Dewalt DWS709 Review – This is A Good Miter Saw You Should Have

Welcome to our Dewalt DWS709 review, where you will find information about the greatest compound miter saw.

As a technical worker, you may already know how necessary a miter saw is, don’t you?

In order to support technicians just like you, the brand Dewalt has designed and made the DWS709.

To know good this saw is, we will now dive into the details. Are you ready? Then let’s start!

General information

When buy a compound miter saw, the first thing every technician cares about is its general information, right?

So this DWS709 review will start by listing some basic details for you!

  • Dimensions: 30.8 x 22.8 x 19.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 51 LBS (23 kilograms)
  • Energy Sources: AC
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Motor Capacity:  15 A
  • Motor Speed: 3800 RPM
  • Maximal Capacity Of Vertical: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
  • Maximal Capacity Of Horizontal: 9.5 inches (24 cm)
  • Miter Lock Kind: Knob
  • Teeth On Blade: 32 Teeth
  • Miter Material: Stainless Steel
  • Miter Range To The Right: 60 Degrees
  • Miter Range To The Left: 50 Degrees
  • Bevel Range To The Right: 49 Degrees
  • Bevel Range To The Left: 49 Degrees
  • Assurance: 3 years

Dewalt DWS709 Review

Those are the general details about this wonderful product. Now, let’s continue with the Dewalt DWS709 review to find out which advantages it has.

Dws709 Review

The motor is powerful

Designed for seamless cutting, this compound miter saw has for itself a powerful motor. If you have difficult jobs with complex things to cut, this product surely will make them easier.

The manufacturer has installed it a motor that can runs 3800 rounds per minute! Due to this reason, you can increase both work speed and work efficiency.

Don't believe us? Just bring out your hardest wood and try to cut it, you will see how strong the DWS709 is.

The saw has high accurate

What makes this machine special is its ability to provide cuts with the highest accuracy.

Thanks to its sliding mechanism, this saw has left behind many common problems that other non-sliding products usually have.

To put in an example, you will never have a chance to meet a blade deflection or instability in the operation of this DWS709.

Not only this machine makes sure for you about high accuracy but it also maintains good efficiency.

As you are able to modify the miter detent plate, the saw can go to the most ideal angles, cutting any size of its target.

DWS709 has great portability

Typically, a good compound miter saw with many great features like this Dewalt DWS709 must have really heavyweight.

But in fact, this machine is really light.

Dewalt Dws709 Review

Experiencing from other previous products, the brand Dewalt has brought to this 709 model a compact design.

No wonder why it is light and easy to carry around. Due to this reason also, you are able to transport it with fewer efforts.

Especially if you work as a portable craftsman, you definitely will love the portability of it.

Here comes a dust bag 

No matter which job you do, but a clean work environment is always good, right?

While cutting some hardwood, the saw will leave many dusts, debris, wood sawdust, and other small stains.

But luckily, a dust bag will come along with this product. Therefore, you can collect debris and clean up your place in just a few moments.

You make no worry about durability

The brand Dewalt always makes its products with high-quality materials. Thus, you surely have no doubt about this DWS709, don’t you?

Furthermore, when the product arrives, you receive up to 3 years warranty.

So whenever you have an issue with this machine, you can replace it with the same one, for free!

Why DWS709 is different from other miter saws?

There tons of different compound miter saws on the market, but why is this item so special? This DWS709 review will now explain the reasons that make it different from others.

The first thing we want to tell is its performance.

As you have known about this saw’s powerful motor, it is so hard for you to find another miter saw that can beat the DWS709 at this point.

Moreover, we have introduced to you the advantage of its sliding mechanism. Because of this great system, you can avoid some trouble that you may get with other normal saws.

And if you are the type of person who often cares about price, we can say that this 709 model will please you at best.

Anyway, Dewalt’s products are always the best option to save money.

Who should Choose it?

The question is now, which type of person requires this machine?

Based on the product’s versatility, you can transport it anywhere while still saving your energy to work.

Especially when you are a flexible craftsman, you can carry this machine around without any problem.

On the other hand, if you need a high-efficiency miter saw but don’t want to break the bank, you can see this product as a great option.  

Lastly, because this miter saw can cut every complex object with the highest speed, it will meet the needs of most all carpenters and woodworkers.

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  • The saw has a good price
  • The saw has a strong engine
  • Its accuracy is really high


  • The capacity of this product is small
  • The onboard light should be improved


The DWS709 review is about to end. After all, the Dewalt DWS709 is such a nice product, isn’t it?

If you are the type of person we have listed above, it is not wrong to say that this model will be your most suitable choice.

Otherwise, it can still be a great sidekick for every technician. Overall, this product sounds really cool, right?

Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get it for yourself right now!

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