How To Sharpen A Chainsaw?

sharpen chainsaw blade

Is sharpening the chainsaw with the Dremel tool a problematic task for you?

Well, you are in the right place.

While sharpening a chainsaw can be a touchy subject with many dos and don’ts, it is achievable nonetheless.

Some years ago, I bruised my hand while attempting to sharpen my chainsaw.

And I ended up not using the woodwork tool for a long time due to that incident (it was more about the wife putting her foot down on my woodworking endeavors.)

To avoid your suffering a similar fate, we have put together this article.

Let’s get on with it.

What You Need For This Task

  1. Chainsaw
  2. Safety goggles
  3. Dremel tool
  4. Sharpening stone
  5. Chainsaw sharpening attachments
  6. Earmuffs

There are no distinct methods for sharpening a chainsaw with a Dremel tool; it is more about the unique tweak most professional woodworkers bring to the table.

What is important is to avoid overheating the chain of the saw and having a pattern to your use of the Dremel rotary tool.

How To Sharpen a Chainsaw – Step by Step Instructions

To ensure your chainsaw comes out of this process sharper and without any blemish, we have compiled these step-by-step instructions.

Follow the steps rigidly, and you would have a sharp chainsaw sooner than you imagine.  

  • Step 1: Unplug the chainsaw or remove the spark plugDepending on the sort of chainsaw you use – electric or gas powered – you have to ensure the tool is totally powerless before sharpening the chainsaw. This would prevent an unfortunate accident from happening.
  • Step 2: Balance the chainsaw

how to sharpen a chainsaw

Before you proceed with sharpening the teeth of the chainsaw, you have to place the chainsaw in a position that makes its teeth easily accessible without you moving the unit. Also, don your safety gear to prevent any health hazard.

  • Step 3: Configure the Dremel rotary tool accordinglyBefore you use the Dremel device, you need to secure the sharpening stone and chainsaw attachment on the Dremel rotary tool. You have to confirm the right dimensions of the chainsaw attachment for the sharpening exercise from the operating manual of the chainsaw.
  • Step 4: Sharpen the chainsaw using Dremel rotary tool

Use the Dremel rotary tool to sharpen all the teeth in one direction. It is important you line the tool up so the 30º mark lies parallel to the teeth being sharpened.

You should endeavor to sharpen all the teeth in one direction, so there is no confusion. Also, while using the Dremel tool, you should try to ensure the number of pass made remains the same across the chainsaw.

You can adjust the teeth of the chainsaw while sharpening the teeth to avoid repeating the process on some of the teeth that have been sharpened.


We are optimistic you enjoyed the tutorial.

Sharpening the chainsaw with a Dremel tool might be laden with a lot of rules, but it is not a difficult task.

While sharpening the chainsaw, remember what tooth on the chainsaw has been sharpened, so you don’t have some of the teeth sharper than the others.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, communicate with us through the comment section, and we will respond quickly.

Don’t forget to share if you find the tutorial helpful.

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