EGO Chainsaw 14 vs 16 Inch – Can David Defeat Goliath?

ego chainsaw 14 vs 16

You’ve happened to fall in love with the eco-friendly and elegant battery-powered chainsaw line of EGO, yet it’s too perplexing to decide whether a CS1400 with more lightweight battery and shorter bar chain would deliver better, or a CS1600 with longer battery life and larger cuts would hit the mark?

Then look no further beyond our EGO chainsaw 14 vs 16-inch battle that’s about to be unwrapped, so that you could come up with a determined resolution about which is the one for you.

EGO 14 inch vs 16 inch Chainsaw: Common Features

Balanced Design

To offset the weights of the brushless motor, batteries and chain bars, Chevron’s engineers (the parent company of EGO) have tossed the side-loading battery underneath the handle.

The design would offer better balance while your chain saws are chewing through wood logs back and forth.

6800-RPM Brushless Motor

In general, EGO chainsaws, including the CS1400 and CS1600, are fired up by a high-efficient 56V brushless motor at 6800 RPMs.

This type of motor disperses less heat while prevents wear and tear on the motor case itself on a no brush mechanism.

This is robust enough for the chainsaws to drive sharp, thin-kerf chains into sea grape tree branches 8-12” in diameter with minimal resistance, thus minimizing noise level to the maximum.

To enhance this no noise vibe, there is a brushless technology that delivers smooth cuts without clanking chain spinning motion around the blade and squeaking wood chopping sound, just like music to your ears.

Ego Chainsaw 14 Vs 16

Weatherproof Construction

Whether fitted with a 14” or 16” bar and chain, both EGO products employ rugged construction to withstand extreme temperatures.

This equals sturdy build and sophisticated craftsmanship to ensure absolute harmony between the components, such as full chisel metal Oregon cutters.

Yet, keep in mind that these 56V motors can still seize up at sub-zero temps, since weather resistant build has nothing to do with performance.

It’s top-notch durability, compared to the mass on the marketplace, that the CS1400 and CS1600 can boast about, along with a 5-year warranty package.

And this robustness is even further reinforced by IPX4 – Ingress Protection Degree – which fences the chainsaw from splashing water.

Well-functioning Chain Kickback Brake

EGO’s latest generation of chainsaws are all engaged with a chain brake that obstructs the motor and chain motion during kickback.

In fact, the introduction of this brake has made it familiar and less awkward for gas-turned-battery powered chainsaw users to transit gradually.

It can be activated by pulling the brake handle forward when the saw pivots backward whilst kickback occurs.

It can also be released by inertial forces initiated upon rapid pushback.

There are some rivals out there that opted for an on/off button for the chain brake, yet the traditional build of EGO chainsaws are way more familiar and user-friendly.

Ego 14 Inch Chainsaw Vs 16 Inch

Tool-less Chain Tensioning Knob And Screw

EGO engineers have injected a side-cover knob and a screw at the front of the chainsaw chassis to allow for precise and flexible chain tension adjustment without having to go out for a wrench.

Oil Inspection Window

A transparent window for oil level gauging encases EGO 14-inch and 16-inch chainsaws’ oil tanks.

Be sure to fill this window with sufficient oil extent for optimal power output.

There will be a small internal filter to screen out debris from getting into contact with the oil and a twist-on knob with internal catch to avoid misaligned cap.

Yet, this add-on seems to have counter-attacked so far.

Safety Cordless Start

There is a lock-off button for your thumb to press and a trigger switch to squeeze in lieu of a pull-start, which doubles the safety.

In place of a power button, to get the unit activated, you’ve got to snap a spring-loaded battery, to pull a kickback brake towards you and to depress a lock-off button sufficiently.

Ego 14 Inch Vs 16 Inch Chainsaw

EGO 14 inch vs 16 inch Chainsaw: The Crossroad

Guide Bar Size

Every gen two EGO battery-powered chainsaw is engaged with similar chain pitch and gauge which run at ⅜” Low Pro Pitch and .043” respectively.

They are decent by standard to provide lightweight and durable well-linked chains with flexible cutting speeds and powers.

Yet, it’s a different story regarding the length of each model’s guide bar.

Here, we are investigating two tool-less EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium battery powered models – CS1400 with a 14” bar and CS1600 with a plus 2” more one.

The 16-inch, of course, shall outperform the other one in terms of maximum cutting diameter, while the 14” one will trump in lightweights.

Undoubtedly, the former would be ideal for heavy-duty felling such as grubbing a 24” redwood tree stump.

By the same token, the latter would be more compact for simpler applications, namely, trimming overgrown apple trees encroaching your wood fence.

Battery Capacity – Lightweights

The CS1400 can definitely host a 4.0Ah battery instead of its built-in 2Ah motor, yet EGO manufacturers only suggest you go up to 2.5Ah for optimal cutting power.

Ego 14 In Chainsaw Vs Ego 16 In Chainsaw

For that reason, we’ll compare the originally pegged 2.0-2.5Ah battery of CS1400 with the standard 5.0Ah motor of CS1600 with respect to cutting time and speed.

Conventionally, you may fire a 2.0Ah battery for at least 40 minutes before it shows signs to cease.

Home projects or after storm brush up tasks, thus, would be the best scenarios for the CS1400, since a 2.0Ah battery’s runtime and power output would be shortened down by a landslide compared with those of a 5.0Ah battery.

These 5.0Ah batteries are breathed into longer life stemming from bigger current capacity and some internal design distinguishable with their 2.0 counterparts.

They can deliver more current powers on heavy draws, such as bucking up 91 cuts of 8” pine logs or brushing up 14-22” thick stump ash like butter without bogging down or recharging requirements.

On the flip side, they are a tad heavier than the 2.0Ah batteries.

Along with a 2” longer guide bar, the CS1600 would pull some more strain across your arm muscle than the CS1400.

Intended Using Purposes

It can be stated that both units, EGO chainsaw 14 vs 16-inch interchangeably, yield the same power output with same thin kerf chains and sprockets or the same 56V motors.

Indeed, they can gnaw into some 14” wet, pulpy, messy palm trees with speedy chops through a chip-ejection system as effective as mini wood chippers.

Yet, they split ways when it boils down to how long and how much work the battery can hold up to.

Literally, a 5.0Ah battery can last for double the time with double the workload compared to a 2.0Ah, with both being charged for the same amount of time – 40 minutes.

14 Vs 16 In Ego Chainsaw

In terms of workload, if you have some over 14” cherrywood, California pepper hill-sided trees or oak that reach over 18 feet to handle, it’s best to tune in for a CS1600.

On the other hand, CS1400 would be more impressive and ergonomic for 8-10” orchard trimming or storm clean-up tasks.

Re ergonomics and convenience, a 2.0Ah battery with a 14” chain would be more lightweight and handier to clip higher limbs and a 5.0Ah battery with a 16” chain would be reserved for lower wood or stump cutting with additional weight.

Quick Shootout: EGO 14 inch vs 16 – Which One Is Better?

EGO CS1600

EGO Power+ CS1600 is a top-rated mid-range semi-pro battery-powered chainsaw for delimbing and bucking up over 14” in diameter hardwoods.

It is engaged with a robust 5.0Ah battery and a sharp 16” blade, not really ergonomic, yet not really unwieldy either.

It’s the better candidate among the two, to press down for low cutting jobs in need for additional weight. For such heavy-duty tasks, the plastic bucking ridges, though not excellently, have succeeded in executing high performed felling and bucking grip with secure wood pulp bites.

Namely, it can cut through an 8” pine log in less than 6 seconds.

One tiny loss of points, the debris-proof plastic inlet filter may deem too small for the oil to fill the tank in a time-effective manner.


  • Extra-long trigger permits grip variation stance on extra-long rear handle.
  • String-less instant start from cordless design.
  • Minimal noise level.
  • Long battery life for heavy-duty felling and cutting.
  • Easy-to-control oil window.


  • Lack electronic safety albeit applying a mechanical two-step trigger with a thumb safety.
  • Small profiled and plastic bucking ridge-like spikes.
  • Misaligned cap threads without cross-threading.

EGO CS1400

EGO Power+ CS1400 is a compact unit for DIY landscape and yard projects.

Taking pride in its lightweight 2.0Ah battery and 14” blade, CS1400 would tick all the boxes for light-duty to medium 8-10” tree pruning.

Compared to other makes and models, the CS1400’s maneuverability is a real force to be reckoned on.

The front handle produces 5.4 m/s2vibration and it’s 4.1 m/s2at the rear handle.

They offer comfort grip while wrapping around and below the unit for enhanced mobility.

As if it weren’t user-friendly and convenient enough, CS1400 also affords to have easy-to-start and easy-to-brake front handle, switch and throttle.

Just a little push towards you and everything is administered under a controlled fashion.

Brushing all the sparklings aside, the overworked automatic oiler and the flimsy chain remain a hassle and yet to combat.


  • Extremely lightweight and ergonomic for high limb trimming and pruning.
  • Automatic shut off when the unit is being sat down.
  • Timely overload protection that stops the chainsaw during harsh pushes.
  • Low noise, no smell.


  • Short spin up time of the blade.
  • Narrow inlay chain filter that leads to oil spillage.
  • The chain easily comes off from the bar

Final Verdict

Overall, EGO chainsaw 14 vs 16-inch indiscriminately, both perform with the same 56V motor, the same safety indicators and design, the same thin-kerf chain, the same Oregon 90 bar, the same waterproof green-silver-black case and both are cordless instant start and stop battery-powered chainsaws.

Regardless, they are distinguishable thanks to their different battery capacities and cutting diameters.

Until now, all field and yard light duties such as 8-10” branches or tree saplings would resort to the CS1400 with a 2.0-2.5Ah battery and 14” blade.

While more intense oak or palm wood delimbing and felling tasks with over 12” in diameter should be stored for the 5.0 battery-powered 16” chain CS1600.

Cutting down all the pep talk, which one does your heart set on, EGO 14 inch vs 16 inch chainsaw?

Let us know down the comment box below!

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