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Best Torque Wrench For Gunsmithing

The best torque wrench for gunsmithing will be your best friend when building, repairing, or adjusting gun parts.

Use simple screwdrivers while gunsmithing will expose you to a lot of trouble. It can even cause damage to your gun because of lacking a mechanism for determining torque force.

So, let’s check our article to find out the best tool for your gunsmithing.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Torque Wrench For Gunsmithing


You will be regretful if you do not consider the type when selecting the best gunsmithing torque wrench. There are only two type choices for you: manual and digital.

Although the feature’s difference between them is not significant, it still results in different user experiences. The digital allows you to see the indicators on display, which contributes to better accuracy.

On the other hand, the traditional manual type is easier to use for those unfamiliar with technology.

It is advisable to use digital tools if you want to be a pro gunsmith because they provide superior accuracy and efficiency.

If you are just a hobbyist or DIYer, manual tools are an ideal choice for their ease of use.


The two-way rotating design is what you should look for. You can increase the torque by turning clockwise and decrease it counterclockwise.

For example, when you have gone for 15 inches/pound and then want 10 inches/pound. If the design is only one-way rotating, you have to do it a lot to reach your desired torque.

It also reduces the wrench durability.

Besides, the compact design is more convenient to carry when you go out. The ideal dimension is about 10 x 3 x 3 inches, or you can consider it the size of a small screwdriver as long as it provides a great feeling of holding.

Not only that, when working for a gun, a pro smith always praises a wrench with a compact design.

The requirement of a gunsmith is to be neat all the time, so a bulky one will interfere with work and easily mess up with other stuff.

Gunsmithing Torque Wrench


The metal torque wrench is always better than cheap plastic because it reduces the slip, abrasion, or break when tightened.

Depending on the price, the manufacturer will apply different types of metal, such as metal composite, chromium-molybdenum alloy, etc.

Each type of metal will bring a unique characteristic to the wrench. However, the advice for you is to look for products made from Alloy Steel for its high hardness and abrasion resistance.

The Handle

The handle takes the role of the mediator, so it must ensure the anti-slip factor. Yet, you won’t have to worry about it, for most manufacturers use non-slip rubber.

It is a requirement because the anti-slip rubber increases friction, making tightening easier, especially when dealing with small details of the gun.

Some manufacturers have added small dots that are evenly distributed around the handle. This feature enhances your sense of rotation, comfort, and tight grip.

When the click sound announces the maximum torque, you will feel your force and know when to stop. This feature is a plus as gunsmithing always requires the utmost accuracy.


Accuracy is a vital factor for the best gunsmithing wrench. A decent accuracy improves the efficiency of repairing or building gun parts. It also reduces the risk of damaging your gun by overtightening.

It is advisable to choose products with low increments. For example, you need 32 inches/pound, but the tool only provides 5 inches increments. So, how do you make it the most accurate?

There is no hard and fast rule for it, so you can base on most of your tightening feeling, and the risk of damaging your gun increases.

The advice is to choose a tool with under 2 inches/pound increments; however, the best one is always 1 inch/pound.

The Range

The wider the torque range, the better. That’s a rule of thumb to identify the excellent torque wrench for gunsmithing.

The range always includes two limits, upper and lower. A wrench for gunsmithing is usually small in size and only slightly larger than a screwdriver in comparison.

The ideal upper limit is around 60 – 70 inches/pound. You will not need more because of being redundant. Also, there are other wrench torques for the big compartment requiring more than that.

For low bound, the lower it is, the more wonders it does for small components that require low torque.

Wrench Bits

Wrench bits are included tools in a package to serve specific purposes.

For example, you’ll need a variety of hex or Torx bits. They allow the torque wrench to be more flexible when used. Thus, consumers will rate the best tool based on the wrench bits included.

The larger the package’s bit size, the more efficient it is.

If the torque wrench comes with various bits, it will save you money on the cost of purchasing additional tools to complete the task. So, the more types a wrench includes, the more versatile it becomes.

Certificates And Warranty

People are often afraid of damaging their guns with low-quality products. That’s why they always try to use the best gunsmithing tool to build, repair, or modify.

A qualification or a certificate is what you need to be assured about the torque wrench performance.

The certificate confirms that the product is high quality and meets the criteria highlighted in the product introduction. So, it gives you more confidence to use products for your gun.

As you have the product certificate, you also get its warranty. If there is any damage or error while in use, you can return it completely following the policies.

Top 5 Best Torque Wrench For Gunsmithing

Wheeler Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench – Best Overall

The best overall product does not have to be the best in every feature; rather, it should be the most comprehensive.

Wheeler torque wrench comes with a wide range of torque, from 10 to 65 inches/pound. When compared to other products on the market, its low limit is the best.

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Aside from range, it has ideal accuracy in 2 inches/pound increments. These features enable you to use this tool in a variety of situations.

Wheeler also backs up its accuracy thanks to the 5% tolerance, meaning you can only reach 95% or 105% of your tightening. This feature plays an important role in preventing overtightening.

The manufacturer has added a notification function to the tool.

When you reach the tightening range above, the tool will make a clicking sound, and you can easily stop with the best safety for both your gun and your torque wrench.

Despite being the best overall, this product also has a weakness. You will find it difficult to read the parameters because the setting scale is slightly smaller than other products on the market.

Wheeler Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Inch/Pounds Measurement, Bits and Storage Case for Scope Mounting, Gunsmithing and Maintenance
  • ACCURACY: +/- 2 inch/pounds up to 40 inch/pounds; 40 – 65 is +/- 5%. The FAT wrench measures 2 L x 2 W x 6.25 H inches and the storage case measures 7.5 L x 5.5 W x 1.75 H inches
  • EASE OF USE: Apply, repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws, windage screws and base screws, which aids in accuracy and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field
  • RELIABLE: Torque adjustment range from 10 inch/pounds to 65 inch/pounds

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  • Wide range
  • Great lower limit
  • Good tolerance for preventing overtightening
  • Sound notification to protect your gun and torque wrench
  • Ideal increments


  • Slightly difficult-to-read parameters

WEAVER Gunsmithing Torque Wrench – Best For Mounting Rifle Scope Ring

The publisher designed this tool to ensure that you can only use it with the right pressure for the best scope and base mounting.

It will be easy to adjust the appropriate torque according to the specifications provided by the scope publisher.

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When mounting a rifle scope, the tube is the most vulnerable part. So, if you overtighten it, the accuracy of aiming will definitely decrease significantly.

That’s why it can assist you in achieving the ideal connection between scope and rifle. As a result, aiming will always produce the best results.

This tool is also incredibly versatile when it includes various wrench bits.

The manufacturer has attached magnets to the bits for improved user experience, giving a solid feel when connected to the torque wrench.

We only feel inconvenient when carrying it because it is quite heavyweight at 2 pounds. This tool is also bulky, so it will take you much more space than other products.

Weaver Gunsmithing Torque Wrench
  • Hunting gun smiting equipment
  • Helps mount scopes and bases with consistent screw pressure to manufacturer's specs
  • Includes a variety of bits for different fasteners

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  • Suitable for mounting rifle scope ring
  • Improved accuracy of scope setting
  • Magnets on bits for a solid feeling
  • Prevention from damaging scope tube


  • Heavyweight
  • Bulky

Wheeler Digital Torque Wrench ‎710909 – Best Digital Wrench

Many people prefer the Wheeler Digital Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench over traditional tools because it boasts digital technology.

The manufacturer has applied modern technologies to bring the best utility experience to consumers.

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When you tighten to the maximum setting, an audible indicator tone will appear instead of a clicking sound. It’s clearer and recognizable for users to avoid overtightening.

The LCD will keep you informed of technical parameters to optimize your experience. Due to digital technology, you can know the battery capacity through the LCD screen.

It’s undeniable that digital torque wrenches have many advantages that manual ones do not.  For example, it has a great wide range, reaching up to 100 inches/pound.

It also has digitized measurements, allowing you to change the units to match your requirements, such as inches/pounds, kilograms/centimeter, and Newton/meter.

Wheeler digital wrench coming with outstanding features doesn’t mean it’s flawless. It is difficult to store and easy to be out of order when exposed to water.

Battery power also requires regular replacement to ensure proper performance.

Wheeler Digital Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench with Interchangeable Bits and LCD Display for Firearm Maintenance and Gunsmithing
  • EASE OF USE: With an audible indicator tone, LCD display, and low battery indicator, the Wheeler Firearm Accurizing Torque Wrench makes adjusting screws a simple process
  • SPECS: 10 bits are made from S2 tool steel and hardened to a 56-58 Rockwell "C"
  • RELIABLE: +/- 2% accuracy

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  • Modifying easily
  • Audible indicator for easy recognition
  • Wide torque range
  • Various units to choose


  • Broken easily if exposed to water
  • Difficult to storage
  • Regular battery changing

Vortex Optics Torque Wrench – Best For Compact Design

When first observing this product, its appearance will easily confuse you with a standard screwdriver. The manufacturer intends to make it for the small shape.

You’ll be surprised because it’s much smaller than comparable products on the market, measuring 11 x 3 x 3 inches.

The product’s small size is due to the manufacturer’s use of a one-of-a-kind design. Typically, there is a mechanical display for you to monitor the parameter.

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On the other hand, the manufacturer has engraved the parameter norm lines on this tool’s body. So, you base on them directly when rotating the wrench tube to adjust the torque.

Thanks to the design, its weight is also extremely light to carry easily. The entire package weighs just 1.17 pounds.

The optimization of weight and design does not sacrifice its quality. Because of being made by Alloy Steel, it is extremely durable.

This material significantly contributes to its hardness and abrasion resistance.

You will also be satisfied with its compatibility with various bits, including 9/64″ Hex, 2-3 mm Hex, and T10 Torx. These tools come in handy in many situations, such as repairing or modifying your guns.

There is no perfect product, and this tool is not an exception. It will give you an uncomfortable feeling when you have to use pliers to change the bits.

Every time you lock the bit, you cannot remove it manually.

Vortex Optics Torque Wrench | Riflescope Mounting Kit
  • Tighten to the specified torque and not a smidgen more! This new Torque Wrench kit includes 3 additional bits our first kit did not.
  • Adjustable in 1 in/lb increments, this tool is easy to read, simple to set, and offers fast, accurate tension whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Bits inclued in kit: 5 Hex Bits (9/64", 3/16", 2mm, 2. 5 mm, 3 mm), 3 Torx Bits (T10, T15, T25), 1 Screwdriver bit, 10mm wide, 1 socket, 1/2" socket, 1/4" socket adapter.

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  • Compact and unique design
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with various bits
  • High durability


  • Impossible to remove bits manually

Real Avid Gunsmithing Torque Wrench – Best For Accuracy

Our first impression is the best increments this tool provides. You can easily adjust the wrench accurately by modifying it with 1 inch/pound increments.

Its upper and lower bounds are both at their peak, which is 70 inches/pound and 10 inches/pound, respectively.

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The manufacturer also tries to improve accuracy by adding compatibility for this tool. With the 1/4-inch socket adapter, you can use it with standard 1/4-inch bits.

This product will not deserve to appear on the top list if it only has these mentioned features. Another outstanding feature is the Force Assist Design.

The manufacturer has used a unique design that makes tightening more efficient and effortless.

However, it has one minus. The design is quite bulky as you may feel uncomfortable the first time you use it.

Real Avid Gunsmithing Torque Wrench Kit | All in One Torq Driver Tool with Screwdriver Bit Set & Accurate 1 Inch/Pound Setting for Precision Scope Mounting. Premium KIT.
  • ✔【Inch-pound precision adjustment】Audible one click for every inch-pound adjustment eliminates guesswork when setting the driver to match the manufacturer's specific torque recommendations for scope rings, bases or other gun accessories. Smart Torq is a great addition to your gunsmithing tools & accessories
  • ✔【Accurate】10-70 inch-lb range with distinct 1 inch/pound increments allow for repeatable exact settings and strict adherence to desired torque specifications.
  • ✔【Includes】Premium storage case and set of 12 1/4’’ inch bits commonly used by leading brands of scope rings & bases for optics mounting.

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  • High accuracy
  • Great upper and lower bounds
  • Compatible with many bits
  • Force Assist design to tighten more efficiently and effortlessly


  • Bulky design


Do You Need A Torque Wrench For Guns?

Yes, you need it. Repairing, building, modifying, or any work related to gunsmithing requires you to have a wrench for accurate torque.

The reason is that over-loosening or tightening causes damage to your gun. In some cases, if you don’t use the wrench, your gun will be misaligned or not assembled properly.

That is very dangerous because it can break the safety structure of the gun and endanger the user.

It also explains the lug nuts’ torque parameters which you often see in its instruction.

In addition, you also need to consider using the best torque wrench for the following reasons:

  • Guns are more expensive than wrenches, so if a low-quality wrench damages a gun, you will definitely regret it.
  • A low-quality wrench is more likely to cause overtightening. This issue can damage the wrench back, and you end up discarding it after a short while.

Do You Need A Torque Wrench For AR15?

No, it is not necessary. Whenever you build one, you can use the regular torque values. It is easier and more time-saving.

What Should I Torque My Scope Rings To?

The rings or bases are the parts where you should use a wrench to determine torque. When mounting, precise identification will aid in the creation of a safe structure for the gun.

However, if you don’t use the best product, the scope or accessories may be deflected, affecting the gun’s performance. It is extremely dangerous due to the deceptive effect on the final target.

Do I Need A Torque Screwdriver?

A torque screwdriver is not necessary for gunsmithing. Manufacturers are always attempting to provide the most convenience for their customers.

As a result, the best gunsmithing torque wrenches are frequently combined with bits that perform the function of a screwdriver.

Final Thoughts

Have you already chosen the best torque wrench for gunsmithing?

To determine, let’s use the factors listed in the buying guide above. It is, however, critical that you define your preferences and understand how to compare products.

If you are having trouble deciding, it is advisable to try the Manual Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench. You can have the ideal accuracy, great tolerance for product protection, and many other great features.

Hopefully, this article can be helpful, and you will have a great gunsmithing experience with your best wrench.