How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor? Useful Tips To Blow Up Your Pool

How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor

An inflatable pool is a must-have item if you have children. On hot days, playing in the inflatable pool will make your kids excited. This pool is very convenient because you can inflate or deflate it as you want.

To inflate it with an air compressor, you can follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Get the air compressor ready
  • Step 2: Connect the air hose to the pool’s inlet valve
  • Step 3: Fill the air into the pool by the air compressor
  • Step 4: Finish inflating the pool after it gets filled enough

Let’s check the detailed guide together!

How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor?

To get your pool fully inflated, you can consult the following guide. This guide is also the instruction for how to blow up pool floats with air compressor. You just need to do these steps with pool floats.

Step 1. Get the air compressor ready

First, you should check your air compressor before using it to blow up the pool. For a new air compressor, you need to make sure that you assemble it correctly.

If you haven’t used your air compressor for a long time, it’s better to take a look at it.

Your air compressor should operate properly. Some air compressors may need some time to build up the air before using.

Step 2. Connect the air hose of the air compressor to the pool’s inlet valve

After setting up the air compressor, you need to check the pool for its air inlet valve. Once you find this valve, open the cap.

Next, you take the air hose of the air compressor and connect it to the valve.

The hose must fit the valve well. You will need to use the suitable nozzle attachments of the air compressor in this step.

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Step 3. Fill the air into the pool by the air compressor

In this step, you will turn on the air compressor to fill the air into the pool. Now, you have to watch carefully the pool until it reaches your desired inflation.

Step 4. Finish inflating the pool after it gets filled enough

When you feel your pool gets filled enough, turn off the air compressor. Then, take the hose out of the pool’s valve and close the valve carefully to avoid air leakage.

After that, remove the air hose from the air compressor and unlock the drain valve. This step is to get rid of any water in the air tank of the compressor.

If you still feel confused about this guide, watch this video for better visualization.

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Which Air Compressor Should You Use To Inflate A Pool?

To blow up your pool, the most suitable air compressor is an electric one.  You can get an electric air compressor in every sports store or purchase it online. Its compact size and lightweight allow you to carry along easily.

This air compressor is very versatile so you can use it for many purposes. Besides inflating the pool, an air compressor is also useful to fix your flat tire.

If you have many things to inflate, you can consider investing in a home air compressor. This air compressor is more powerful with a big air tank. With a home air compressor, you can blow up pools of any size.

Some Things You Need To Pay Attention

Here are some notes when you inflate a pool with an air compressor. You should remember these things to avoid common mistakes.

  • When filling the air you have to watch carefully to avoid over-inflating. Too much air in the pool can make it burst.
  • Make sure that there’s no water in the pool when you inflate it. Besides, only fill water in the pool when you finish inflating it. Filling water while inflating the pool may cause unwanted damages.
  • You need to tidy the area and remove all the sharp objects before blowing up the pool. Any left sharp objects on the ground can rupture your pool.
  • When you finish inflating the pool, remember to turn off the air compressor correctly.

Some Ways To Blow Up Your Pool Without An Air Compressor

You can still inflate your pool when you don’t have an air compressor. Below are some other ways to blow up the pool using other tools.

Inflate with an electric air pump

Besides air compressors, you can use an electric air pump for swimming pool. An electric air pump is smaller and lighter than an air compressor. So, it’s convenient to use and easy to store.

The electric air pump has the same working mechanism as the air compressor. So, to blow up the pool with this tool, just do as you do with the air compressor.

You will have your pool filled with air within several minutes. Moreover, an electric air pump is also useful in inflating pool toys or pool floats.

Use a vacuum cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can use it to blow up your pool. You will need to set your vacuum to the blow mode. Then, you push the hose in the filler valve of the pool and turn on the vacuum.

It’s necessary to keep the hose covering the valve tightly to have the best result. You can use some tape to secure the hose to the valve if necessary. Remember to check the pool and turn off the vacuum when the pool gets filled enough.

Take advantage of your leaf blower

Another alternative for the air compressor to inflate your pool is the leaf blower. This method is quite similar to the vacuum cleaner method. But you may need someone to help when you use a leaf blower to inflate the pool.

One person will take the leaf blower. The other holds the hose of the blower up to the valve of the pool and grasps the pool. When everything is ready, turn on the blower and turn it off after the pool is tight.

The pressure of the leaf blower is quite high, so you need to be cautious to avoid damaging your pool.

Try the hairdryer trick

A hairdryer and a bottle can be an amazing DIY air pump for your inflatable pool. The hairdryer can blow air, but it has no nozzle to fit the pool’s valve.

You will need to cut a plastic bottle, take the top, and tape it to the dryer. The bottle will help funnel the air into the pool.

After that, you place the bottle mouth to the inlet valve of the pool and turn on the hairdryer. Don’t forget to set the hairdryer to cold mode because the heat can damage your pool.

Fill your pool with manual air pumps

Manual air pumps like a hand pump, foot pump, or bike pump can also help you inflate the pool. These pumps don’t need electricity to operate and they are also very portable.

Thus, you can bring one of these pumps along with you to use anywhere.

All you have to do is connect the air hose of the pump to the pool’s inlet valve. You can choose suitable attachments to ensure that the hose fits the valve.

Then, use your hands or foot to pump the air into the pool.

It’s convenient to use manual pumps. But this method can also make you tired if you want to blow up a big pool.

Use a large plastic bag

Another way to inflate your pool is using a large plastic bag. This method will take you more time and effort than other inflating methods.

To inflate the pool with a bag, first, you will have to fill air into the bag. You can hold the mouth of the bag with both hands and swing it back and forth. After the bag is full of air, tighten the bag’s mouth.

In the next step, create a small opening on the bag and press this opening to the pool’s valve. You should make an opening that fits into the valve.

After that, squeeze the bag to push the air inside the bag into the pool. Repeat the process until your pool is filled, then close the valve.

Final Thoughts

By now you may be clear about how to inflate your pool using an air compressor. The air compressor is an effective tool to blow up the pool.

But if you don’t have it, there are other methods to get your pool blown up. Remember to be careful to avoid causing any unwanted damages to your pool.

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