The Best Small Chainsaw for Medium Cutting Needs

Small chainsaws, which are built up with the compact size and lightweight, are an ideal option for small jobs such as tackling bushes or cutting down a tree. 

Well, it sounds beneficial and convenient for our gardening work going much faster.

So, why don't we equip ourselves with the best small chainsaw? Take it easy!

We helped you find out the optimal machines you can invest in. Just below! Let's read!

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Top 5 Best Small Chainsaws

Husqvarna 440e II - Light Midsize Saw

For those who are searching for the midsize chainsaw in the weight, we seriously recommend the unit from Husqvarna - the Husqvarna 440e II. 

The 16-inch bar length allows handling the medium and large-diameter wood; the idling speed can reach up to 2900 rpm.

Plus, having the x-force bar and x-new chain, they bring the homeowner the efficiency when sawing. 

The weight under 10 pounds also contributes to moving conveniently. 

Furthermore, this saw also keeps you safe away from the kickback while sawing, thanks to a 2-cycle engine that combines with an inertia activated chain brake.

We have considered the feedback of consumers and then most like this chainsaw because of low maintenance.

With the automatic chain oiler, it will automatically supply oil to the chain and bar.

The saw can constantly work without worrying about the chain that will be oily dry.

Nonetheless, the unit does not include a bar and chain oil. It is separately sold.

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  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • A ton of power for its size
  • Great for cutting the big trees
  • Nice fuel


  • Hard to start for some people
  • Expensive for a limited budget

Oregon CS1500 - Heavy-Volume Uses

Many customers love using the Oregon CS1500, and so do we. This is a quality chainsaw at an affordable price.

The first has to mention the PowerSharp chain. There are discussions around this feature.

Some assume that this chainsaw's chain is easy to fall off while others do not meet this problem.

It is a well-known fact that this chain is hard to fall off the rail unless you use it for a long time, and it has got stretched.

On the flip side, the time to sharpen it is very short, no more than 3 seconds. 

Despite being considered as the small chainsaw, the Oregon CS1500 offers the bar with the perfect length - 18 inches.

With the 18-inch bar length, you can cut the large-piece woods up to 12 inches.

Even you can start working as soon as you open the box because the machine is pre-assembled.

Moreover, the instant start ability allows you to get to run the chainsaw right.


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  • Great customer support
  • No oil or gas mixture
  • Easy to start
  • Less noisy when cutting
  • Built-in oiling system for minimizing chain friction


  • Chip accumulation around the cap once the lube fill cap is dislocated

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 - Great Functionality

We continue introducing another superior chainsaw from the reliable brand on the market today - the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240.

It can cut the branches and small-diameter logs like an angry beaver.

View from different angles, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 is the best lightweight chainsaw in the price on our product list.

If you only need a unit to cut the medium and small branches in size, don't ignore this saw.

But, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 is a small cordless chainsaw battery-powered.

Is it powerful enough to cut effectively?

Yes, many customers have doubts about this and then they changed their thoughts after using it.

They utilized this 12-inch chainsaw to cut the branches and logs in the 7-8inch diameter.

No problem!

It is noticeable that the 40V Lithium-Ion Battery supplies the great working time.

According to the number we noted, you might get 120 minutes to handle your job with this saw.

During this time, the oiling system will constantly lubricate the chain and bar every 15 minutes.

Ensure that you will always have gentle cuts.

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  • Easy to use and start, especially the novice
  • Lightweight for carrying easily
  • Longer battery life
  • A plastic cover for protecting the chain attached


  • Leakage of oil a bit
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cuttings

Tanaka TCS33EDTP - Balanced, Strong Fuel

As the name implies, the Tanaka TCS33EDTP is an excellent chainsaw designed to use for the top handle works.

Is this appropriate for your seeking needs? If your answer is “Yes”, you can add it to your cart.

Designed with the 12-inch bar length, just like the BLACK+DECKER chainsaw, the gas-powered unit from Tanaka is a small chainsaw for medium cutting.

The maximum cuttings can reach up to 10 inches.

A 32.2cc commercial engine is also one of the features supporting the Tanaka chainsaw's ability to cut.

It allows users to achieve a powerful performance. Ideally, it does not consume more fuel; you can save a gas bill a bit. 

Most importantly though, the Tanaka TCS33EDTP is well-balanced when operating.

There are the sprocket nose bar and Oregon chain that add the control to the chainsaw.

As a result, the cuts become easier, and these features create a balance in cuts.

Last but not least, the manufacturer, Tanaka, provides an awesome warranty to their customer objects, in particular, 7 years for buyers, 2 years for commercial investments, and one year for renting.

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  • Lightweight
  • High-quality build
  • A lot of power
  • Ease of the manual operation
  • Trustworthy warranty


  • Not suitable for groundwork
  • Stuck gas and oil caps because of heat
  • Expensive

Greenworks 40V Battery Powered -  Awesome for Small Stuff

Greenworks, one of the famous brands on the power-tool market, has released a lightweight chainsaw working quietly and conveniently - the Greenworks 40V Battery Powered Chainsaw.

It can meet your needs, finding a good-enough chainsaw at an affordable price.

Owning many outstanding features, this battery-powered chainsaw persuades the consumers:

Its cordless design is portable and easy to carry. While sawing, you avoid the hassle related to the cord.

And running with the 40V battery, instead of gas, is an advantage as it requires no maintenance too much.

In addition to that, the G-MAX 40V system and the 12-inch bar length like the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 and Tanaka TCS33EDTP bring the optimal cutting efficiency.

You can cut dry branches and even hardwood.  What's more, it does not produce plenty of noise and vibration when working.

The only minus is the slower running speed than the chainsaw reviewed above. It means that you can be going to take more time for your job.

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  • No hassle to start
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting battery power
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for small jobs


  • Less powerful than a gas-powered chainsaw

Buying Guide

To own the best small chainsaw as desired, you should pocket the following considerations when shopping:

Types of Chainsaw

What type of chainsaw do you want to use, a corded or cordless?

This is the first factor that you need to consider.

With the non-cord design, there are two types - one running with battery and another working based on fuel.

They are emission-free, noise-free, and low maintenance, especially not making the hassle related to the cord.

However, the use time is less flexible because you must charge it between uses.

For the corded chainsaws, they provide strong power that allows you to handle the average work.

They produce noise a bit, but no more than the non-cord units running with gas power.

Additionally, they also require low maintenance and produce no emission.

The only drawback is that you need a stationary power source to work.

Bar Length

The ability to cut work-pieces or the large branches is based on the bar length of the chainsaw.

Generally, a chainsaw with the 12-inch bar length is versatile enough to work normal needs.

The 14-inch size is great for home use, and the commercial small models' bar is no under 16 inches.


Another consideration is the chain of the chainsaw, in particular, the chain's material. 

It would be best to choose a chainsaw with a chain made from steel because this is a resistant, hard material.

Don't recommend you to pick the unit with an aluminum chain; it cannot provide high-volume sawing.


The vital consideration when buying power tools is safety. Don't you want the risk to occur with you when sawing?

So, the best plan would be to select a machine with the protection features that will prevent potential injuries from you, for example, kickback injury.

The higher the chainsaw's parts with the safety rate, the lower the risk of injuries will be.


After using, you must take at least an hour to maintain the chainsaw.

It is certain that you never desire this.

Hence, you'd better choose a chainsaw having low maintenance.

Require to maintain regularly, we have to mention gas-powered chainsaws.

You will have to clean sawdust, oil, and check the overall frequently.

If you want something the lowest maintenance as possible, the cordless chainsaws (battery-powered or electric) is ideal.

They are no oil, no gas, and no maintenance.


How much is your budget? Are you ready to pay for an expensive chainsaw in the quality? The ability to pay is an important factor when starting investing in something.

Yes, your intended use will decide the cost you must give money for a chainsaw. In case you do not often use the chainsaw, an affordable machine is appropriate for you.

And of course, more expensive and powerful units are ideal for heavier-duty work.  On the other hand, to avoid the wrong investment, you ought to consider the models from reliable brands.

Fortunately, the small chainsaws on our list are the typical model of the dependable manufacturer. Feel secure!


How much does a small chainsaw cost?

The bigger the size of chainsaws, the more expensive they are. As known, the smallest chainsaws (about 10 inches in size) often have the average price under $100.

More expensive units (over $200) are the larger size, at least 20 inches.

Are battery chainsaws as good as gas?

The electric chainsaws are portable and easy to run, but they cannot withstand heavy-volume.

To cut down large trees, the gas-powered machines are better and more powerful.

Unless you need an easy-to-carry chainsaw, the electric model is suitable.

How size is a small chainsaw?

The size of the chainsaw depends on the bar length.

The chainsaws with longer bar allow you to cut the large wood and versa vice.

Therefore, with the small chainsaws, they are frequently no more than 20 inches.

How do we maintain a small chainsaw?

For beginners who do not know how to maintain a chainsaw, it'd better pocket the following steps:

  • The first is to clean your chains by removing the sawdust. 
  • Sharpen the saw blade in the next step and don't forget to lubricate your chainsaw.
  • Finally, you should replace the new fuel if you are using a gas chainsaw. 

In Short

The best small chainsaw is an ideal option for medium and small cutting demand.

To choose a suitable machine for your needs, the best plan would be to look at the demand, type of chainsaw you want to use, and budget.

For example, you have to tighten your spending and cannot pay for a chainsaw over 200$.

In this case, except for the chainsaws from Husqvarna and Tanaka, the rest models in our list are appropriate for you.

Every chainsaw has advantages and disadvantages.

Relying on these points, you may easily find the best selection for yourself.

Stick with it!!!

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