Top 5 Best Chainsaw Tachometer Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Chainsaw Tachometer

If you are looking for the best chainsaw tachometer for sawing tools, this article is for you! However, choosing the best one is not easy as there are countless options available with various features.

Therefore, keep reading to find yourself the right device.

In addition, the saw tool tachometer is a utility that allows you to measure the motor at all times. The engineer has finished creating a great device; all we need to consider is choosing a great one, how to buy them, how to use it and how the small device works.

Now, this message is tailored to each person’s unique needs. Let’s start!

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How To Choose a Good Chainsaw Tachometer?

RPM Range Of Tachometers

Before purchasing a tachometer for your chainsaw, one of several things you should look at is the RPM (revolutions per minute) range.

You must understand the RPM range that the tachometer can cover since it can be used to monitor the RPM of a chainsaw’s engine or something that revolves.

The ranges of this product refer to the tachometer’s unique restriction, which exists even in the greatest of them. These gadgets can usually read upwards of about 10,000 rotations, which is quite a lot with most machines.

Knowing your item’s limits, on the other hand, can only assist. Besides, as a general rule, the greater the RPM range, the better since you can use it for a variety of equipment.

You will need one rev-counter capable of handling the required RPMs. For chainsaws, this may go as high as 20,000 RPM. You may have a hard time finding a chainsaw with the higher RPM.

Overall, you must first understand how the chainsaw tuning tach works for a chainsaw. It might assist you in determining your RPM rating that is necessary.


The size of your device is essential, and it is entirely dependent on your demands. Moreover, you want to put the tachometer on the chainsaw, the proper size is very crucial.

Chainsaw users are mostly mobile workers. You could choose a more adaptable and portable chainsaw tachometer, which could be ready to use at any moment and has a lightweight or small design for simple travel.

Besides that, if you want to install a tach on the chainsaw, keep in mind that any additional weight would go with it.

At the same moment, a light unit may come at the expense of something else. As a result, you should select a product striking a balance between usefulness and portability.


Quality Is Also Important

The built quality of the chainsaw tachometer is among the most important aspects.

Woodworking isn’t the most physically demanding activity, and your speedometer would get exposed to a range of elements throughout the operation, including dirt, water, wood dust, and more.

Furthermore, because it is designed for use with the chainsaw, the engine may experience a lot of vibrations while in use.

As a result, it is critical to make sure your tachometer is really well-built to withstand these types of weather.


Tachs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the greatest chainsaw tachometers are not always the ones you will use most.

The optical tachometers, for instance, aren’t very useful because you do not directly have any access to an engine’s disc, and calibrating it may be difficult.

Mechanical tachometers, on the contrary, are often more effective in circumstances when your engine’s RPM has to be closely monitored.

Digital RPM meters are ideal for chainsaws since they are the most convenient in the long run.

Mechanical Tachometers

Finally, there’s no need to keep checking the RPM of your chainsaw after you’ve calibrated it. The majority of gas-powered power tools are either idle or throttling, with nothing in between.

Source Of Power

Batteries, including AAA batteries or recharged lithium batteries in various capacities, power the most of digital chainsaw tach types.

Because batteries are readily available, they are an excellent partner for a wide range of chainsaws.

Tachs operated by triple-A batteries, for instance, are best suitable for cordless electric saws, whereas those powered by Lithium batteries like CR2450 are ideal for corded electric ones.

However, because the power budget accumulates over time, you must keep on watching and control the consumption to guarantee that the engine remains energy-efficient.


In recent years, the memory of the chainsaw tachometer is one feature that allows the device to retain both the minimum and maximum RPMs over an amount of time.

This might be a handy feature if you’re keeping track of the chainsaw’s performance.

Tachs now include digital memory, which allows them to preserve all data even though the batteries die or are replaced. The unit’s bigger memory allows it to retain more data and improve monitoring performance.


Each brand of best chainsaw tachometer has its own distinct value. Most brands have some type of unique value proposition that sets them apart from their competition.

The Display

On the screen of your tach, the recorded readings are presented. The majority of tachometers have an LCD display.

A few, on the other hand, have backlit LCDs. The backlit LCD is indeed a superior choice since it can be seen in bad light conditions.

The Display

Top 5 Best Chainsaw Tachometer Review

Hardline HR-8061-2 Hour Meter: Best Overall

Hardline Products’ HR-8061-2 is one of the greatest digital tachs on the market right now. This product sets itself apart from the rest based on a few specifications and points of view.

First and foremost, it boasts an impressive RPM calculating range. Whereas most tachometers can only read up to 10,000 RPM, the HR-8061-2 may give you more than 16,000 RPM, which is a rare discovery.

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That includes not simply your chainsaw but any equipment or gadget with a revolving blade or belt. In reality, it may be used to determine the RPM on two-cylinder gas engines. And there’s no doubt about this item’s capability.

It has a 1000-hour recording capacity and could also keep track of the number of stars. There’s no need to set a timer as it can capture readings from the chainsaw at any time.

This device is composed of an epoxy-encapsulated casing that’s 100 percent waterproof. As a result, the exterior shell would not be harmed by water.

Furthermore, because the entire design is quite durable, you may use it in inclement weather.

Another notable characteristic of a Hardline HR-8061-2 is that it does not require regular battery replacements; the batteries inside will survive about 10 years with no need to be replaced.

This tach is relatively expensive when compared to several other digital tachometers and has the short wire for hooking up.

Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Hour Meter/Tachometer for up to 2-Cylinder Engines,Black
  • Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Hour Meter/Tachometer for up to 2-Cylinder Engines,Black

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  • Outstanding RPM range of 16,000
  • Changeable input performing well with various sorts of ignitions
  • Display the precise total number of hours worked
  • Simple set up, no need for electricity or ground
  • No need to frequently replace the battery


  • A higher price than usual tachs

Searon Digital Tachometer: Best For Longevity

The Searon Digital Inductive Tachometer is the next product on the list.

Supposedly, this programmed equipment does have a runtime of around 99,999 hours. Furthermore, its resettable recording time would be a whopping 9999.9 hours.

Its inverted timers may be programmed between 0 and 200 hours.

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All of the above assertions are quite well supported. As a result, you can rest assured the Searon Tachometer would outlast several of the alternatives available.

Furthermore, there is still a flash warning system which may help to improve usability even further.

The RPM measuring range of this instrument, which spans between 0 and 25,000 RPM, is its most important feature. And it could be done with a precision of 10 RPM.

Instead of standard AAA batteries, a 3-volt CR2032 Lithium battery is used. This kind of powerhouse may keep the battery running for a long time. All you have to do now is manually insert the battery.

However, the battery installation is not really up to snuff because the internal battery cannot be replaced. Moreover, there is no “OFF” button.

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  • Power with A CR2032 battery
  • Works on engines from single cylinders to sixteen cylinders
  • Process a wide range of loads
  • Easy to use with a digital display


  • Awkward battery setup

CyberTech Digital Photo Laser Non-Contact: Best For Accuracy

The CyberTech Digital Photo Laser Tachometer is the runner-up on today’s list of top cordless chainsaw tachs. We’re particularly taken aback by the variety of applications. So, what makes this item so unique?

This gadget may be used for anything that revolves, not only a chainsaw. It may be used in HVAC applications for computing fan rotation and can also be used to control the speed of lathes and milling machines, among other things.

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This digital tach is powered by 4AA batteries and can measure speeds between 2.5 and 99,999 RPM. This estimate has an accurateness of around 0.04-0.05 percent, which is impressive.

Furthermore, there’s also an auto-zero modification option that allows you to save the numbers you desire.

The solid LCD screen is also included with the CyberTech Digital Tachometer. You receive a vivid LCD display instead of a standard, low-quality display.

To sum up, this CyberTech Digital model can be applied to precisely monitor rotor speed on machine components and motors in addition to chainsaws.

Nevertheless, we found that the battery would leak after some time. You should check it regularly not to damage the tool.

Digital Photo Laser Tachometer Non Contact Tach RPM Meter
  • ✔Measures the rotational speed with a visible red light beam from a powerful LED
  • ✔High intensity class II laser measures from 2.5 - 99,999 RPM
  • ✔Extra large 5-digit LCD display, high accuracy of +/- 0.05%

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  • Provide the visible light source with a LED for better observation
  • Included auto-zero modification to save your data
  • Reliable +/- 0.5 percent accuracy
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications


  • Battery leaking after some time

Neiko 20713A Laser Photo Tachometer: Best For Portable Design

The Neiko 20713A Laser Photo will be the next item on our checklist, and it is without a doubt another of the finest digital tachometers for chainsaws.

The structure is designed to have a thin, ergonomic construction, which fits comfortably in the hands of the user. This product is ideal for modest businesses since it may be used at any time and in any location.

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The laser target functioning technology can compute speeds between 2.5 RPM and 99,999 RPM with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 percent, which is extremely useful.

It’s designed to be strong enough to be useful. Additionally, you will receive the 5-digit LCD display with appropriate viewing angles.

This meter also includes 24-inch reflectors enabling non-contact measuring. This will improve the overall quality of your measures and designs.

The gadget is really easy to use. Everything you should do is monitor the charge of the AA batteries which power it. And then it would keep users serving for the rest of your life.

On the downside, the most unfortunate disadvantage is that it is not designed to be a waterproof meter.

NEIKO 20713A Digital Tachometer, Noncontact Laser Photo Sensor with 2.5 to 99,999 RPM Accuracy, RPM Gauge Marker with Batteries Included
  • TACHOMETER VS. SPEEDOMETER: While a digital speedometer will read the current speed of a vehicle, this automotive tachometer is used for measuring the rpm of a revolving shaft, as with the driveshaft of an automobile.
  • ACCURATE RPM METER: This handheld tachometer is highly accurate and noncontact. With high-speed laser-aim operation and instant readings from 2.5 to 99,999 rpm, this radar gun gives you accurate rotational speed readings from a distance.
  • AUTOMOTIVE TACHOMETER GAUGE: This big- or small-engine tachometer measures velocity in revolutions per minute. The information is displayed on a large and easy-to-read LCD screen.

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • The big large LCD display for better sight
  • One-second sample interval


  • Not waterproof

Searon Digital Hour Tachometer: Best For Dual Functionality

The Searon Digital Hour device is the best-wired tach with chainsaws and many small engines in terms of price-quality ratios.

This digital hour device and tachometer combination may keep a continual watch on the engine’s RPM value and operating duration.

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The RPM will be read if the engine is turned on. When it is turned off, it displays the chainsaw’s hour runtime.

It’s as basic as it gets. The RPM calculation capacity is adequate at around 30,000 RPM. In addition, the ability to compute hours is 99,999, which is normal practice.

Both statistics have a computation accuracy of 10 RPM and 0.01 hours, respectively.

This Searon Digital Hour Tachometer, like every excellent quality tachs, includes an integrated CR2430 battery to power up the functioning. You may have one lifetime of about 1,000 hours with this.

This design is meant to be totally waterproof, and this is a characteristic that the maker guarantees. The IP-68 protection ensures that the device would not be harmed by water or inclement weather.

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  • The combination of a tachometer and an hour meter for versatility
  • Read hours and RPM to a precision of 10 RPM & 0.01 hours
  • A maximum RPM reading of 30,000 RPM
  • The clear LCD display for ease of use


  • Not a handy tach

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Inductive Tachometer Operate?

A tachometer (tach, revolution-counter, RPM gauge) is a mechanism that measures the rotational velocity of the shaft or disk, such as in the motor.

The revolutions per minute (RPM) are generally displayed on a calibrated type, though digital displays have become more popular.

When it relates to the inductive tach’s premise, you could see a spinning shaft with the toothed wheel.

The tooth goes around and notifies the sensor when you place its measuring point upon the exterior of a wheel. This is how RPM readings are obtained.

The Readings Are In The Red Region. What Does That Imply?

You might well have problems with a chainsaw if you use a manual tach, when the needle goes into a red area. To get more life out of your equipment, you might consider lowering down its RPM rate.

In the worst case, do not start the chainsaw when your tach needle is still in the RED. This might result in serious engine damage.

My Tachometer Needle Isn’t Accurate. What Should I Do?

You could be experiencing what we term ‘tachometer jumping.’ That’s an issue in which you could have less reading than you’re meant to get.

You should double-check your equipment connection just to be safe or book a service visit to get your device looked up.

What Does A Tachometer Measure?

A tach is really a device that measures the rotational speed of the spinning body. Consider a shaft or a motor. The measurement system is revolutions per minute (rpm), milliseconds per second (m/sec), or feet per minute (ft/min).

Tachs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some monitoring the frequency or duration between pulses created by the rotating shafts.

How Do I Recalibrate My Tachometer?

It differs from one version to another. Because the inductive tach or inductive hour device uses voltage to determine RPMs, you may modify the machine using a processing calibrator.

Smaller engines, on the other hand, frequently lack the capability of calibration.

Now, you can follow below standard steps:

  • Check the tachometer’s operation first (good battery, power on, cleanness, excellent physical condition).
  • Stabilize the devices in an appropriate environment (humidity and monitor temperature).
  • To guarantee steady operation, turn on the testing device at least thirty minutes before usage (good performance).
  • Prepare the Measurement Data Sheet (MDS) to capture your Tachometer’s essential information (brand, serial, model).


Above are our top picks for the best chainsaw tachometer. The functionality and costs of various meters will vary. So all you must do now is pick one which best suits your needs.

Among our tested products, the Hardline HR-8061-2 Hour Meter comes highly recommended because it contains virtually all of the functions that a meter needs.

In comparison to other versions, the pricing of this gadget is relatively reasonable. As a result, if you’re seeking a tachometer for your chainsaw, this is a good choice with a lot of features at a bargain price.

Our final shopping advice is to pay attention to the brand. You gain greater reliability with a reputable brand. Good luck and have a pleasant carpentry experience!