Best Chinese Clone Chainsaws – Top 5 Review & Buying Guide

A chainsaw is a lumberjack's best companion, especially when larger trees are too hard for an ax to handle.

This power tool does not come cheap, though; a decent one can cost you quite a fortune. For that reason, the best Chinese chainsaw is the one that can keep you on a good budget.

You can find the tag "made in China" in almost every product on the market, and for good reasons! Chinese items are well-known for their reliability at an affordable price.

Beware, though, so many power tools brands on the market vary greatly in terms of quality. That is why we have carefully conducted this Chinese chainsaw review to guide you to the best bang for your buck!

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Things to Consider Before Buying a good Chinese Chainsaw?

So what makes a Chinese lumber saw the best? If you are trying to figure out which is ideal for the job, consider the following criteria.


Chainsaws are available in three different sizes. The compact mini saws are ideal for light trimming jobs or clearing bushes around your garden.

For hardwood and large trees, you may want to get mid and heavy-duty saws.

Smaller saws have engines ranging around 40cc (cubic capacity of the engine).

They are more energy-saving and capable of chopping firewood and uprooting tree branches with ease. Mini saws have a bar length from 12 to 15 inches.

Chinese Clone Chainsaw

Medium-sized (or semi-professional) petrol saws are excellent for home use. Mid size units are usually referred to as the combination of small and large saws.

The 50cc engine delivers good strength without bulking up the saw, allowing you to take advantage of leftover space in your storage room.

You'll need a heavy-duty power saw if you work in the lumbering business. Such power tools have higher engine capacity and are rather bulky.

Furthermore, they have a strong 60cc or above engine and a long bar length of 4 feet.

Bar Length

The length of the guiding bar is influenced by the bulk of the log and, to some degree, your personal experience.

If you're familiar with using a chainsaw, you could have two alternative guide bar lengths on hand so that you can adapt according to the size of the tree.

A bar size of 14 to 16 inches loads less and is quicker to move around, making it perfect for cutting shrubs.

On the other hand, longer bars at 22 inches can prove to be useful for hardwood and thick trees.

Chain Lubrication

The oiling system is among the most important features to inspect due to how high the chain's friction is as it travels down the bar.

While most products feature an automated oiling system, others include a button that you must repeatedly press before each cut.

In addition, advanced Chinese chainsaws include a fully customizable system. This niche feature immediately stops oiling when the blade is not running, saving a considerable amount of fuel.

Vibration Level

As you are using a chainsaw, the rotation of the blade can create vibrations, resulting in sores and aches in your arms.

Most modern units offer vibration-reducing designs, and you would want this to be as much as possible.

Safety Features

This is with no doubt amongst the most significant factors to consider when purchasing a chainsaw. To lower the risk of injury, make sure the saw includes standard safety measures.

Some attributes you would want in your Chinese saw are below.

Kickback-Diminishing Chain

Additional protection links and a less harsh cutting prevent pushback by preventing the chain from rotating too vigorously.

Most power tools contain a small tip on the handlebar to reduce the amount of torque while operating.

Chain Brake

When the frontal palm guard pulls up or the chainsaw pushes back, this function automatically halts the blade, preventing it from harming the user.


A complete case for the crossbar and chain can protect you against accidental scratches when carrying or storing the saw. The container can also contain oil dripping from the link.

While there are third-party accessories on the market, having some right in the box is more reassuring and budget-friendly.

Top 5 Best Chinese Chainsaw Reviews

Let’s not delay further and get to the part you have been waiting for! Browse with confidence, as each product is hand-picked and sure to fit the title best Chinese chainsaw.

Ridgeyard Professional Petrol Chainsaw - Best Overall

We put this Chinese clone chainsaw first on our list due to how reliable it performs. The Ridgeyard petrol saw has an optimal combination of all criteria.

The saw has a low torque design that utilizes its lightweight 50cc engine, reducing noises and creating less vibration to your hands.

You might be thinking:" The chainsaw would be too weak to cut anything!". Ridgeyard packs this pick with a hefty 520ml fuel tank to power the heavy-duty 22 inches bar, making it ideal for lengthy work and easier to maintain.

Safety precaution is present through a 2-in-1 switch system. You can start or stop the chainsaw smoothly with a single click.

The heavy-duty shaft is slip-resistant, ensuring you have a tight grip while increasing the product's overall durability.

As a bonus, an abundance of accessories is right in the box, from a fuel funnel to extra cranks and screwdrivers. It is everything you need in a single package.

The only complaint we have for this pick is the complex instruction manual, so first-timers might have trouble using the product.


  • Combined start and stop switch control
  • Lightweight 50cc engine
  • Anti-slip metal handle
  • Heavy-duty 22 inches blade
  • Tools and replacement parts included in-the-box


  • Uninformative instruction manual

Huyosen Cordless Handheld Gas Chainsaw - Best For Large Trees

Contrary to popular belief, Chinese chainsaws are not always lacking in strength. We believe that this unit from Huyosen perfectly represents how powerful an affordable model can get compared to high-end products.

The 1.9 kW motor works in conjunction with a 54.6cc 2-cycle engine, generating high speed reaching up to 8500 rpm (round per minute).

Furthermore, the blade has more serrated edges than conventional saws for maximum contact area. Larger trees stand no chance against this chainsaw thanks to the 18-inch guide bar and chain.

An additional electronic ignition system makes cranking the unit a piece of cake. With a simple touch of a button, the saw keeps its momentum consistently.

This small point is significant for lumbering, preventing your blade from losing pace while carving into trees.

Larger greens take way longer to fall, forcing you to operate the saw for hours straight. With that in mind, the maker compensates for this with a cushioned handle.

The soft but durable fabric wraps around tightly, keeping your hands from sores in any holding position.

What else can this pick give? The auto-lubrication system will keep the chain running effortlessly for multiple workdays.

Unfortunately, there are not many accessories that come with the product, so you might have to spend extra for the best operation.


  • Extra serrated chain links
  • Automatic chain oiling
  • Super comfortable fabric cushioned grip
  • High proficiency 8500 rpm engine
  • Electronic ignition start system


  • No accessory included

Xtremepowerus Chainsaw - Best For Ease Of Use

People who want a straightforward chainsaw for daily use will love this pick from Xtremepowerus. By utilizing a compact 45cc engine, the unit provides both decent cutting power and little weight to hold in hand.

At first glance, the 22 inches bar looks smaller than average. This is due to the increased length for further stability, diminishing the high rebound in a traditional 2-stroke engine.

So inexperienced users can get a hold of its energy-saving engine. The assisted starting system allows you to modify how each compartment works without disassembling the machine.

Not only is it easy to use, but the motor saw also takes minimal effort to maintain. The dedicated Air Intake system keeps dust and debris from clogging the engine, cutting down your cleaning schedule.

If those bulky motorized saws are not your thing, then you have to get this product! It is the most portable Chinese chainsaw on our list. Weighing a measly 19 pounds, you will have no trouble carrying around every day.

The low power engine, while making the model extremely compact, may struggle with strength-demanding tasks. Should you want chainsaws that pack a punch, other models would be more appropriate.

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  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fully adjustable operating system
  • Useful Air Intake system


  • Average engine power

Wemars Garden Chainsaw - Best For Household

Wars have always been a popular brand in terms of equipment for home improvement.

Power tools are not an exception, and this industrial-strength 19.3 inches sawing machine can assist you in cutting trees and brushes invading your beautiful house.

Packing an impressive 62cc 2- stroke engine, this powerhouse can cut through the most stubborn greens like a knife on butter!

A built-in chain brake locks the chainsaw in place when there is a malfunction, ensuring maximum safety in your workspace.

The adjustable chain oil feed allows you to change the chain tension between 0.4 and 0.6 inches for better handling. A knob-style automatic tightening function is also present for your convenience.

Sometimes you might want to preserve the area's natural look, so making a rough chop is unaesthetic. This is where the special guide bar on the chainsaw shows its use.

It assists you in making cleaner and precise cuts on any surface with a speedy 12000 rpm blade.

One notable shortcoming of this chainsaw is its difficult starting process. You have to do a couple of the traditional cord pulls to get it running, which can be slightly annoying.


  • Secure chain brake system
  • Automatic chain adjustment knob
  • Precise sawing direction guide handlebar
  • Powerful 12000 rpm engine output
  • Custom household-level 16.3 inches bar length


  • Hard to start up

KGK Gas Powered Chain saw - Best For Long-Term Value

It is not hard to find customers who bought a cheap chainsaw to spend a hefty amount for replacements after a couple of uses.

Fuel is getting more and more expensive, and the KGK chainsaw is here to solve your calculation.

The 62cc engine may sound too much for your needs, but worry not! Thanks to the brand-exclusive 2-stroke cycle technology, the engine eats up 20% less fuel.

This difference is noticeable when you look at the large-capacity 550ml gas tank, which further increases the fuel efficiency and lessens refilling time.

Moreover, an innovative three-tier gas filter keeps the 2.5kw engine running under high temperature without overheating it, prolonging its efficiency for long-term use.

KGK decided to make its own components, creating quality products for customers at a fraction of the price. Every part shouts value; the most apparent is KGK's own imported steel chain.

The 20 inches links are automatically lubricated and coated with a wear-resistant substance, significantly prolonging its service life.

We found that the chainsaw's bar is quite slim for its 20 inches length during our usage. The premium chain is more than enough to cut through most trees, though, but you might need to hold the unit firmly.


  • 20% Fuel-efficient engine
  • Anti-overheat three-tier gas filter
  • Brand made imported steel chain
  • Automatic chain lubrication system
  • Large 550ml fuel capacity


  • Slim bar for a 62cc chainsaw


That was our in-depth review of the top 5 best Chinese chainsaws you can get in 2021. Each product has its specialization as well as weak points.

Thus, you should browse carefully and cross-check the units with your personal needs.

From what we have experienced, we would suggest the Ridgeyard Professional Petrol Chainsaw as the best Chinese chainsaw.

It has a powerful engine, an anti-vibration design, a simple start-stop switch, a slip-resistant handle, and an in-the-box accessory pack. Overall, this pick checks all of our criteria and would serve you well.

Thank you for reading, and we hope that you can find your favorite chainsaw from our list!

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