How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut Curves?

jigsaw cut curves

So, you are wondering how to use your jigsaw machine to cut curves?

Piece of cake!

Your jigsaw machine is a powerful tool built and designed for cutting various materials (such as wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic tiles, depending on the blade installed) neatly and professionally.

So, relax! In this article, I will be guiding you through the steps you need to follow to make neat and professional curves using your jigsaw.

What You Need for this Task

First and foremost, you must consider safety when using your jigsaw or any other power tool or equipment at that.

You should pay close attention to the following measures:

  1. If your jigsaw is new, kindly follow the instructions for assembling and setting it up as contained in the equipment’s user guide or manual.
  2. Be it new or old, before putting on the equipment, ensure that all its parts are intact and none is not shaky or loose.Also, check cables to ensure that they are not peeled or cut.
  3. Make sure you wear protective gear (such as eye goggles, nose mask, hand gloves, sturdy anti-electric-shock shoes, ear muffs, and so on) while operating your jigsaw.
  4. Depending on the material you wish to cut, select, and insert the appropriate cutting blade.In our particular case (cutting curves), we shall be using scrolling or curve-cutting blades.
  5. Put the machine on and test it by cutting some sample material to ensure that the blade is fixed correctly and sharp enough.
  6. Keep children away from work areas.Adults in the workshop area should also wear appropriate protective gear to avoiding accidents from loose or flying objects.
  7. If you are using a corded jigsaw, always ensure that the cables do not get entangled in the cutting path.

Items You Might Need

  • A functioning jigsaw
  • Scrolling or curve-cutting blades
  • Safety gear (as explained above)
  • Workbench or safety horses
  • Wood pencil or marker
  • Saw bench
  • Clamps
  • Drilling machine
  • A protractor (for marking out circles)

How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut Curves – Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Check the equipment: Ensure that your worktable or workbench allows for an unobstructed movement of the jigsaw’s blade when operating, especially under the cutting surface.
  • Mark out Cut Curves: Mark out the curves you need to cut on the material using a wood pencil or maker.Ensure that the lines are smooth and precise.You may use a circular object as a template or a protractor to mark out circular shapes.Use narrow clear lines (not bigger than the width of the blade) when marking our cutting paths.
  • Set an appropriate speed: Set the speed using the speed dial on the equipment.Since you will be cutting curves, you should set the dial to low speed (faster speed are for cutting straight lines)

set speed

  • Do a sample cut: Use a scrap piece of the same target material to do a test cut of the curve of shape you desire before cutting the end material.That way, you can confirm if the speed of the saw and sharpness of the blade is okay before attempting it on the actual target material.
  • Prepare the target material: Place the target material on your workbench or surface and, clamp it down to prevent it from sliding.
  • Begin Your Cut

Edge Cuts:

a) If your curve cutting line is right at the edge of the material, place the blade against the side of the material, precisely where you wish to start your first cut.b) Press the trigger lightly to start the blade moving slowly and bring the saw blade up to your cutting line.c) As you press the blade into the material, press the trigger more to increase speed, and slowly guide the blade along your marked cut lines.d) Ensure that the base of the saw rests on and that it slides comfortably on top of the material as you cut.

Internal or Circular Cuts:

a) If you wish to make internal cuts or cut a circle, mark out the curve or the circle on the material.b) Using a drilling machine, drill a hole inside the circle or the waste area of the material (i.e., the area around your shape or curve that will be cut out) where you wish to make the first cut.The hole should be larger than the width of the jigsaw’s cutting blade and big enough to allow a 360-degree turn.c) Remove the blade from the saw, insert it into the hole you have just drilled and then reattach the blade to the saw.d) Now, from the hole, cut to the curve or circle line and cut slowing along the perimeter.

cut the curve

The trick to cutting curves or circles professionally using a jigsaw is to ensure that:

  • You have the appropriate blade (scrolling blades) for the material and that the blade is sharp
  • Use a low-speed setting
  • Slowly guide the saw through your cutting line or curve.

scrolling blade


A jigsaw can help you accomplish a lot of projects and tasks with ease and convenience.

And from the above article, I hope you can see how relatively easy to use a jigsaw to cut curves, including circles.

I hope this article was beneficial to you.

If you ask questions or would like to make some contribution about this article, please, feel free to do so in the Comments Section.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article.​

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