Top 5 Best Chainsaws For Farm Use – Review & Buying Guide

Best Farm Chainsaw Review

Regarding its high utility, the chainsaw is a very common tool on a lot of farms. The best farm chainsaw is the one that can help you cut firewood, clear up branches or top fence posts with relative ease.

However, many people find it not easy to know the features that a good chainsaw must have. Customers become overwhelmed when they first encounter the seemingly endless barrage of options from all these different brands.

That explains why we took it upon ourselves to compile this detailed list. It is our attempt to assist you with the information and experience we possess so that you can acquire the most fitting power saw for yourself.

Now let’s see how we can optimize your purchase by looking through the noteworthy things that add up to a perfect chainsaw.

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How To Choose The Best Chainsaw For Farm Use?

Power Source Of Chainsaws

There are three main sources of power for your machines. You can view them as three genres based on the three different types of fuel: electricity, battery, or gasoline.

The electric chainsaws with supporting cords, which rank the most popular ones, are both powerful and lightweight.

However, the corded design is way more difficult to maneuver, rendering them not the best suit for outdoor work on the farm.

That is not a concern of chainsaws operating with gasoline. Without the limited working range of cords, these tools are perfect for working on farms and ranches where most jobs require you to be off-site.

chainsaw farm use

Despite this incredible maneuverability, they do have their own shortcomings. They can be rather bulky and heavy, heavier than most other products of different kinds. Being noisy and air pollution-inducing are significant drawbacks as well.

Likewise, chainsaws running on batteries do not have a corded design, so they win the maneuverability game and serve as a must-have item on farms.

However, batteries make these saws somewhat less powerful compared to the other types.

It is, therefore, advisable that you pick up either a gas chainsaw or a battery one because of their unrestrained range of action.

But overall, looking through the three types of chain saw, we can see that each has its strengths and weaknesses, so the more important matters boil down to your intention with your piece of machine.

Fuel Efficiency

The majority of chainsaws operating on gasoline are not fuel-efficient. This inefficiency can ultimately result in you having to spend more money on gas.

You do not need to worry too much, though, since many newer and more high-end models have advanced engines with the latest technology built-in that can improve overall performance and fuel consumption.

Regarding the parts of the engine, one system that has considerable significance over the performance and life span is the air injection system.

This feature is where the engine gets rid of sawdust and other debris, so the better this system is, the more resource-efficient it is and the less maintenance needed.

Size And Weight

Another thing to consider before choosing a chainsaw is what size you want your saw to be at. Typically, bigger and heavier ones tend to bear more power.

Bar length is also a crucial determinant given its relevance in tall pruning and sawing through thick logs.

Your physique and personal experience also play a big role in this. People with little experience can find it hard to endure long sawing sessions, so in this case, we recommend that you select smaller, lighter saws to more easily get used to working with them.

Vibration Dampening System

Mechanisms that help dampen the vibration of the engine are useful. They make operating the chainsaws much less exhausting, which means you can prolong the working time.

They reduce the risk of the operators developing injuries or damages to their hands, arms, and shoulders.

Therefore, you should look for chainsaws with these systems equipped. The ones that offer a comfortable grip should also be a priority because of the reasons above.

Moreover, these mechanisms and easy grips help build up endurance easier and make your time with the tool more tolerable or even enjoyable.

Safety Features

Power tools like the chainsaw can be dangerous if you are not careful. And the lack of safety features can be very concerning.

With the following features on your tool, you will significantly reduce the risks of serious accidents.

Proper safety features of a good farm chainsaw are: multilayered systems with chain brakes, an anti-kickback chain model, and safety guards. Non-slip boots and gloves, as well as safety goggles, could boost the protection effect.

best chainsaw for farm use

Additional Features

For a more optimal experience working with your saw machine, you should look for power tools that include extra but useful features. These added values can make it worth your money.

Many of these add-ons have direct effects on your cutting experience, for example, simple to start mechanisms and tool-less chain adjustments.

Other features may positively contribute to the maintenance processes, such as built-in oil reservoir windows and automatically oiling chain.

If you have no idea about prestigious brands, brands with high customer ratings are where you should place your trust.

Warranty is another great offer from the manufacturers. Opt for brands that have a good warranty and return policies so that you can get your penny back under the circumstances of any malfunction or dissatisfaction.

If you don’t get well-informed about anything, just contact the retailer for more detail before purchasing, especially if you are a beginner that is still confused and does not know how to operate the chainsaw properly.

Top 5 Best Farm Chainsaw Reviews

Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chain Saw – Best Budget Pick

This Greenworks one, another chainsaw running on battery, is definitely your best pick if you are on a budget. It offers you a great deal with the most affordable price on our list yet promises a decent performance in return.

Optimal performance G-MAX 40V with lithium-ion battery can guarantee fade-free power with no loss of memory post charging.

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Like any other standard battery-powered chainsaws, this product has a cordless design, and it is also really compact, with dimensions measuring 26.4 x 8.1 x 11 inches.

Its weight is also rather impressive, weighing at just 6 pounds, it is surely one of the lightest saw machines out there. So, this chainsaw is best for working in large zones requiring constant moving.

This model has a system that automatically applies oil to the chain and bar to ensure its durability. Translucent oil reservoirs make it easy to check the oil level.

Its handle further facilitates multiple cutting and trimming positions from many different angles.

The bar size of this model at 12 inches is just suitable for light-duty tasks.

Greenworks 40V 12" Cordless Compact Chainsaw (Great For Storm Clean-Up, Pruning, and Camping), 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 40V COMPACT CHAINSAW – perfect for homeowners and occasional users.power: Cordless
  • 12" BAR AND CHAIN – Low kickback safety chain with hand guard for added protection
  • AUTOMATIC OILER - applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure durability and optimal use

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  • Affordable than any of the other saw machine
  • Compact and ultra-lightweight design
  • Auto bar oiling mechanism


  • Oil can leak when storing in a tank
  • Not fit for medium to heavy-duty jobs

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas ChainSaw – Best For Heavy-Duty Cutting Tasks

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher model, a powerful gasoline-powered chainsaw, is your best bet at flawlessly executing any heavy-duty work on the ranches.

Equipped with a 20 inch-bar, it can help you smoothly cut through large wood with ease.

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This 455 Rancher boasts a 55.5CC 2-stroke engine. The maximum speed of 9,000 rpm along with Inertia activated chain brakes ensures a safe but powerful operation for heavy jobs.

This Husqvarna chainsaw comes with a high-tech safety feature as well. Two-cycle engines with Intertie activated chain brakes help you minimize any chance of unwanted incidents.

Maintenance of this power tool would be rather simple thanks to its quick-release air filtration system for easy cleaning. An automatic chain oiler can secure effective and safe operations.

Unfortunately, like a lot of other gas chainsaws, the 455 Rancher can be quite noisy. It is also not an economical purchase for people on a tight budget.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • 455 Rancher chainsaw is an ideal saw for landowners or homeowners who require a high powered and heavy duty chainsaw
  • 55. 5cc 20 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain
  • 2 cycle engine with Intertie activated chain brake for safety while operating

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  • Most fitting for heavy-duty tasks
  • The 20 inch-bar allowing cutting larger logs of wood
  • High-tech safety features: Intertie activated chain brakes
  • Quick-release air filtration


  • More expensive than other products
  • Quite noisy performance

Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ 16″ Chainsaw Kit – Best Overall

As a powerful and all-around perfect product from Milwaukee, the M18 FUEL can deliver powerful and quick cuts through hardwoods, making this product the best chainsaw for farm use.

The built-in POWERSTATE brushless motor with an appropriately 16-inch bar provides performance and power up to 40CC, comparable to that of any standard gas engine.

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It is just perfect for carrying out the midrange tasks of your homestead. Running on battery and a cordless design turn it into a convenient power tool.

This, combined with its compact modeling and lightweight at just 13.9 lbs, easily makes it an inseparable companion of many farmers.

In addition, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL is a faster cutter and can cut through many types of hardwoods.

Outperforming any small gasoline engine, this fast machine can reach speed up to 150 cuts per charge. The chainsaw speed maxes out at 6,600 RPM.

As a bonus, this chainsaw also comes with an automatic oiler for proper lubrication of the chain.

The warranty policies of Milwaukee also stands out, registering 3-year for any defects in material and workmanship. However, this product’s price tag can seem too much of an investment for some people.

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  • Powerful and fast cuts, comparable to that of gas engine
  • Compact and lightweight design that you can bring anywhere
  • Come with auto lubrication for the chain


  • Not quite affordable

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chain Saw – Best Comfort

Unlike the two previous battery-powered saw machines, this Black+Decker product comes with an operating battery.

The lithium-ion battery is always ready and can hold a charge up to five times longer than Nicad. Running at max 40V, the cordless chainsaw exhibits relative power.

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Working with this chainsaw can be so restful since it has great safety features. In addition, this item is amazingly durable and energy- efficient.

Moreover, a wrap-around handle offers better grips and a much more comfortable time using this chainsaw. This helps build up endurance and experience for future uses.

Low battery capacity is a sizable drawback to this product, however. Because of its being a battery-powered chainsaw, you cannot really overlook the shortcoming when it comes to its battery.

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)
  • 12-INCH CORDLESS ELECTRIC CHAINSAW - 40V MAX battery-powered chainsaw with extended runtime
  • SMOOTH, FAST CUTS - OREGON low-kickback bar and chain for easy and efficient cutting
  • TOOL-FREE CHAIN TENSIONING - Quickly and easily adjust chain tension

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  • Many great safety features
  • Wrap-around handle
  • High durability
  • Come with an auto oiling mechanism


  • Limited battery capacity
  • Quite sizable

Makita EA5600FRGG 20″ 56CC Ridgeline Chain Saw – Best For Beginners

This two-stroke gas chainsaw, a product from Makita, is the best power tool for many beginners. It is both powerful and gentle when it operates.

Many people that have just begun to use powerful saw machines can really take comfort and learn with this product.

With a 20 inch-bar and 56CC in power, this chainsaw can pretty much cut through any type of lumber.

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This amount of power would almost guarantee violent vibrations upon starting, but it totally counters this vibration with an effective dampening mechanism.

This helps beginners become acquainted with the process of operating a heavy-duty saw.

This Makita chainsaw also has a handful of superior safety features that can help prevent dangerous outcomes from happening.

It has a quick and reliable brake for prompt stops to reduce incidents if you are new to chainsaw.

Maintenance as well as repairing this saw machine will be rather easy and simple since its design facilitates the easy attaching and the detaching of parts.

We find some minor troubles while operating this chainsaw, like hard-to-press buttons, but other than that, the chainsaw seems to be operating just fine.

Makita EA5600FRGG 20" 56 cc Ridgeline™ Chain Saw
  • Heavy-duty cartridge air filter system for extended air filter life and improved durability
  • Powerful 4.1 HP Stratified Air Scavenging engine delivers high cutting performance with improved fuel efficiency
  • Easy Start spring-assisted starter with optimized engine management for quick starting with less force

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  • Come with a vibration dampening mechanism
  • Superior safety features
  • Easy to attach and detach parts


  • Hard-to-press buttons


Which Farm Chainsaw is Better: Gas, Battery, or Electric?

The best type of power saw will depend much on your intended uses for the saw. The users’ needs heavily dictate the usefulness and performance.

If you are looking for easy-to-operate chainsaws that are lightweight and compact, electric saws will be a great fit for you.

However, their electrical cord can be quite a hindrance. Having to drag many cords and wires around can be extremely tedious and inconvenient.

Or perhaps you are looking for a powerful one that also has really long, consistent periods of operating time.

Versatility and power are other strengths of the gas variety. Nonetheless, the gas-powered models still have the flaws of being rather bulky and having bad fuel efficiency.

Meanwhile, chainsaws with batteries are usually lightweight and compact, making them perfect when you want to bring them around.

Chargeable batteries further cement this type of saw machine as an extremely convenient tool that you can take anywhere.

What Bar Size Should You Choose?

The prime bar size to go for is between 16 inches and 18 inches. At this range, you will be able to complete light tasks and most medium-duty jobs easily.

With this bar size, the operation is simple, sparing you from acquiring experiences or being physically up to par.

Unless your jobs demand loads of heavy-duty sessions, in which case, we recommend you choose saws with a bar size of 22 inches and larger.

As a rule of thumb, the bar length should always be at least two inches longer than the diameter of the logs you are cutting.

Is Husqvarna Better Than Stihl?

There is no clear winner when this kind of subject arises. These two brands are no doubt the best names when it comes to power tools. They both design and produce great products, as well as offer top warranty policies.

Some farmers prefer Stihl to Husqvarna, some the opposite. The only consensus reached is that they are both great brands that produce effective and powerful chainsaws.


Having a great chainsaw would better your experience on farming procedures. You can manage to get many heavy-duty works done in a much shorter period of time and with the least effort.

It’s time to take a plunge. Because any item has its own perks and minuses, just weigh up the factors that matter the most to you and meet your demand.

Considering all attributes we have compiled above, we came to the conclusion that Milwaukee is our top pick since it is ultra-light, cordless, powerful, and also has long-lasting battery life.

We truly hope that our recommendations and guidelines could help you get the best farm chainsaw.

As a small reminder, please read the product description carefully before making a decision, and do not forget to wear protective gear for the sake of your safety.