the workshop environment.

However, the XPS system still possesses a significant downside.

Since this system relies mostly on the brightness of the LED lights to create shadow, the lighting condition of the environment might affect the performance.

The working space that has a lot of artificial light and intense illumination might defect the LED lights and make the shadow less visible.

But in standard light settings and outdoor workspace, the XPS cutting system performs excellently.

Conclusion - DWS780 or DWS779?

Both the DEWALT DWS779 and DWS780 are great tools with superior performance to the competitors from other brands in the market.

Although DWS779 is an excellent choice for value, I will go for the DWS780. I know that some folks might think that the XPS system is not worth investing.

However, saving time and improving productivity is my priority. All in all, I hope my writing today can help you have an objective view of both machines.

And I hope that you can make a wise purchase that fits your demand and budget.

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